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  1. ...Johnny thought about opening the door, but hestiated - he thought: "maybe it's the postman and I've to wait, because the postman always rings twice..." ...Johnny stared at the door, waiting for the second ring...
  2. @Grendel Thank you for the link... these are looking nice, but I´m still longing for a 4K UHD boxset...
  3. This movie is called 300 for a reason....so they had AT LEAST 300 characters for theire artwork. And they have chosen ONE....FOUR TIMES! Maybe in Asia, they call this movie Leonidas. 🤨
  4. If you open stuff, you can see a lots of damages and scratches, that you thought were never there...so sometimes not to know, seems to be the better way... 🤣
  5. They should have changed it to 149, so I can stop searching... 😔
  6. Find a Drive Manta Lab One Click. 🍻
  7. GREAT NEWS @ksosk Will there be a UHD inside? Don´t kill me for this question... Will you do other chinese movies? Maybe Once upon in China??????
  8. Any Idea how much this will costs inclusive shipping and customs via a GB at MP? Thank you :)
  9. Amazing Cover and one of the best movies of the last 20 years.
  10. At least there would be enough items for me, because nobody will challange me for them....because they all died... 🤣 Sorry...but black humor, is still the best one
  11. I think so too...but, all I see are announcements about many movies and at the end...which will be released for real? So I will not hold my breath... 🤣
  12. Will HDzeta announce a release for every movie ever made.... 😅

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