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  1. Carrying on the same theme, this arrived today from John's sale a month or so ago. Korean wurple Batman Begins goodness. Just need to find a reasonably priced wurple Dark Knight now.
  2. These arrived a couple of weeks back. Grabbed the Japanese BB and TDK together and the Korean TDKR. Managed to nab them for a pretty good price.
  3. I think a big problem with this one was it was dropped with one days notice and it's a full WEA release. Would make logistics very tough and I expect hub allocations had to be locked in fair quickly but that's just an assumption on my part.
  4. Yeah that's great. Much appreciated and look forward to receiving them!
  5. There were definitely non tiered member that managed to jump straight to platinum on the last cycle unless I’m completely mistaken. There was a lot of communication about times and exactly when it moved between tiers so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t have seen them. Platinum still isn’t a guarantee of anything, especially with FAC. Definitely more of a chance though. Their full wea releases obviously being larger give more people a chance to get something overall.
  6. Here's my first batch for the 25 award. Only realised after taking it and putting everything away that it was 24 and the 25th was under a box behind me ffs!!!! 🤬😆 Added the escapee below main picture. This process was useful though. I found the MP pen in the bottom of one of the DKT OC boxes. Making its small screen debut in the T2 Nova photo. @extantsrevenge
  7. For your perusal @extantsrevenge
  8. Took these a couple of weeks back. Just got around to sorting it out. Was tidying up a bit and went for a couple of awards at the same time so bit of a random bunch. Just realised I forgot the swag on these ones so have added another photo taken at the same time for another award with the swag with my name on.
  9. Figured I'd start one of these. Will add some more exciting things as they arrive but will start with a fairly standard standard Harry Potter.
  10. Right, that’s more like it. Just checked the T2 print run to compare. They were perhaps a little overly ambitious there.
  11. Is this same print run as T2? Hopefully they won’t have the same issues as that one. Less premiums of Predator so maybe it’ll be ok.
  12. Gotta say the shell included in the exclusive one is actually pretty decent for a freebie. There was only 800 of the original one in total made so harder to find. I had to get that one off eBay. Got a bit of a bargain on it comparatively. They’re working on a T1000 too but no idea how that’ll end up. https://www.theterminatorfans.com/purearts-tease-terminator-2-t-1000-1-1-scale-art-mask/
  13. Only just seen this. I've got both the normal and battle damaged versions on display here! Just waiting for the Terminator collection award to become a thing......
  14. Congrats all that got what they wanted! Thanks for the effort on this @extantsrevenge and anyone else involved!

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