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  1. Hi @Veum, in the Zavvi website if you change at the very top right side of the page to USA country and $USD currency you will place the order in $USD and you will get Free Shipping to USA. I always check which way is the cheapest way and most of the time if I use the USA site it is going to be better as using the code ACFREE when using the UK site and with delivery to USA address you only get a partial credit of £1.99 for shipping. I hope that this helps. Good luck! capricornio34232
  2. @Hollywood E Rock; Thank your very much for your kind words and for your recognition, for your trust, unconditional friendship and for your dedication in this forum. Thank you for having shared this moment of celebration with us and for having included me in your list of friends, a true honor for me. I can understand very well how you feel and the feelings that overwhelm you at this moment, because like you, since April of 2017 I had the privilege of joining MP and being part of the Media Psychos (unique and incomparable) family, which have made my experience of collecting films an amazing one, a pleasure and full of enjoyment. Thank you very much for all your efforts and for your inclusiveness. Thanks my friend! Congratulations on this first anniversary, good luck and I hope we continue to enjoy this hobby of collecting movies for many more years to come. Cheers… capricornio34232
  3. Correct! Looks like we are the only ones playing here, I'm really enjoy it. Yes, you win again the prize of asking the next “IT” question!
  4. It is black when is clean, it is white when is dirty; what is “It”?
  5. Interesting, after thinking for a moment I would like to stay in the present and make the best of it...
  6. This is a tricky question for me as I love different movies in different genres and will consider a best movie depends on a specific genre. I would say that the one that I watched the most is Hugo. It is a an amazing movie with tremendous 3D special effects, amazing story line, it is a movie related topic and with superb acting. I watched it several times... ...But based on other genres, there are such movies like: Avatar (Sci/Fantasy), Hearts & Souls (comedy), The Empire of the Sun (Action/Drama), Beloved (Drama/Horror), What Dreams May Come (Drama/Fantasy), Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring (International Drama/Romance) and The Farewell (International Comedy/Drama) that I loved and always recommend to watch, among others.
  7. Definitely the Depths of our Oceans. I used to do Scuba Diving and was a really enjoyment; I would love to have the chance to explore it more...
  8. A very interesting question. I'm originally from Puerto Rico and I grew up as a child in a 5 acres property in the east coast country side, with some trees; so YES I have hugged a tree, multiple times. capricornio34232
  9. Basil: One of my favorite movies to watch in 2019 was "The Farewell". I liked it because is a comedy with heart. A fun movie to watch that takes a serious issue and with cultural references, that transcends generations and cultures in general. A well directed, acted and with an amazing dialogue that uses humor in a difficult family situation. LOVED It!
  10. For now, I'm just catching up on some pre-recordings from the DVR and some new shows from Netflix for now...

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