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  1. Yes! Absolutely! That was when Scarlett tried to give us a run, and she fell near the hollow tree. You and I couldn't hide our laughs, and she got angry. At least then she then made up for it by inviting us to dinner. I never would have thought that she cooked so well. And less than she use to did it with the "Pulp fiction" soundtrack playing in the background. Her "Girl you'll be a woman soon" dance was spectacular !! Almost as much as the dessert you cooked. What was its name?
  2. This reminds me that I have to renew my tea supplies. Will we end up making GBs of tea?
  3. Today I was having lunch with people very close to Mexico, I commented what you had said about Tequila this days, and finally... we tried paid you a tribute, @LeGonze Finally, people discovered that today it was @Veum birthday celebration... and then it was needed anything more... Funny day. Funny people. PS: @Veum I hope you have drunk something good for us at least once today Congratulations!
  4. Happy birthday, @Veum I hope you have had a great day, with good and charming surprises. Take care! I wish you new great editions arriving day by day this next new year!!
  5. It's normal that you are wondering about the shipping price, I'm sure that many other Psychos have also. But let me tell you a little anecdote. One of my best friends imports products from China to Spain, he has 15 years of experience doing it. He also moves goods in South America. And speaking to him about how much I love collector's editions, I commented that shipping prices in general have risen a lot; that even in editions of normal size I have come to pay double than a year and a half ago. He was not surprised, and smiling he told me: - A container from Sha
  6. You're right. The original objective was positive: to favor local markets, forcing producers who sell from abroad to have to pay the same taxes as local producers also have to do when to place their products in the same market. Nor is it anything new, it's something that exists in all countries in one way or another, depending on the type of product it is. But the way to carry it out does not make sense, it hurts citizens enormously, and furthermore, it does not serve to achieve its objective. They had to facilitate on-line procedures in such a way that
  7. I've been looking forward to seeing tis movie her since I found out about it in the interesting documentary "Along for the Ride", about Denis Hopper. Sometimes I like challenges, and I like to go into the unknown, add new experiences watching movies. Sometimes it works out well, sometimes it doesn't, but overall I think it's worth it. Now, reading what you've posted, I'm even more curious to see it.
  8. Are you really sure that the girls will like that?
  9. And now I'm going to ask the question that scares the biggest fans of "Joker".... What came first? The chicken or the egg? The Joker from "Joker", or the Theodore from "Her"? What's more: What came first? The Joker from "Joker", the Joe from "You were never really here", or the Theodore from "Her"? This is the question. Or not, wait: Which came first, any of these, or the Freddie Quell from "The Master"? This is a question that some people I know don't want to ask to themselves. And with which I love to fear t
  10. Maybe an interesant discussion... Few weeks ago I've seen a 4000€ Whiskey bottle in London Stansted Airport. I had read about expensive bottles, and I know that there are more expensive ones, Google says it and if Google says it it will be true... But that generated a little debate with a colleague: is it worth it? Forgetting about such expensive examples, but taking into account very expensive but affordable bottles, is the difference in money proportional to the difference in pleasure or satisfaction? I don't know. But probably som
  11. The trick is to do as with the new editions: - Ahhh, but haven't you seen it? If it have been here for many years!! If that doesn't work, plan B: - I only changed a few things place, but it's the same we already had at home..... If it doesn't work either, plan_C: - (Crying) Yes, yes !!! I'm a wretch, but tell me, don't I deserve a chance?..... I'll throw it away if necessary. I will sell it right now! That's when you leave the living room with your copy of Scarlett under your arm.... showing determination, as if you were g
  12. Come on, be honest. You'd make room for it at any cost.
  13. A great edition. I love it. It is beautiful, and also totally adjusted to what the movie is. Original and cared. Love it. 😍

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