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  1. - Hey girl, after talk about your last movies, we have some questions about your personal life. Is today the birthday of someone important to you? - Do you want to tell him something? - And have you prepared something for him later? - But where are you waiting to celebrate it? Ok, I understand. Today is your day, I will not disturb you with this interview. One last thing: What will your gift be for him?
  2. Logan!! I'm absolutely agree. My X-Men favourite movie, and probably underrated in the memory of fans. If the last scene with the children was not so childish -and out of the spirit and tone of the movie- it would have been a very great movie.
  3. Even at the risk of being denied by the community, "Die hard With a Vengeance" I like better than Die Hard 1 or 2. Other example around this question is Mission Impossible, I love MI3, more than any other in the saga, really funny and with this great villain -really bad- by Philips Seymour Hoffman. PS: And, fo course, as I said few days ago, about Star Wars, I prefer & love Episode 3 more than 1, 2, 7, 8, and 9. It really smells like Star Wars.
  4. I'm absolutely agree. Few things make me feel as uncomfortable as having dinner with a woman who eats nothing. @Hollywood E Rock, we think you should invite your neighbours for dinner. But a great dinner.
  5. You have perfectly summed up my position. Also, I do it for a budget issue; but also because I like to give a tone of exclusivity to the collector's edition that I have of each appreciated film, as a unique object. That does not mean that there is not a movie of which I have more than one edition; but they are very very few specific cases. And mostly because I keep some very special DVD collector's editions. And I alwats open it. I never buy for resale. When I sell one it is because I am going to buy another one that I like better. Still, I enjoy
  6. Sometimes I wish I had a low number of some of my favorite editions. But other times I think that the more money it would cost would prevent me for other purchases. It all depends on the budget you have for this hobby. Or how far you are willing to go.
  7. It's the end of the world!!! People have gone crazy. vIt's the time that it has snowed the most in Spain in all of history, at least since we have data, and suddenly the whole country thinks that we have invented snow. And that it had never snowed so much anywhere else. The mountain areas of Spain are quite bad, many isolated villages, and also in the center of Spain, especially in Madrid and surrounding regions. The biggest problem is the lack of habit, and not being adapted. The authorities ask that people stay at home, stay safe, there are cars trapped
  8. It's an interesting and difficult question. It's not very common to see actors who are not Spanish or Latin Americans speaking Spanish in movies. At the same time, as with other languages, even between Spanish language speakers there are many differences. The usual example is to see Spanish or Latin Americans speaking English; but not actors from other countries speaking in Spanish. And when they do, they usually don't do it specially well. Viggo Mortensen speaks Spanish very well because he lived in Argentina, and he speaks Spanish in some movies. But his a
  9. @Grendel, now is when we should do a mash-up or a collage or a new Godard's film with this post and that one from @deckard99 dedicated to the newcomers: If we carefully edit the sequence we almost have the movie Really, just by changing the order we could have several different films. 😎 PS: Of course, it was a jest. No more. And it's something that shouldn't even be talked about seriously in public. But I'm aware that many people don't admit what they spend on these types of hobbies when they are with their partner. But in these thin
  10. When I see this edition, and I remember that it exists, and that there are people who have it, I feel as if I saw a woman from the past that I did't know how to take her into account, and who now walks with another man in my face.
  11. Did you make any excuses at home when all the packages arrived? Or did you say they were only very cheap editions that you bought in the charity sales?
  12. Congratulations everybody!! For me the most significant thing is that it takes less time to have 1000 more members ... Someday we will remember how life was like when there were "only" 4,000 members, just like now some of you still remember when there were only a few hundred ... The work ahead of the staff is beautiful. But it is not easy. And it will be less and less, in everything. Be strong!!
  13. First, dear @Fortis93, let me say you this is not a silly question. It's very very important, and the retailersbe aware of our suggestions. Sure they would do better. Second... one of the things that I miss more and more is the individual treatment of collector's editions; let it be noted that whoever designed it saw the film, and knew how to perceive what it implies, what it transmits, and its resonance. I like collections, as in the case of Nolan's UHD Club, but most of the Collector's Editions on the market are designed under the paradox of being indivi
  14. Good morning, Psychos. I hope you have started 2021 well. I think it's going to be a very interesting year because, either we solve the pandemic and everything ends well, or people go definitely crazy about the confinement and in a year we are like Rick Grimes in his first chapter. By the way, a thought that I had today: why in the videos of some youtubers that review collector editions ... their face is seen more than the edition they analyze? What do they think people really want to see?

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