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  2. @Basil luv that song makes me feel younger haha... the lady is beautiful 👳‍♂️
  3. My goodness, what is this sh*t? How can you get anything done while this garbage is playing in the background?
  4. Very nice collection and *classy* (glassy lol) display my friend @lingrass! 😘
  5. @Veum i was at work today working my balls off to get a job done then this song below came on the radio and strangely made me think of you. must be time all that time from in the porn thread anyway here you go basil
  6. Please find in these pictures my Hdzeta collection? Can I have the HdZeta Treasure hunter award please? 🤩 Thanks to the team 😘
  7. Have you asked John about the WWZ ? He may well have one spare. He may have one of those Hobbit ones, but I doubt it. If he hasn’t got a WWZ... Who you gonna call ?
  8. Thank you all for the warm welcome. I look forward to many enjoyable years of learning about new releases and participating in the numerous group buy opportunities.
  9. I can have fun w/this just as well my friends!😋
  10. Mate, I was borderline dancing out of the office with the thought of beer 😆
  11. @Ltd.Steel.Junky74 @icewire 102 ---> Talos
  12. Yes, I know what you’re thinking...pretty generous of the seller to include shipping 😉
  13. Let’s have some fun and start the weekend with: 🤘
  14. There was one for sale on eBay a couple of months ago - 1800USD was the asking price IIRC (shipping included).
  15. How do I get my hands on that edition? 😂 Have never seen one on eBay or elsewhere ..
  16. This actually made me chuckle out loud... Nils is a hot topic of conversation right now haha. Dave took a shot by posting the Homecoming Blufans edition, which i love. @extantsrevenge what say ye...still waiting for your posts
  17. claptraw

    Dies und Das

    So Freunde, Inventur ist fast durch. Was für ein beschissener Tag. Wochenende ist zum Glück zum Greifen nah ..
  18. Makes my heart warm to see that many actually open their editions. Imagine asking @extantsrevenge what he would prefer: opening his FAC Wolf Of Wall Street or playing Russian Roulette. I bet he would say “hand me that gun” 😂
  19. Oi Oi!!! How are all you lovely people?! (In my best Jamie Oliver impression). 😁
  20. I keep forgetting to take pictures and reply to this thread, but currently my favorite opened steel is my HD Zeta Interstellar and my favorite sealed is Weet Spiderman Far From Home. Although I am firmly in the "open" camp, I may not open them until I watch them. But that's not always the case as I opened my Kimchi Akira the moment I got it (aka yesterday) and havent watched it yet.
  21. keeping the J cards on there is facetious, but absolutely nothing wrong with that!
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