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  2. Please be Inception, or Hotel Artemis
  3. Upgrade was an awesome movie
  4. icewire

    Dies und Das

  5. Can we get Unbreakable to go with Split? Pretty Please FilmArena!! Hahahaha
  6. Yes finally got it, and its better than expected. The extras were really cool and really well done too. All these releases from UHD club are amazing. I added my cards in my slip to help straighten it out. I cant wait for the next release and the other two matrix releases.
  7. Today
  8. BobaFett1974

    Dies und Das

    Moin in die Runde!
  9. extantsrevenge

    Dies und Das

    Guten Morgen und eine schöne Woche. Die Liste für Blufans Avengers Infinity War ist jetzt raus. Ich hoffe, jeder hat etwas bekommen was er wollte und niemand ist enttäuscht. Wir haben alles getan, was möglich war. Bitte lest noch diesen Post, der gibt ein wenig Aufschluss über die Verteilung.
  10. extantsrevenge

    I gotta have that one as well ..............

    38 Editions of the same Movie 😱 @CaliFTW83 that is insane (in a good way), you fit perfectly in here on Media PSYCHOS 😂👍
  11. hummels23

    Dies und Das

    Schon wieder Montag... 😕 MOIN!!!
  12. icewire


    @Daren Happy Birthday
  13. @Benoit46, je ne sais pas si ça peut t'intéresser étant donné le #004👍😉
  14. icewire

    Dies und Das

    Schönen guten Morgen 😃 Kommt gut in die neue Woche 😉
  15. hunter72

    Dies und Das

    Guten Morgen,leider geht die Woche heute war los.. Allen einen guten Start in die Woche👍
  16. 38 huh? not too shabby 😜
  17. New arrival in the zombie dungeon thanks to @forenhase for GB
  18. There is too much space, for sure. Perhaps a thicker booklet is needed.
  19. Haha, actually I think my Infinity War collection is bigger now 🤔, and that's without Blufans, which I am highly anticipating 🤩
  20. How about a monopoly....🤣...wow ... you sure are a media psycho....🤪👍... 38 copies gotta be a record .... perhaps we should open a 38 Special club ... but I think you would be a bit lonely there ....😜...
  21. What do you call 38 copies of the same movie? 🤔😅
  22. Yesterday
  23. Definitely my rarest, probably also the most valuable one I own. The sealed and pristine condition Iron Man futureshop. It's really hard to determine value as other said. Perhaps a consortium of collectors should agree upon and publish a listing of trending values. Similar to the PPG from the funko community. A "steelbook price guide" of sorts.
  24. DarthEd

    Media Psychos Award Suggestion Topic

    I'd still like to see awards for Nova Media and Plain Archive. Thanks!
  25. I was going to mention these issues in a PM as I also see the same on my copies... GitS was perfection but I assume UC is using thicker leather, so it does not wrap as neatly. Hopefully, this is something they can look out for and address. Also, the edges and corners seem rounder than GitS, which was squarer (heh), again this may be due to thicker material. Don't get me wrong, Matrix and SPR are great releases but it would be good to address the little things on future releases. To make a long story short, three areas of improvement: Use spacers to eliminate bowing when the contents are thinner than the case (or make the case stiffer to withstand the shrink) Eliminate bulges on top/bottom of spine Reduce rounding of edges and corners Looking forward to the next installment in the series, which I presume will be Schindler's List.
  26. Bienvenue parmi nous @Ced !!  Au moindre soucis ou question de fonctionnement, n'hésite pas a demander sur ce Topic en utilisant le @ suivie de mon pseudo ou également @Maverick ton Modérateur France.  Tu peux communiquer librement en Français dans cette Zone   Avant toute inscription aux GB MERCI de bien lire le RÈGLEMENT DES GB traduit en Français ICI ainsi que le RÈGLEMENT HUB au cas où et quelques astuces pour le réglage des Paramètres de Notifications ICI Vous avez également un TOPIC EXPLICATIFS détaillants pleins de petites choses utile, idée de @fashe13 pour les membres peu habitués aux notions de GB ICI Merci
  27. Welcome to our new member decadentdave

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