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  2. Thank you @Noir21 it means a lot to me my friend❣️
  3. @Nishant Srivastava ❣️🎂🎉🎊🎁
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  5. Best wishes and prayers for your sister, we are all with you @Veum 🙏
  6. I recently saw this one and placed preorder. Found store in France so i won't have to pay any extra VAT/Import fees. Now i can't wait for 2 more movie premium editions of Venom coming. Love this guy. 😍
  7. I meant i preordered it from Amazon. Wanted jpc but their packaging... is even worse than Amazon so i went with 1st.
  8. Here's a tip: Add a $15 Best Buy gift card when ordering a steelbook and get free shipping. Save up a few of them and then get yourself something nice 😁
  9. Manta Lab has started shipping out singles today. Hopefully the mail doesn't take too long.😁
  10. Wow, that brings back memories. 😄
  11. Got mine pre-ordered! Now let's see if Best Buy actually meets the release day $3.99 shipping they're showing on their website...
  12. Schaut mal, @Catgirl Lindy hat mir eine leckere Pizza geschickt. *mjam* Vielen lieben Dank !!! Und die "Mon Cheri" hab ich meiner Mama geschenkt. Die isst sie so gerne. Unsere Lindy ist echt die Beste !
  13. 🥤Top of the day to ya, going to be ☁️ light 🌧️ today here my friends... good day there, VEUM here❣️🙏🤠
  14. 🥤Top of the day to ya, going to be ☁️ light 🌧️ today here my friends... good day there, VEUM here❣️🙏🤠
  15. 🥤Top of the day to ya, going to be ☁️ light 🌧️ today here my friends... good day there, VEUM here❣️🙏🤠
  16. gab es noch keine Beautyshots oder Leaks der Liste??
  17. B best E example A against U users T training Y youth S saving H health O or T teaching S self-confidence
  18. Does anyone know about @Trianna? Since she saw "Crazy Stupid Love" we have not heard from her again .... And its Blu-ray sales on Amazon Germany have risen in the list from No. 17,679 to No. 17,678..... We should call the police, his family, or at least the neighbors, or she'll end up watching "Dirty Dancing" again. And the doctor had already warned her that her emotional balance would not bear going out again singing "I've had the time of my life". Please, we have to do something to save her. I propose our la
  19. ich habe heute morgen tatsächlich nicht sofort nach dem aufstehen ins handy geschaut um nach neuen beautyshots zu gucken... so abgestumpft bin ich schon
  20. @extantsrevenge ...and my post for the treasure hunter.... Attached the old post with 21 Editions and this one with 10 in addition.
  21. Wird Zeit, mal wieder'n paar Bilder zur posten. @thomue1987 Leider hänge ich etwas hinterher hier im thread, da ich gerade intensiv mit dem französischen Banner beschäftigt bin. So, aber nun zum Geschäft: Einige erwähnenswerte Neuzugänge der letzten Zeit - Einfache Steelbooks habe ich aus Gründen der Faulheit weggelassen. Spiderman 1-3, WeET OneClick mit allen 6 Edis - darf natürlich beim Papst nicht fehlen. Doctor Sleep, BlackBarons Hardbox mit beiden Editionen Annabelle comes home, BlackBarons Fu
  22. morning all just been walk down to the bank 20 mins and struggled like hell waiting 20 mins stood up in the bank didnt help so got a taxi back home dont want to be scrapped up off the pavement @Hollywood E Rock didn't realise you been doing some photoshop all the best basil
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