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  1. Just came on here to look at this and depress myself at having missed out and just thought I’d scan through the GB list with a hope that a drunk version of me might have joined the GB and I’d forgotten. I’m now absolutely made up to have noticed my name right at the bottom couple of people on the GB list!! On that wave of happiness I thought I’d better check Inception to see if previous me had the sense to join that one, but sadly no such luck.
  2. Yeah, life with anything in life, only interested if there’s spare nipples!!
  3. Honest to god didn’t think I’d joined this GB until I received the message just now about it! Thought I’d missed it. 😂 oops.
  4. stop using inappropriate language balls am I excited for this! Cheers for the tag!
  5. Man, that sweet sweet music. Still gives me goosebumps. Havent bought this yet still though even though it’s still available. The Steelbook looks great but the glow in the dark seems strange.
  6. Are we expecting the OC to have 3 steelbooks or 2 and a special pack thing as usual?
  7. Yeah shame it wasn't a better result last night ?. I shall continue waiting patiently for my PET slip. As you say though, I'll keep my eyes peeled for those beauty shots!
  8. Ok, found what I saw. It was an alert email with someone talking about having received something else they ordered at the same time as ordering this. But no they haven't received this. To be fair, when I read that this morning, I was nursing a little bit of a hangover.
  9. Hmmm can't find it. Maybe I was hallucinating.... Got about a million tabs open at the moment though so will keep looking as I'm curious as to what I must have read.
  10. This is going to hurt the bank a fair bit for 3 straight months ? Don't care though as this release is the one I've been waiting for for so long!
  11. Heard some people have started to receive these already! Can't wait to see how the PET edition looks in hand!
  12. Yeah I normally prefer the DL all things being equal. Just hope the image quality is a lot sharper than that on the SL BR2049. Do agree though and thought the same that it would make a great depth lenti too.

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