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  1. I love that box. Thats nice. Im ready for it. Do we really have to wait that long........? Haha
  2. I just wanted to Thank all of you for everything. I really appreciate you guys working and allowing me to keep my filmarena number when it was transfered over to MP. It really meant a lot to me and honestly i can not thank you guys enough for that. I know things are stressful a lot for you all and i know we make it difficult too sometimes but i dont think anyone or any site works as hard as you guys do for us. I love being a part of the MP family and hope to continue to be a part for the long haul. So again i wanted to Thank all of you personally for everything. It means a lot to all of us. (Like the topic of @all admin and mods under the appreciation thread so wanted to take advantage of the title)
  3. I agree too. Where is Term 4? Im throwing this out, with the new 4K release of Term Salv coming soon, maybe Filmarena will finally pick it up and complete the series. Fingers crossed.
  4. I like the idea of the different steels and 4k and 3D but i dont know why we start in the middle or end of a series.... Still waiting for Term Salvation so Terminator will be complete.... Hmmm... Im in though for all 3 hahaha
  5. Thats intense. I love it. I have to have that Maniac box. Cant wait.....
  6. I like them both but lean more toward new design #1. I love UHD club and how they work with us and give the people a say. It may not always end up exactly what we want but its nice that they listen and try for us. Ive always enjoyed steelbooks most, but UHD club releases and @ksosk goodies make them by far the best releases to own.
  7. Those are incredible. Thank you thank you for everything all of you here do.
  8. This looks like one of the best complete maniac boxes filmarena has released. Its awesome, cant wait.
  9. I know on both accounts but dont think Equalizer 2 is a maniac box title. I like the maniac boxes just not for this title. They couldve switched it with Thor Rag. Done a 2 edition with hardbox for equalizer 2 and maniac box for Thor Rag. 🙂 I know it isnt that easy. I love all my filmarena releases and they do a great job. Just my 2 cents on this release hahaha

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