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  1. @extantsrevenge @icewire Sorry , but i accidentally registered a second time for this group buy. I thought it was for Far From Home. Romeo
  2. I received mine today also. I did get an alert from USPS Informed Delivery on Thursday that a package from Hong Kong was scheduled to arrive today. I figured it was this but still a pleasant surprise to receive it. Thanks again Media Psychos.
  3. @Masterblaster Hi John, The same thing happened to me. I paid automatically on July 26th and that was refunded on the same day. I paid via the link we were given on July 29th for the renewal but an automatic payment was taken again today August 5th. So, PayPal took out money again when they should not have done so. Sorry for all the confusion. Cheers, Romeo
  4. I renewed again and this is as a good a time as any to thank everyone at the site. Considering how big the group has grown, the amount of work has expanded exponentially. So my deepest thanks to everyone working on the group buys and all who keep everything else running so smoothly. The membership is more than worth what I pay. Regards, Romeo
  5. I received my one-click today, so thanks as always to everyone at MediaPsychos for their hard work. The packaging for this edition is really something. Without a doubt, this is my favorite MantaLab release this far. Excellent job by the company.
  6. @goose_3387 It is beautiful. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into all of these but especially mine.
  7. Glossy finish with side border. Thanks for taking our input into consideration. Definitely a collector friendly company.
  8. One of my favorite movies. Glad that a beautiful package will be a part of my collection.
  9. @Masterblaster I haven't received an invoice for this. Are some still pending? Thank you.
  10. Sorry for the late reply but I don't have a preference for a number.
  11. I'll take one in support of the site. You all are doing a great job!!!
  12. I will sign up for Gold please. Thank you.
  13. I really like this show as well. Spader is such a good actor that you can't help but watch him whenever he is on screen.

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