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  1. Noticed Filmarena had the Blade Runner 2049 maniacs box in stock the other day, didn't immediately jump on it and now it's gone Dammit!
  2. What do you mean "secretly"?! I don't know a soul that crosses the border without smuggling
  3. I don't think 1917 belongs lumped in with Fury and Saving Private Ryan, I'd rather put it and Dunkirk besides each other as they are less action oriented. Nevertheless, I trust this will be an awesome release
  4. ROFL, what's with the REPEATED questioning of GB, all in less than 12hrs!
  5. I consider 1917 to be highly worth of a double (or more) dip to be honest. One of few movies that have really made a 'wow' impression on me. Totally down with @Neil21Harris on this, y'all can keep Marvel
  6. @Mattrivers95You get tracking number when it ships from hub to you. I'm counting myself a lucky s.o.b to have otherwise managed to score this and a bunch of other UHDC releases I've missed out on, probably won't get here till next year though
  7. I hate waiting! It's only bearable while at work as then I get paid to wait 😎 (it's still boring as stop using inappropriate language though, but at least I can sleep some).
  8. @larson1977You've not received yours? Weird, you're in first batch while I'm in 2nd and got shipping invoice from HUB today.

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