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  1. In my city supermarkts offer you all you need, there is no problem. The only thing that has been missing some days has been toilet paper, and even so it has been very easy to get it. If they don't have it in your usual supermarket we can find it fast in the next one. And the only thing that can happen is that if I want something from a specific brand, that day can be sold; but it is not even very frequent, and you always have alternatives 1. if you could go out to the supermarket today, what would you buy? Good quality fresh food. If things go wrong, there will be time to eat other products. And you also have to think about health. 2. and if they wasn't all the rationing on and could buy anything and any amounts what and how much and why? I recommend you to buy enough gloves of a use. And wear it whenever you are away from home. And don't touch anything with them inside the house. And, of course, always wear them at the supermarket. Always. Baskets are something that everyone takes by hand, and you never know who took it before, or if it was cleaned well. Deep down, the problem of Coronavirus is simple, you don't have to go crazy, but there are some small rules that everyone must respect. Social distance is useless if you then put your hand where 5 people have put it before during the last two hours. And think about health, we all buy very yummythings ... me too... but if you have to stay in quarantine or with precaution for two or three months, it can be a problem. You have to keep a balance, yummy things to have your funny delicious moments, and healthy things so that when all this ends you don't go out home like the ball of Indiana Jones, or Morgan Spurlock. What would I buy without thinking about health if I could freely choose the quantity? Pastry. Many fresh cakes. Yummy pizzas. Cookies with white chocolate. Many strawberries with lots of cream. And a lot of good ham with yummy cheese to make delicious sandwiches. And yogurts of those that have many calories. And chips. And olives. And nachos with lots of natural guacamole. Did I say about the cakes?
  2. It seems to me that you are a coherent person. Not only immortal, but also coherent . There are not many like that. You're the first I meet... Only one thing: to inherit not only official children count. If you will choose Option 4, and want to give your collection to the community.... do it to be executed quickly. Just in case. PD: More seriously, I liked that idea that in the community people could appreciate your treasures. When I have ever sold some editions outside here, I used to have a similar idea. I'd prefer to sell to someone who will love it, sometimes even for less money, than give it to anyone.
  3. Super Hero? Logan. I love this film. I gone to the cinema without great hopes... only to have a nice night with friends. I like X-men ... but Wolverine movies don't; the first seemed terrible to me. I'd said: not again. But "Logan" it's other level. I think that in the way of approaching superhero movies, "Logan" took the baton from Nolan's Batmans, and served as a necessary step for what later became "Joker".
  4. Sometimes oneself don't know if say some things -or not- because not all of us have the same susceptibility, nor the same patience. And I come here to have a good time, because I feel comfortable in the community. Not to annoy anyone. But when these days some Psychos was talking here about the most boring movie they've ever seen ... I thought of "Infinity War". I've seen a lot of variety of films, I like to play different keys, from auteur cinema, or even artistic experimental cinema, to entertaining blockbusters to use and throw. And a movie can bore me, but I'm still a very patient person. So much. Sometimes I watch a movie and I find it boring, but I have a personal rule of always watching it until the end, so that I can talk about this film knowingly. But with "Infinity War" ... I started watching it, I stayed watching it, and when I realized it... I had been doing other thing and forgetting the film for more than 20 minutes. And it's not a joke. There was a moment when -unconsciously- I suppose I disconnected, and started to do something else without think ... And what's worse: without missing the film. When I realized that I had lost a big part of the film, something even still worse happened to me: it gave me the feeling that I could continue watching it without come back for lost time. Then I applied my personal rule, I rewound, and watched it again from the last scene I remembered until the credits end. That said, all my love and -absolutely- all my respect for the Psychos who love this film. I'm glad they have such good editions to buy and to see people happy with this editions.
  5. One of my personal frustrations: I've never been able to go to a Pink Floyd concert. They are really great. PD: And they always offer great collector editions about their music...
  6. Obviously, I will never have the perspective of the things that an immortal being can have. Maybe you end up being the owner of all our small and large collections. But you will be the last man on earth, and then without Psychos ... your life is not going to be so much fun. or maybe yes?
  7. Well, let's get serious. This is a serious thread. To everybody. Have you already planned who to inherit your collection? Option 1: Your parents. Option 2: Your children. Option 3: Anyone but NOT your husband / wife / boyfriend / girlfriend. Option 4: Media Psychos to be drawn among the members. Option 5: Some NGO. Option 6: Me. I'm not a bad guy. Option 7: You will auction it on eBay and you will give the money to a nun who looks like Maria Rainer. Option 8: You already have written and very clear that they have to put it with you in the coffin, ok?
  8. 1. When a Borat collector's edition? 2. How does it feel to have something in common with him?
  9. 1. Disguise and pretend that I don't feel like leaving the house, or that my head hurts. 2. Staying home alone for the first time after such a long time! At last my music is loud!!! Take something relaxed, and put my feet back on the table again !!!! 3. When the rest come back, say that my head no longer hurts, and go for a long walk around the city, to breath the city pulse, have a drink outside, and then do a long waited calling..... PD: It is a little joke. The first thing I will do is take someone to the childs park to can play a little and remember what real life is like surrounded by people and laughing together.
  10. Thank you very much, @ksosk A film chosen with very good taste, and of which there are not yet truly cared or true collector's options; made with the love and care of those who admire the film. I'm very excited to see that special art. And lately when I think of suitable editions where the design captures the atmosphere, the aesthetic or the spirit of the film, I think of "The beguiled". That's a good signal. I know it is very subjective, but personally I highly appreciate the aesthetics in editions. I think it's very important when facing the market. To reach more people, more fans, more sales. I love editions that make you want to buy it just by looking at them. Keep us informed, please. Thank you.
  11. Three times. One for me, and two to compensate that @R1s1ngs0n was not going. No, seriously, there are absolutely impressive concerts. Of those kinds of concerts that, whether you like his work or not, everybody must live it at least once. And in my case I also love his music.
  12. For a little moment I was thinking of someone I know.... who also thinks the world revolves around her, and everyone owes her something............ and yes, she's not from your country. I remember a meeting with people from various countries in which we concluded that "mother-in-law" is an international concept. No matter the word you use to name it, it's the same in (almost) all parts. As if they had come from another world and had infiltrated us ...
  13. Don't be offended, please, but.... I don't know if you've talked about a typical American... or about a mother-in-law. Would it be possible to resolve the doubt? 😎
  14. It is good that you have clarified what fail. You might like Von Trier.
  15. You both could do an experiment. Watch "Nymphomaniac", by Lars Von Trier, the same day, the two parts in the director's cut without stop, 148 +178 minutes, and see who goes further.... I was going to make a joke about giving toilet paper as the prize but I'm not going to do it, it would seem very rude and also lately it's scarce. And I'm new in the house, on arrival I have to give a good image. My mother always tells me. PD: A lot of sex, a lot of time to reflect on sex and a life, but...if you stand, and follow the whole movie and all the history,.... one intelillent end that says more about men and women than many speeches. But you've to like Von Trier... and sex, of course

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