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  1. Oh, sorry... Whenever I go to a place like this and they tell me that they have to do something to me, and the price, I remember that I'm in the wrong profession. (#%$&!!!!) Still, @Veum, you can always tell them to send you a quote in which the price is not in dollars, but in how many HDZeta or Mantalab editions you will have to give him/her. If people pay in Bitcoins, why not? This is much more interesting. The day everything is over, all begin again... and then the Psychos rule the world, it will be paid with collector's editions , except for
  2. Good morning everyone!! One curiosity for today: Is there someone famous who also buys this type of collector's edition?
  3. I really like this movie, and I think it is a bit underrated. Yes, probably I will end up buying this edition. It's not ugly, but it's okay, and I don't think there will be more options for a premium edition of this film. However, the design does not excite me. It does not seem inappropriate, as it happened with "Gattaca", but there is something throbbing in that cover that I think should be more careful. To be polished. Still, everything will also depend on the final product, and its materials. But when I saw it I didn't say "oh how nice". Just "Okay, that
  4. @Veum, does this mean that you have survived? Is it you this afternoon?
  5. I was not really saying it because a language may be more important or not, but when you are talking about business (and the sale of editions, large instagram accounts, or youtubers... are a business) you have to be pragmatic. It's business. If something simple can give you better performance, or better productivity, go for it! Never dig unnecessary trenches. If a lot of people watch your videos or reviews to find out if they want to buy an edition, then... give them good information, as complete as you can, your numbers will improve.
  6. I watched this movie without knowing many details about the story. And I'm curious to know what extent the movie is faithful - or not - to what really happened. But it seemed to me an interesting film, which without being original, because we have all seen other films like this, manages to maintain interest and a certain tension in most of the movie. It's a good movie. And Tahar Rahim's performance is impressive. I don't understand how he wasn't nominated for the Oscars. Jodie Foster does a good job too. An interesting film as well as entertaining.
  7. It is an absolutely beautiful edition. Totally and absolutely gorgeous. And, of course, it is prettier in the hands than in beauty shots. My sincere congratulations to the WCL team for the incredible, responsive and brilliant work done with this edition. Designing an edition thinking (so much) about the film is not something that we see as much as we would like. Thanks a lot!! Just one additional detail: it's urgent to find a protective cover for this edition. The full slip imitating a wonderful blue velvet it's amazing, but it will get dirty too easily, and
  8. One thing that many times is not taken into account in reviews, unboxings, and sometimes not even in stores, is that most of the population of this planet does not speak English, or not at a level enough to not need audio or subtitles in another language. The mere fact that sometimes there is someone at home who does not speak English can already lead you to have to look for a specific edition. And even though this a very important element when it comes to offering valuable information, or even when it comes to strengthening sales, there is often no exact reliable infor
  9. Last night I was going through my collection for a while, taking some editions in my hands, opening them, taking everything out before putting it back in its place; touching, smelling, comparing. Wondering how beautiful some are. And I remembered those of you who don't open them or don't unseal them. I'm not able. Absolutely. I love to open them, carefully, and examine them like the first time over and over again.
  10. My subjective opinion about the saga: I think we will all agree that T1 and T2 are essential. T3 Rise of the machines: it's a "lighter" film, made almost with inertia, and without the force and care of the previous two; but still, for me it's still a Terminator movie; the worst of the initial trilogy, but it still has something of its spirit. T4 Salvation. I bought it and I have it here, and I had fun watching it, but still being an entertaining film, and made with more media than T3, I think it's a very different film; deep down in "Salvation" the Terminator world is an excu
  11. Delayed to Autumn. The distributor is thinking of an alternative distribution plan. It's not known if this is going to be an internal logistics issue, or maybe they would be thinking about to sell it from their own website.
  12. Your photographs led me to see "Lost in Translation" again last night. (Thank you!!) It's a great movie. It seems even better to me than the first times I saw it. And, of course, it was written from the experience of someone who knows what is like to be thousands of miles from home. Those kinds of situations. That loneliness in a hotel where sometimes people can question everything. Too long to think, people who expose what they have inside because they don't care who is in front of them, because theoretically they won't see him/her again. There are many Bobs an

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