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  1. A post that is like a museum... You can enter, and go walking seeing different jewels distributed in time, looking to one side or another, post after post, stopping to contemplate in detail the ones you like most. Congratulations. It is a great collection. I am very envious;)
  2. In this post I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... Congratulations. It is absolutely impressive. It has left me speechless. Both for quantity and quality. And thanks for the work that has had to give you to photograph everything.
  3. I'm completely agree. In fact, there are David Lynch movies of which I would love to buy an HDZeta edition. One of those kind of films that are not current blockbuster but have very loyal fans waiting. In this case, Denis Villeneuve is a great director, his films have never disappointed me, there are really good, and I expect an HDZeta edition for a possible great movie. But..... don't tell me it wouldn't be great if they release an edition Lynch's movie, and another for Villeneuve's, both together in a beautiful case with a special design. Who might not want to buy that?
  4. It will be interesting to see what HDZeta do, because this is not a common release. And "The Lord of the Rings" are not films of which the major have not made good collector's editions; there was already some really beautiful, and done with care. In fact, nobody would be surprised if someday is released a new collector's official edition with 4K movies and a good design. But HDZeta always find a way to do a great job. I'm waiting to hear about the detailed project for this.
  5. Thank you very much for your words! The truth is that it seems like a curse, and the day it appears in the Classifields... before press enter Windows will probably collapse There are not many possibilities, but I will be the man-attentive, be sure!!, I'll try to break it. At the moment the Tenet MP GB, if there is one, I won't miss it. Thank you.
  6. Nolan & HDZeta I missed the Batman trilogy because that precious briefcase with the three one-clicks was too expensive for me ... and although it hurts one must be realistic ... I missed Interstellar for not knowing this forum ... Go shopping on the HDZETA website on launch day is a lottery ... and I have almost always lost Inception ... I came to this forum only less than two hours after the GB was closed!!! Somebody will put my face in the dictionary next to the definition of "cruelty". But... this not going to misss . Can't be. Where I've so sign the GB??? 😉
  7. It seems two great editions. Really great. And knowing the quality of HDZeta editions, and the care they put into them, I am sure they will be. I'm sure that more than one is looking forward to having them in your hands. Two great editions for two great films. Everyone collector must have it. It's not possible, but it's true. Thank HDZeta for their absolutely fabulous work, and thank MP for bring them closer to a lucky few people. I've seen the photos five times, and I can't help seeing them again.
  8. I hope this becomes a great release and proof that there are titles that are not current blockbusters but that can have a very interesting market in special editions for collectors. There is a market waiting there, and some anxious fans. For those who want to take advantage of it.
  9. I think it's beautiful and elegant. I like it. And the lenticular image has some very careful little details. Thank you! I hope to have it on my hands soon!
  10. You’re right. And I’m aware of the working with studies limitations, both at the operational and contractual level. There are times that you cannot do more than what is done, and enough is already done. But, at the same time, sometimes even having only that art, for me the important issue is the concept; the point of view. What edition do you want to make? What do you want to express? And what can the film and its special resonance contribute to the configuration of the edition? You are still limited, but I have the impression that sometimes some collector editions are designed with the autopilot on, without considering what is really ahead. I understand it, and I respect it, but when something is done with dedication and affection it shows. When the design of an edition uses that art in the same way that they could have used any other given, it shows. I don't say it as criticism of retailers, I value their work very very much, and although I like some editions more than others, even when I don't like it I understand that they do what they can. It’s not a criticism of those editions made with the autopilot, but a declaration of love for the editions with care and personality. Just one simple example: "Her", Kimchidvd Lenticular. For me, the best adaptation of an edition to what is so special in a movie. Awesome. Not because it’s more or less beautiful, but because they knew how to stop for a moment, and think about what they could do special for this film. And "Joker" -for me- is one of those films whose special resonance -like the resonance of its history, and its character- invites you to stop to think about the concept. What can you do special for a special movie. If then it is impossible, OK, we’ll all buy one or more editions in the same way. But when a movie can play so much in the design of a collector's edition, I can't help feeling excited and expectant.
  11. It's a big pity, be sure... , but... I understand you. Bad luck for me. I'll try to do as you said. I think it's too much difficult, but as @Scary Hair said... Never knows. Thank you.
  12. Oh... it's a pity... It's not easy at all to find collector editions of this kind of movies, no matter how good, and important as its director. It would have been a great purchase. Thank you for your help.
  13. Thank you for the information. Does anyone know if the book also includes texts in English? Thank you very much.
  14. I love the first design. It's really elegant, one of this kind of full slips that you want to have in your hands to touch it.
  15. I didn't know this edition. It's really nice. It's a pity not to have known at the right time to bought it. Thank you for the images.

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