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  2. Next, I know we have some fans of Anime among us and I'll be posting this pic in the Anime section but; Since it has a gorgeous Steel in the mix, I thought I'd share it with the collective as well. 😀 Cowboy Bebop: - Sunrise Spec ed Box Set - Funi Steel - The Film, Knockin' On Heavens Door: Dynit (Italy) [best ed out there English friendly] 🥰
  3. Thought I'd take a hot moment to put up a few pics myself; 😀 First up, I received an incredible delivery from my friend @Bones today; It's the new RZ trilogy Steelbook from Target, which I had no chance of getting here in Canada. I was unaware that it came with a nice PET slip for it, which I wish for goodness sake ALL Steels came with! I thought I'd show it here accompanied by an older Steel from Germany, which also collates some of Rob's films into a sweet combo (but does not have 3 From Hell). Listing; - Rob Zombie Trilogy: Target, SteelBook combo, includes; - House 1K Corpses / Devil's Rejects / 3 From Hell - Rob Zombie Collection: Tiberius Films, SteelBook combo, includes; - House 1K Corpses / El Superbeasto / Devil's Rejects / Halloween II Thank-you so very much @Bones! 🥰 Your assistance is greatly appreciated buddy!
  4. Good Evening Friends; 😀 Some very beautiful new additions I see now snuggled into their new homes. My heartiest congrats to everyone for their gorgeous new treasures and of course, mt thanks for taking the time to upload some pics for us to drool over! Of note, I'm so happy to see all the exquisite Blus that @Bones has recently acquired! I'm happy that this determination for nabbing the best eds available, for some of your fave fliks, has proven quite successful buddy! I'd say you and your loved ones have some quality viewing to plan for the coming nights! 🥰 So many others of high note here to mention but I'll reserve myself to a high-five with @Neil21Harris for snagging that awesome BF Gravity! 🖐️ Incredible spec fx and cinematography in that flik, nice to see you having the best ed available, sitting on your shelf my friend!
  5. @Veum I’m really digging the new Art! The tattooist did a really nice job! I absolutely was wondering! It’s okay this week, but don’t let this become a habit! 😂
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  7. Also, apologies for the absence of TESTOSTERONE Tuesday . Just been a bit busier than usual this week, so might have to hold off on it until next week (as it's already Wednesday here). That is, of course, if anyone (whom it is still Tuesday for) wants to take over for this week and have a crack at it.
  8. Im with you dude. I got a 4k and bluray copy coming and i hope they are pristine.
  9. I definitely will @Veum they are both blind buys based on yours and @Grendel recommendations. I think it will have to be a double feature when I get to them.
  10. I'm just going to put this out there in the universe in the hopes that someone is already getting to work on a premium release for both of these films:
  11. Great mail day yesterday! Love the JW2 lenti! I didn’t realize there is a bit of spot texturing on the back of the slip, so that was a nice surprise! Really like the full slip A for Manta’s Kingsman, but I think I still prefer full slip B. Haven’t had a chance yet to open Kimchi’s Snowpiercer, but the texture looks great. That sandy feel☺️
  12. Everything looks nice ... now if you would get it a Premium Protector like the ones we have your purchase would be totally complete 😎
  13. Hello @Joseybear and welcome to MP! We are delighted to have you 😁
  15. Don’t have many Blufans....hell, don’t have any. But this was one of my original Premiums I wanted. Finally got it.
  16. Veum

    Veum’s Tats

    🥤In the Tat chair for 6 hrs. Lots of detailed needed to be done, see! 😊
  17. 🌚 goodnight to my fellow Psychos who need their rest now ❣️😴 💤 A late GN I was in the tat chair for 6 hrs. today see:
  18. Veum

    Dies und Das

    🌚 goodnight to my fellow Psychos who need their rest now ❣️😴 💤 Gute Nacht A late GN I was in the tat chair for 6 hrs. today see:
  19. Yesterday
  20. 🌚 goodnight to my fellow Psychos who need their rest now ❣️😴 💤 BONNE NUIT A late GN I was in the tat chair for 6 hrs. today see:
  21. 🥤Hey @Bones, nice p/u’s, I have an affinity for Criterion’s Island of Lost Souls & The Changeling, when you get around to watching them, let me know what you thought!
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