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  1. August is here....can't wait to go platinum...
  2. I wasn´t talking about HDzeta...I was talking about Hollywood....they made this movie. But it´s anoying me for a while...sequels, prequels...whatever....the cow has to be milked...till everbody has enough.
  3. For me it´s quite easy. This movie was very bad - in my opinion. 😴 They should´nt waste so much money and time for making movies that boring. 🤯
  4. I really love these movies...and can´t wait for the third Sherlock. King Arthur was ok - except of Charlie Hunnam, his acting was quite boring....always the same type (Sons of Anarchy). 🙄 But that´s just my opinion.
  5. Amazing News!!!! I really neeeeeeed this one. I was checking every day....But always paused...so I just signed up for the original BR. But great news, that we've got the chance to secure a copy of BR2049 as well... I'm ready to hit the green one....
  6. I think they will make a few more Star Wars Movies...because it's Disney and they will never stop trying to squeeze out every last drop of blood of a franchise.
  7. As much as I would love to have a Star Wars box, I hate incomplete boxes....so no good idea for Star Wars...
  8. Sorry HDzeta, but if you think this means, one is a loyal customer....well, that's ridiculous. 😂😂😂 Some of the collectors bought almost every release, since the first day (when nobody even know HDzeta), showing their support, over many years, but don't bought these two editions without actual movies in it...well, that's how you disappoint your customers, being loyal over YEARS, not just a few months. Well done - I suggest HDzeta should start to show some loyalty to their customers as well. Congrats to everyone, who gets a BvsS Lenti. Just to mention it: I'm not disappointed with MP. Just with HDzeta and their attitude. And yes....I will refuse further to buy movies without actual movies in it.
  9. Yes. Just my personal experiences with some editions. This doesn't mean, that others have made them the same way! This experience doesn't indicate any wrongdoing or accusations. If you want an example, I'm glad to discuss this further via pm. Because I don't want to write that much offtopic here. 🙈 But I don't want to criticis MP...and there is also no hard feelings towards anybody from my side. I know, one has to mention it extra, because a lots of people around here seem to "misunderstand and misinterpret" things and posts very fast.
  10. Ok I was asking, because sometimes there wasn't any chance for MP to get an HDzeta edition, so one has to bought it elsewhere. And there was also a time before MP.... But I'll be patient...
  11. @extantsrevenge should we provide pics of our HDzeta collection?
  12. That would be really nice...but honestly, the last times, beeing a loyal collector meant not much...missing out on BluFans, HDzeta or FA a lot, because of membership or not being the first on a GB. At least it seems so...but don't want to complain...just sharing a feeling and maybe I'm wrong - then I hope no harm was done by sharing it... Maybe we should start a system like, if you have xy titels of BluFans or FA, you'll be loyal collector?!?! Would this be a propper suggestion?
  13. Thinking about joining for these great boxes, as it is the first time for a CM GB, how much will be the direct shipping for both boxes - could you already tell? Will there be also a release with the CM Exclusive line for these Batman boxes? THANK YOU and sorry for my "stupid" questions.

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