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  1. I like them both but lean more toward new design #1. I love UHD club and how they work with us and give the people a say. It may not always end up exactly what we want but its nice that they listen and try for us. Ive always enjoyed steelbooks most, but UHD club releases and @ksosk goodies make them by far the best releases to own.
  2. Those are incredible. Thank you thank you for everything all of you here do.
  3. This looks like one of the best complete maniac boxes filmarena has released. Its awesome, cant wait.
  4. I know on both accounts but dont think Equalizer 2 is a maniac box title. I like the maniac boxes just not for this title. They couldve switched it with Thor Rag. Done a 2 edition with hardbox for equalizer 2 and maniac box for Thor Rag. 🙂 I know it isnt that easy. I love all my filmarena releases and they do a great job. Just my 2 cents on this release hahaha
  5. I like this movie and the steelbook but dont see the reason for a maniac box.... why not 1 edition to match the first one...
  6. Thanks again. Turned out perfect, I love it. I appreciate the help and the hardwork to get all of these done. You do a great job. 🐢🐢🐢🐢
  7. @goose_3387 Could you possibly make me one? I would like a teenage mutant ninja turtle 1990 movie banner if possible. Thanks so much
  8. Thanks to all of you. I really do appreciate it. Its a great community and group of people we have here at mediapsychos. @extantsrevenge @icewire @Benoit46 Cant ever thank all the people that work so hard for all of us here either enough. All of you are great. Thanks again.
  9. Me either, ive been impatiently waiting for it to release, but i really enjoyed the original trilogy. I dont expect it to be quite as good as those but still excited.
  10. No knock on whoever the guy is, but his stuff is bogus too. Ive been on his site in the past and his dates and stuff arent always correct either. I mean he recently had Captain Am 4k coming out in March but its releasing in Feb... Obviously hes bogus too by his own accord.... And UHD club had Schindlers List posted before him... Every release is iffy with all studios but dont knock something from a company releasing quality editions just because your friends at Paramount didnt tell you first.... Just sayin... Im excited still at the idea of it coming out.

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