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  1. Hi MP, I'm submitting updated pictures of my complete Blufans Collection as of 04/09/2019 for your consideration for the Blufans Treasure Hunter Award, as complement to my previous photo submissions (also included). Thanks... capricornio34232
  2. Afyer looking at the picture in a computer instead if my phone I believe is Willem Dafoe from spider man
  3. 10. Marko Los Pinna = Roman Polanski
  4. Interesting how people are selecting a transformers image for a bumblebee movie. If this was a transformers movie I would go with a transformers image, but this is a bumblebee theme movie, and should highlight bumblebee instead of the transformers. Just a thought!
  5. HI, thank you to UHD Club for giving us the opportunity to share our opinion on this release. I still like the original current design better. Thanks...
  6. HI, thanks to UHD Club for giving us the opportunity to share our opinion on this release. I will go with Glossy and without border (could be nice to see an example as could turn to be different than I'm visualizing it and/or give others a different perspective); also the idea of a DigiBook or Digipak instead of Scanavo (Amaray) release will be great. Thanks...
  7. MP: It took me a while to put this together as I decided to show my entry without using any Premium releases from my Complete Collections like NovaMedia, HDZeta, MantaLab, etc. Here is my Marvel Cinematic Universe Collection for your consideration. Thanks... Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: The Big Sleeves: MARVEL "The Art of ... " Books:
  8. I like all three, One-Click for me. If will be only one release to choose, I will go with Type A. Thanks...

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