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  1. Not too many steelbooks this week. Purchased 21/22 Jump Street 4k to add to existing steelbooks - that Best Buy copy is atrocious! Will likely add Hocus Pocus 4k to UK steelbook and call it a day - not crazy about the new steelbook but forgot to cancel preorder.
  2. I feel like I would need to rewatch these to actually vote as it's too easy to go with the ones most recent to memory.
  3. Can we add careers? 1 for James Corden please
  4. A winner! I only watched the first and stopped. Will now endure the others because I'm a completionist and the Zavvi set got me.
  5. Yes all new arrivals - should tide me over for a bit - now I have most off my wishlist. Just need to cleanse the collection of some duplicates and then who knows.
  6. They do. Here's what you do: 1) Ask nicely to switch your request to a 1-click 2) Wait patiently for arrival 3) Open 1-click, view everything carefully 4) Sleep on it 5) Sell the 2 you don't want 6) You now have a SMALLER two edition box
  7. No lies told. I did enjoy Pedro Pascal though. Imagine going from a Wonder Woman impersonation to being in the next movie.
  8. So, it's the stilts, that's impressive
  9. I was contemplating the one click but know I will only want to keep one of each. If they do the Spider-man trilogy - that's a different story.
  10. @Pbsw23 Nice setup! Are you using risers? I've been looking for some good ones. You're about to become my shopping guru, lol.

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