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  2. Terminator is my second favourite franchise, behind anything that is Superman. T2 is my second favourite movie of all time, behind Superman: The Movie (1978), and I regularly rewatch that and T1 (which is also in my top 10), maybe once every couple of months or so. I think T2 is a more rounded and complete film (it's almost cinematic perfection) compared to T1, which is very much still a classic. I also have a soft spot for Salvation as it actually tried to do something different with the franchise and attempted to show the future war. But somehow it kind of missed the mark to be great. ROTM is bang average. I liked Loken very much as the T-X, but couldn't stand Nick Stahl as John. Genisys and Dark Fate are utterly dead to me. I refuse to even own Dark Fate. I also own the complete SCC, which I love. Second season lost it's way a little but still solid.
  3. I was always struck by how Cameron criticized things that were done in the Alien saga, but never had an ounce of self-criticism in this one. The Terminator saga has better and worse movies, and among the less good ones there are some things that can be used and others not. That said, my order would be this: 1.TERMINATOR (1984). No introduction is needed. The best thing about this film is that it was made believing in the story, it is not the result of the combination of characters, but believing in what is done. 2. TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY (1991). For me and for many people it is the best, the most entertaining, the one with the most memorable moments. It seems to be written by someone who loved "Terminator" and has decided to put in the script everything he would be shocked to see on screen. It's also very well made. Great movie. 3.TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES (2003). It's lower in quality than the first two, but still retains the essence and smell of Terminator. And, of course, it is an entertaining movie. Maybe the flaw was that the direction is more mechanical and less passionate, more industrial, but it still seems to me a worthy "Terminator" movie. 4. TERMINATOR: SALVATION (2009). I have it in my collection, and have seen it a couple of times. And it's an entertaining movie; but it's not a "Terminator" movie. McG made an action/sci-fi movie with some Terminator characters in it, and some references to the Terminator, but if they had changed the name, it would have been a movie disconnected from the Terminator and it would have worked just fine. I think that individually it is better made than "Rise of the machines", but it understood much worse what the Terminator saga is. And it doesn't smell like Terminator; the others, even the worst ones, do. 5. TERMINATOR: GENISYS (2015). It has always struck me as an underrated film in the saga. It's entertaining, and has some very good moments. In my opinion, the biggest flaw is an unbalanced last third of the movie, and that, for some reason, even though he was a good actor, Jason Clarke didn't work as John Connor. The journey between his two positions in the film just doesn't feel right. Otherwise, I still found it a very entertaining film. And it recaptures that whiff of Terminator that had been lost. 6. TERMINATOR: DARK FATE (2019). This is the case of a well-made film, which understands what Terminator is, but which seems to me to be conditioned by some external elements, certain social conditioning factors, typical of the moment in which it was shot, and not of the film itself, or of the Terminator Saga. It is a film that is more concerned with being politically correct than with being a great Terminator film. And even the Cameron that made it is the more politically correct Cameron. I had a good time watching it, and I have it in my collection; but it could have been a much better movie than it is. Sometimes some of the effects of that "political correctness" come off as imposture.
  4. Absolutely hated Cameron for ruining the the franchise with Dark Fate. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain... Oh sorry, great list. Might have to give it a rewatch. Thanks!
  5. 🧋I’ve decided to start watching my Terminator movies/TV series in my watching order! 🎬 📺 *Note: You can watch Genisys first or last in your re-watch. 1. *TERMINATOR: GENISYS (2015) 2.TERMINATOR (1984) 3. TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY (1991) 4.TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES (2003) 5. TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES (2008-09) OPTIONAL 6. TERMINATOR: SALVATION (2009) 7. TERMINATOR: DARK FATE (2019)
  6. since there is no Premium,I made myself laminated Artcards, a Custom FullSlip is in works for my german 4K Steelbook picture 2 Front picture 3 Back
  7. Doesn’t seem to be being used boss... last entry was by Udi on July 11, 2020 😯
  8. Terminator 2 Judgment Day Nova / FullSlip (Amaray out, Steelbook with Cover Magnet in)
  9. The Terminator with Covermagnetic Terminator 2 Judgment Day with Lenti -different views Terminator 3 Rise Of Machines with Covermagnetic Terminator Salvation with Covermagnetic Terminator Genisys with Covermagnetic Terminator Dark Fate
  10. FAC # 12 The Terminator FAC # 110 Edition 1 Terminator 2 - Judgement Day 4K FAC # 110 Edition 4 Terminator 2 - Judgement Day 4k FAC # 16 Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines FAC # 23 Terminator - Genisys FAC # 23 Terminator - Genisys Maniacs Box Edition 1 + 2 with Coin
  11. Lovin’ Terminator. However, I can’t find my Dark Fate edition. Oh well, this is what I have so far.
  12. Awesome collection you got there! that FAC T2 Maniac box is just amazing 🤙
  13. All you Terminator lovers! Come in and fill this thread with pics of your collection

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