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  1. Thank you for keeping me coasting MP! @extantsrevenge
  2. Thank you to @R1s1ngs0n @RileyLad @extantsrevenge @Caktus26 @icewire @Benoit46 @Veum @CAYENNE-FAHRER and everyone else who makes MP such a great place to be. I hope your week is off to a great start.
  3. Merry Christmas @Grendel! Your recent listings do not miss, that Das Boot set is at the top of my search and seems like it is starting to disappear!
  4. Thought about removing the price tag, but there was no way I was taking a marker, adding tape, or trying to rip anything on those Showa-Era films.
  5. Mentioned I could use something scary under the tree, and then stepped out of the way to let a true psycho @RAK work their magic: Santa RAK found a steel missing from my Arnold collection, jumpstarted my John Wick hunt, and somehow knew that Digibooks mean the most to me. Every package that is late has a reason, but some are just meant to be. The package I sent @RAK in return was missing for almost 2 weeks, but dude the tabs we kept on the USPS became a part of the day, and when it finally showed up it felt like we were the new tag
  6. 'Twas the night before a first MP Christmas...
  7. shipped Priority to avoid the North Pole, right to the sleigh.
  8. This sneaky digipak deserves a second look from anyone who submitted yesterday, you may want to return to the form.
  9. The full slip art is very equestrian, but the colors on that steelbook could be amazing

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