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  1. I had not realized UHDClub was doing the original BR too... welp, once more unto the breach!
  2. Seems to be more popular than Hellboy, less than 30% stock left now.
  3. *sniff* It's so beautiful! Expectantly looking forward to finding this... somewhere and somewhen in the next 10 years
  4. Don't worry, I can publicly confirm that your replies actually exists and are in fact NOT simple fables for children. Or maybe I'm just special.... 😎
  5. An entire new 4k master from the original negatives sounds fantastic, and I just want to say that Second Sight charges some quite reasonable (cheap) shipping rates - £5.88 to Norway for 3 releases ain't bad!
  6. New arrivals! 300 - Zavvi 4k steel 47 Ronin - Fnac 4k steel The Hurricane Heist - Fnac french steel - (I thoroughly recommend this if you want some easy popcorn heist entertainment, and Maggie Grace is ❤️) Das Boot - complete edition The Town - Ultimate Collectors Edition - (I love this, but.... WHERE'S THE EXTENDED 4k MASTER?!?!?! ffs) I'm NOT showing you the poster - it'll never return to its original small form factor correctly ever again if I do 😅 And last, but not least as the best always comes last. One of my absolute all time favorite movies - this has it all! The Rock - Blufans 5th Anniversary Gift Set Returning to original scheduled programming in 5...
  7. Honestly I don't remember much of it, but it's got solid scores and critiques all over. Wonder if they'll use the 4k transfer though.
  8. I remember watching this as it came out way back when in '02 at something like 3am, 16 year old me was not amused! I'll keep an eye on this.
  9. Planet of the Apes trilogy would be fantastic, I've been and keep holding out for someone to do it in it's entirety. Got the SB for the first 2, but as far as I know there are no matching steel for the 3rd which kinda ruins it

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