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  1. Gladiator? 😍 Unhinged? You crazy! I'd love to get me both that Gladiator, AASB (see @jumbojacks post) and the JP trilogy box from Sofacinema, but the current shipping costs kills it for me 😕 Anyhow, good news - new important stuff have arrived! - Backdraft - just another steel! - Tenet - Mantalab #32 - OC - Biomutant - Collectors Edition - Phoenix Point - Collectors Edition (Kickstarter exclusive)
  2. How do they have such enormous problems with clearing mail through customs? I've never had a package sit in customs for more than a day, but usually it's only some hours before it's been processed and on its way. Granted, USA gets much more mail than Norway, but still - customs should be proportionate..... right?!
  3. You can have a "Glad I signed up for the GB!" from me now, thanks! @WhodiniClick the green button for additions, for anything else regarding your GB request go to the I&Q here
  4. Sleep, love, forever sleep. I was at work when this even got announced, then stopped at my sisters to play with my niece on the way home and this is what I get. Almost missed it
  5. No, you're doing it wrong! It's UC, just sign up and take it
  6. This is still available (I think SofaCinema has it for one).
  7. Spice up your life(!) by ordering a boxset @Casiusco 🤩
  8. That doesn't matter to be honest, the way I see it T1-T2-T3 are part of the same story, the others are off doing their own thing. Kinda like when Spice Girls split up to do bunch of solo stuff individually
  9. Things are, as always... fluid, unless bolted down

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