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  2. I see what you’re trying to do... 🧐 and it’s working 😅 Might join this week
  3. Gute Nacht auch für dich kleine Brezel 😋
  4. I get you but you can’t really compare a shirt to a collectible such as these ….
  5. Hate the Steelbook?? You might not like it... But hate it?? I think that is almost impossible. Also there's no one better than HDZeta for DC Releases... If you get it you'll get blow away... ES LO MEJOR DE LO MEJOR!!! 😎
  6. Don’t know what to do with my life 🤣 Sure but I’m afraid to join the GB and then hate the steelbook design or anything 🤔 Also I’ve never purchased an HDZeta release
  7. ...Bonne nuit, @GANTZ Red Bull Suchti... 😉
  8. Yep, definitely join for their Lentis... there’s no going back for this... Lustworthy gold
  9. I want to see what, if any, single slips are available. I definitely don’t want an OC 😉
  10. HELLO AND WELCOME TO MEDIA PSYCHOS @cbrt 🤗 PLEASE FEEL FREE To, Post, create enjoy topics in our International Chat Rooms  When tagging @ Scary Hair. Anything you need the highlighted one gets our attention @Scary Hair .   OR drop any staff member a PM the list can be found at the bottom of each forum page 🤗 PS WE ARE VERY FRIENDLY
  12. Yeah loads of people chunk on real butter. Not for me personally but plenty do it. Not with margarine so much.
  13. @ukade2327 "they Must get just as frustrated as the collectors do … give them some slack and just imagine doing this yourself" Disagree. this is EXACTLY my point of them having a terrible business model/company. They need to stop making NEW release announcements (which just makes no sense) and actually and focus on the releases that have been delayed for months. its like, for example: I make orange shirts - people buy my orange shirt - I still haven't made any orange shirts that have been ordered, but guess what, I'm also gonna make a blue, red, purple and g
  14. Does anyone know when we're going to see the design or beauty shots? I don't know what to do!!! I need to see👀
  15. Seit dem der 😶 @R1s1ngs0n ★ Super Moderator ★ ist... läuft hier alles anders! 🙄😏
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