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  1. I think all tier members should abstain and let the other members have a chance. You’re cool with that right?
  2. CM has a deal with Warner so it should be legit. The beauty shot is just a quick mock-up. I expect that wording would be removed unless the studio insists it be there for some reason.
  3. Last time I checked the movie was set in Los Angeles and not Brussels 😅 It's June 10th!
  4. What's wrong with that? Every release should be Blade Runner. Every...Release...
  5. Just to add, on mobile the "follow" button is at the bottom, just after the text box for writing posts/replies.
  6. Steelbook Lenti Slip Box to hold the slip and all the goodies
  7. Please note that each version (4k or 3d) is a single lenti slip.
  8. Hey @ThereIsNoooSpoon This is copy-write infringement! I made the same joke weeks ago!
  9. @scarabdead any thoughts on getting a region free player? They are pretty cheap these days and it's great to have the freedom to buy editions from all over the world and not have to worry about if they will play or not. Mine does everything region free 4K/3D/blu-ray/DVD, etc.
  10. @scarabdead Since the disc has not been released yet there is no confirmation on the regions. If you have a region free player you can request a copy in our general Best Buy GB. If not, then I would wait until the regions have been confirmed or someone else releases a region B disc.
  11. Hi @Movie_Shelter Invoices are sent directly to your PayPal account. When the retail price is known the release thread will be updated. Since you are new to the GB process I strongly urge you to read through our Group Buy Rules since they explain the entire process and I'm sure will answer many of your questions.
  12. @Movie_Shelter You can either scroll down to the GB section of the site or go to the first post of this thread and click the GB link at the top. Once there, click on the big green button and submit your request.
  13. @Daft Beauty shot says 268 copies. There is some discussion of the retail price on page 2 of this thread.
  14. @Mutantsmiley If you’re planning on sending us a nice gift I’ll give you my address, you know, to avoid confusion 😉
  15. @Hardcore Yes, it's meant as a service for USA members and as @R1s1ngs0n said all copies will go the USA HUB.
  16. It's supposed to be at Universal Studios Japan now. Never did it, but there is a video on youtube that looks cool.
  17. Anybody remember the old Terminator games Future Shock and Skynet? I don't think they had much of a story but they were a lot of fun. Anyway, I'm super excited to see what MAG comes up with!
  18. @Shyam Invoicing is a lot of work and can often take up to a week or so to complete. This is normal here.

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