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  1. That'd be awesome, you're entirely right! Still have this on order (shipping when?!), Underworld is top shelf guilty pleasure
  2. 2 for Dune and 1 for Messiah (it's part 3 of the original book) as have been the plan/intention all along. A lot of people also want them to adapt God Emperor as well, but I really doubt that'll happen.
  3. Not gonna lie, it looked sweeeeeet, but the dark one seems top notch too
  4. ... who are you guys kidding, this is UC - we will buy whatever
  5. They do, and hats off to them for that to be honest. That still don't excuse the use of 'bad' art to me, which of course is a subjective opinion. I'll make an exception for their Gladiator release, I would not be entertained otherwise and Maximus would have my head.
  6. Normally I'd agree with you, but ehh - I don't like the WWA steel nor the art they've gone with for the FS so I'm good, you guys can have it.
  7. Ah, found it locally and cheaply - couldn't resist although Star Wars worn off on me as I got older. It's pretty cool to be honest and in so far as I know there aren't that many Star Wars OT collector sets.
  8. And now, the conclusion! - Star Wars (OT!) - Superclass Destroyer CE ...this will certainly make my friend envious, huge Star Wars fan that he is I shall return in another episode.... when I feel like it!
  9. ...part 2, fight! - Lord of the Rings Trilogy - HDZeta Silver - Hobbit Trilogy - HDZETA Silver - Taegukgi, FS & Lenti - TheOn - Tenet - HDZeta Silver - The Last Emperor - UHDClub - Age of Innocence - Magnificent and this FINALLY arrived... - Interstellar OC - Mantalab
  10. Welcome to another episode of @tr0llhatt's new stuff! Tonight! Time travelers abound, I witness the might of a Star Destroyer and rumors of dragons are circling! - Lord of War - steelie - Apocalypse now! - steelie - Mandy - steelie - Ghost in the Shell - steelie ala Zavvi - Dune - steelie collectors edition ala Arrow - How to Train your Dragon - steelie trilogy AND - Back to the Future - steelies! Studio Canal CEs: - The Thing - They Live - The Fog - Escape From New York - Prince of Darkness
  11. Wild guess (Google helped 😜), could be it simply harks back to the Chinese lucky numbers - which 2-6-8 are part of. 2 - good things come in pairs 6 - everything will be fine/go smoothly 8 - make money! .... or something 😎
  12. Yup, I went fishing ...without bait

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