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  1. If you look at the beauty shot of the edition, the booklet is in Spanish. I guess they just used that preview image to create this beauty shot, and the final version will be -obviously- in english. But it caught my attention.
  2. Humans rarely learn from their mistakes. The new normal can only be, therefore, a new opportunity to commit them again. People always fight, destroy and corrupt. So we never move forward? I can only answer that question just lying on a beach.
  3. I was going to make a joke saying that "there must be something strange in the air", and when I realized it, I thought that maybe this is not the best time to make that joke... But it's curious that everything is getting tumultuous in such a way that so many Psychos are busy, have their own problems, or occupations at the same time. In my case it has been work, pure and simple work. And this week -that starts tomorrow- is not going to be better, at least until Thursday. I send my support to all the Psychos who these days have their minds elsewhere, for work, family, or health. Or for wanting to repopulate the world by themselves... Everything returns at some point. Even normality.
  4. People connected thousands of miles away but with the same feelings. That is a community! Thank you. PS: Have a nice night, and some little funny moment.
  5. Those days when work lasts too long, too many deadlines, too many meetings, too many pending tasks, and you get to that moment when ... you just ... take a beautiful collector's edition with your hands, touch its surface... and you smile.
  6. I have arrived late. Too much work. But I find it very funny. Next time I hope to be on time.
  7. I totally agree with you. It is a barbaric practice. And there are even worse than the ones in that gif. Something more typical of the Middle Ages. I don't wish anyone bad..., but when the bull wins, I can't feel sorry for him either.
  8. If it's to pull the ox, it's okay. Either it moves, or it moves, but it moves. As much as it costs.
  9. The deadline is going to come, whether you want to or not. Time never stops. That's why you shouldn't worry, just think about what remains of the game... and be smart. Don't go crazy,... what happened already happened; don't waste time, and do the best you can. Do the best you can from now. Squeeze the orange. And for the rest, trust that you are good. Really good.
  10. It's true. Many people don't have that luck, and others have it but do not know how to appreciate it. I suppose that really beautiful landscapes are mixed with feelings linked to what we feel at that months; be more at home, be with the family, have a hot drink with friends, or wait together somewhere while the rain stops. But yes, of course, you are right. They are images with soul. Sometimes it pays to stop -in our fast-paced lives- and appreciate the things around us. There is more beauty than we think.
  11. Dear @Hollywood E Rock I think that in the next few days and some Monday more... surely her kiss will be for you, my friend. The game is not necessary. I can't be on time. However, tell Scarlett that I have her in my thoughts. Don't forget me. And if one day I finish soon, and she wants to have dinner together, she can call me, or send me a message. If I'm not very tired, I'll invite her. If I'm tired, she will have to wait.
  12. It's beautiful. I adore spring, I really like summer, but I can't deny that sometimes seeing a picture like this I have the feeling of coming home. There is something warm and endearing about that image, and those moments.

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