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  1. Understood, there are some (including William Gibson, the cyberpunk guy) that think the game might be miserable anyways. Unlike steels, I like only committing to about 3 best games per system and then just keep running through them different ways, which means I am just about out of ammo. I know many call some birthdays "milestones". @Veum happy 12,000th, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It is rumored that Yoda only got to 900.
  2. @Veum, many have even gone as far as to call it a Johnny Mnemonic sequel. No direct mention of that below, but almost: What to Play, Read, and Watch while you wait for Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand, can't wait. would go well with a certain GB...
  3. I really enjoy conversations around "is Seven a horror movie?", love when they cross the line of so many levels, and there is one scene in T1 in a club that I consider one of the most frightening won't stop moments of any, any film. Also, recently I inserted watching Assault on Precinct 13 in between T1 and T2, as i was trying to find something to match the pace of just, coming after you. I did not sleep well after. (BTW, still a few Assault on Precinct 13 lentis left on the Cinemuseum site, too!) Thank you for being you, needed somewhere to share this excitement about what is in the box (maniacs box, not seven)
  4. @LeGonze mine just arrived, I grabbed it as a consolation prize to the 1917 fanatics. The T- shirt/mug boxes were such an amazing surprise, I lost it opening this one. Also excited to leave a well-deserved perfect review on the FA site for this, seems like you even get credits for doing so? Maybe $265 can turn into $263.50 next time lol
  5. I also didn't expect luck with either. KK and Joker even showed up on the same order number which was great. @LeGonze, all 3 of my Jokers appear on the same order, is that enough to get them to arrive in a hardbox?
  6. @Veum, RDR2 right now, with a PS4, you need as much time as possible in the old west before Keanu warps us into 2077 with Cyberpunk. Reminds me to thank you and the other MP vets for quickly teaching me how to ask questions later. Your destiny awaits out west
  7. one week late on the thank you, but much appreciated nonetheless! I know where my extra $2.50 will go whenever I can to support the crew
  8. The Running Man can be a great double feature to run right after Total Recall, it somehow feels like watching T1 and then going right into Assault on Precinct 13 (although if Arnold was on either side of the Carpenter movie it may have ended a lot quicker)
  9. that would be perfect, definitely looking forward to it either way, also i love the Lionsgate cover for the amray of The Running Man
  10. just edited my post to add Studio Canal, should have clarified, the extras and box look so nice
  11. One of my absolute favorites, struggling because I don't have a region-free player for the studio canal bonus discs. Is this my sign to upgrade my player to region-free? Anyone out there grabbing this just for the art? I have never owned discs I can't play, but jeepers this will look so great on a shelf. Also, i did see some folks listed on the GB for this, what would be the reasoning to join a GB for an item that can already be ordered from the link provided, does it help with shipping costs? Still learning my way around. hope your day is going great
  12. wow thank you for this, the 42 connection made me smile last night, but catching up on this Kirby reference just hit me so hard. Truly blessed. As a new MP, this topic has really introduced me to the magic of our forum. I wanted a place to go that wasn't the news, where I could connect with others who just need to have a place to be. Thank you for setting this up @Parzival, and holy smokes @Hollywood E Rock that was amazing.
  13. Meeting Captain Maitland for the first time gets me every time The snapcase dvd release still holds up, so amazing don't ever change, Kelly's Heroes.

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