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  1. My updated list of what I would like to see done as SteelBook or Premium release... Beloved (1998) The Color Purple (1985) What Dreams May Come (1998) Amistad (1997) *Batteries Not Included (1987) Gods and Monsters (1998) Heart and Souls (1993) Moonlight (2016) Out of Africa (1985) Gandhi (1982) Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) Biutiful (2010) El Topo (1970) Thriller: A Cruel Picture (1973) Most of Pedro Almodovar Films (1974 - ) ¿Quién puede matar a un niño? - Who Can Kill a Child (1976) Canoa: A Shameful
  2. @Basil, I'm sorry to hear this! I've been there when stuff just happened and I ask the same thing; why does crap always happen to me? Always try to look at it in a positive way; there is a chance to get better with the new procedure as an example. Situations like this, at least in my case, bring me closer to my family and real friends. Always take time to reflect on what you have and what brings you happiness to be able to go through it. You will be fine, take care of yourself and get well soon. Quick recovery! Good luck... Jorge capricornio34232
  3. MP: I started collecting movies long time ago! My father used to own a Video Club in the mid to late 80's. At the time I had some VHS tapes opened movies (I still have a few) that I loved to watch, and later on some DVD disc ones. Now, it is a Movie Collection (which I keep factory sealed), and I have some old opened ones that are the ones that I use to watch, but today with new streaming services options I'm not buying movies anymore just to watch them, no need for it. It is just my personal choice and opinion but the collection seems to have better value if is brand n
  4. MP: For me this year I want to finally installed nicer display where I can showcase my complete Premium Collections (FilmArena, HDZeta, BluFans, NovaMedia, KimchiDVD, U'Mania, WeET, CineMuseum, EverythingBlu & MantaLab, etc.) and keep completing them with new releases, and also I want to finally display some figurines/statutes/busts that I still have in boxes. I hope that soon I will have the opportunity to share some pictures! Thanks to MP through these years in supporting my movie collections. Let's keep collecting, enjoy the ride MP! capricornio34232
  5. Thank you very much MP; It was a very exiting experience! After participating last year, I noticed much more interest from MP members and it was a little bit more difficult, loved it. Great job to the organizers and MP for putting this kind of initiatives and for bringing the members and teams together! I'm looking forward to next years event, maybe we should have Deer or Santa hunt for Christmas time, just saying. Thanks again. Best regards; capricornio34232
  6. MP; Some One-Click Images for your consideration for the One Click Collector Award. Thanks...
  7. Thank you very much! Looking forward to the second Stage Challenge for sure!...
  8. @extantsrevengeThanks! That's what makes it VERY Special! LOL😉🤣😀
  9. @extantsrevengeWhat about WeET Treasure Hunter Award? There are more than 25 releases so far! Thanks...
  10. Another amazing job KS. I'm looking forward to the GB of this release. Thanks!
  11. Thank you very much @extantsrevenge, I'm looking forward to see what will be created new. I'm looking forward to see a nice DigiBook/DigiPack/MediaBook one, a Criterion Collection one and/or a most releases of the exact same title (5+, 10+) one. Again, thank you very much for the awards. There is one that I did not submit it yet but I'm trying to do it again without the same Premium releases. I will get the pictures soon for that one 😉 Enjoy the Collections!
  12. MP Good morning! Here is part of my complete KimchiDVD Collection including KimchiDVD Exclusive & KimchiDVD Collection Editions for your consideration for the KimchiDVD Treasure Hunter Award. Thanks..

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