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  2. https://www.ibc.org/features/behind-the-scenes-john-wick-chapter-4/9495.article The production travelled from New York to Osaka, Berlin and Paris. “Whereas Guillermo likes to be in the studio much more, Chad likes to do it for real,” he said. “We were shooting the Louvre, where there are so many restrictions as you imagine, and I woke up the next day scarcely believing we had been allowed in there.” A scene set at the famous Sacré-Cœur was scripted for sunrise but was shot night for day lit by giant lamps on cranes of the type that only a big budget can afford. “The first time we see Bill Skarsgård (who plays Wick’s nemesis, the Marquis de Gramont) it is at sunset and we had to have this feeling of golden light.” A massive brawl shot at the Kraftwerk nightclub in Berlin was the most challenging scene and required weeks of prelighting and discussion about how colour and light should interact. Scenes set in Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert and in snow with leaden skies drain the palette and provide contrast with the neon saturation of the rest of the film. “Some scenes were very green and when I started shooting I got nervous,” Laustsen admitted. “You have to trust your instinct that it’s the right way to do it but I am happy with the result. What we film is the final palette. We’re not changing colour in the DI. Windowing, yes, but the concept of colour is the same from dailies to final movie.” With Reeves performing most of his own stunts Laustsen deliberately keeps the camera fixed on him, often in long takes. It’s a style of restraint that the filmmakers have learned from Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the Westand The Good The Bad and The Ugly. “These classical westerns are touchstones for the blocking and the framing of big wide shots,” he said. “A lot of action movies use handheld to give the action more energy or use cuts to hide some of the action but we are not that movie. Chad told me from the start that Keanu is so good I want you do shoot more wide and not go crazy handheld.” Behind the Scenes: John Wick: Chapter 4 - cameras Stunt coordination is Stahelski’s expertise (he was Reeves’ double in The Matrix) and they typically shoot 3-4 takes per fight sequence. “We try to do as few as possible but he and Chad are perfectionists and won’t stop until it’s right.” Laustsen changed up the camera package from ARRI Alexa XT with which he shot JW3 to Alexa LF and a set of ALFA anamorphics. John Wick: Chapter 4 “It was very important to shoot anamorphic since the XT’s larger sensor means the depth of field will be shallower and we want to get powerful close ups of Keanu.” They carried five LF bodies including an A and B cam, one on a Steadicam another on a crane and another shooting higher frame rates but never rolled with more than two at a time. Almost everything was shot by the main unit; “It’s nice to do everything yourself,” the DP said. Most cinematographers take still photographs of everyday things that catch their eye but for someone with such a pronounced sense of colour it’s a surprise to learn that Laustsen’s stills are all black and white. “For me, it’s important to make the most powerful image as possible if that is what the scene suggests, or to make it softer or grittier as appropriate for another scene. “If we make another movie [a fifth in the series has not officially been greenlit] I would have the same feeling as after ‘3’ when I wondered how it was possible to go further than shooting in a glass house.” The climactic sequence of Parabellum takes Orson Welles’ The Lady From Shanghai shootout in a hall of mirrors to a whole other level. “Maybe we go to the North Pole,” he mused, “and everything will be covered in snow and pure white and we go in the opposite direction.”
  3. 🥤🤠 🎬 received my 3 JW today which only took 2 weeks from Nova Media S.Korea, why can’t other retailers do this for my other GBs, huh? 🧐 pics…
  4. Wow 🤩, it would be amazing to see the covers of all that together😁
  5. 🤠 🧋🎬 🍿😎 👊 👍 my John Wick fans we have some editions ready for you to order❣️🙏 🤑
  6. But those images are not worth @Veum, we want you to go down to the basement and look for them all for the photo😁
  7. 🍿🧋🤠 😎 👍 🎬 ❣️my John wick collection so far…
  8. I need to update my photos, have so much more since my first pictures.
  9. The dog is right there next to the one in the middle.
  10. Very nice! You need the other pop with the dog though to round it out.
  11. Great, another follower. Little by little the collection will grow.
  12. Thanks! I also added the John Wick 1-3 Amazon Japan collection after I took those pictures so that's why it's not pictured above. I need the Filmarena Maniacs box.
  13. Very Nice, Thanks for sharing. It’s pretty much an exact picture of what I have lol.

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