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  1. Check it out @extantsrevenge arrived today ?❤ Sound Score Vinyl and Graphic Novel. This film deserves a premium.
  2. Nice!! Looking forward to it Still no "The Crow" premium from any retailer though, so I stay salty lol
  3. Hello @extantsrevenge @ksosk I am number 17 in this GB and seeing lots impor gypsy danger "confirmation".. do I need to do anything or will it be "confirmed" by gypsy danger? (I know it's a bot) I just don't know if I am to update or do anything to secure my copy. Thanks
  4. Welcome @Lvirus316 have lots of fun and enjoy your stay.
  5. Happy Belated Birthday C.O.O!!

  6. I'm late to the thread but wanted to say amazing work @DParadigm !! Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Hopefully more will come soon
  7. I received these today from Ines / metal.chick on IG ? I wonder if she knows how famous she is here and has a thread going ?? The Crow steel is from the Xmas gift exchange that @extantsrevenge so kindly sent me. And now is properly treated to a slip since no retailer seems to want to handle a premium. I hope you enjoy the pics @Masterblaster @Scary Hair
  8. Oh yes! Thank you. Love my Matrix and The Crow sigs!

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