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  1. Hi Folks 😎 If anyone is still looking for a Avengers - Infinity War - Weet One Click Box Set - New and sealed - I´ve one copy for sale. Check out the adverts. I just have to sell it, because my buddy (THAT SON OF A.... 🤐 NOT ANYMORE!) backed out on me!!! 🤐 I´ll never think about doing someone a favour - never again !!! Happy new year I´ve attached you guys for your information @Masterblaster @extantsrevenge @Scary Hair @deckard99 @ksosk
  2. I know...but if he can mention me just by himself, maybe he can answer as well...was worth a try Thanks
  3. @Gipsy Danger: Why did you mentioned me in the GB Thread 11 hours ago?
  4. If anyone has a Boxset, Lenit or 1/4 Slip left - feel free to contact me. :D
  5. Thank you ...pretty sad, that there is no information, about a preorder date for these items. Just, that there will be some steels sometimes... I really love your GBs and all your effort and great work - but sometimes, I would really love to order something by myself...it´s also great for collectors like me, that we can chase something by ourselfs... I´ve tried the news update from zavvi via whats app - but this "stop using inappropriate language" doesn´t work in germany.
  6. WHY???? THE SAME STEELBOOK??? The white lenti looks great...but there is there is a steelbook from italy, that looks quite the same....whyyyy?????
  7. Hi, totally missed this GB...if there is any OC left...I would love to go for it... Thank you :D

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