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UHD CLUB The Last Emperor (UHD CLUB Exclusive EC#03) (Wooden Case Edition) (Blu-ray) [China]


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Hi Psychos,


Currently, UC has these two designs that they put out for polling.

Hence, I am also putting them out to get the response from those who are interested in this release!


Here you go...








There may still be chances to the art.

Hope to see your selection 😃


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And the winner is: C (what???)


Although the B variant seems to attemps a lyrical interpretation that tries to mirror some aspects of the movie, the implementation seems rather weak in my opinion - here I personally would have liked to see the Italian film poster variant (but only with regard to the motif, not the font position used there).

Nevertheless, it is understandable that UHD Club prefers a more colorful front to better bring out the effect of their 4-color print (the Italian Poster art is nearly monochromatic...)

Among the options available to choose from, however, I clearly agree with the A-votes.

Regarding the understandable objections of some commentators, who would prefer a color matching of the spine to the color design of the front /back (because there is a really rough break especially separating  front and spine - which differs from the harmonious overall appearance of the previous wooden box concepts), it can be taken into consideration,  that (for example) an "all around" motif  - like the house-shillouette which continues over the spine as in variant B - would  likewise mean a break with the traditional UHD-Club's wooden Box Design-Concept - namely the  clear plain look that UHD club had always chosen so far when designing the sides of their wooden boxes.


Which of these design breaks brings the greater sacrilege lies of course (as always with questions of personal taste) in the eye of the beholder...

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I like option A better.


And I don't need anything to change, I really like that book-like feeling it gives. A work of art that you can take with your hand.


That does not mean that option B displeases me, in fact, as idea it seems better to me; but the execution is not so good; when trying to express a point of view -implicit- maybe it needed to take even more special care. In my opinion it needs to be refined a little more.




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