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  1. Well, now I want a magic wand too, hmpf! ...rather I should say another one
  2. This was not the release you were looking for *waves hand* There will be others and your wallet will know true despair.
  3. Well, I think I may just have found the @Scary Hair kryptonite, always good to have an ace up ones sleeve
  4. Well, that was one insane shipping charge (to GER hub), especially if they're packed and sent together to hubs. Please, can COVID just stop using inappropriate language off soon so shipping can go back to normal, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?! Please note, I'm not complaining - only venting Peace!
  5. "And Hassan, if he gains more power you will become useless to us - and useless things have a way of disappearing."
  6. Put an order in with wdpung based on the art 😂 - shame ebay won't let me gamble on the VAT though, oh well.
  7. First a UHD release has to exist, which currently it does not.
  8. Now hold on just a minute, tron? As in TRON (and/or Legacy)?! Don't tempt me.
  9. Oh, almost everyone got their OC - that's amazing! Great work MP teamsters, we love you long time ❤️
  10. @Count DantesAwesome! Also, welcome to the party @LeGonze - the more the merrier! UHDC and MAG is where it's at
  11. I'm hoping they'll do a proper boxset of AoS with a cool box and what not. That's about as much as one can hope for when it comes to TV shows, and most don't even get that Currently just trying to get a hold of the Babylon 5 Ultimate boxset (German & British) - I need them!
  12. I'm with you @Casiusco on the slip, they could almost had done anything else with it and it'd be instant buy. This though? Instant pass.
  13. Oooh, very nice indeed. Maybe this will push me into finally placing my order with Sofa Cinema Thanks for the headsup!
  14. Don't be afraid of the dark, be afraid of what's in the dark.
  15. 4k? I mean, I already have a 4k of 1917 - that's not a compelling reason to get a 2nd set/edition tbfh.
  16. Oh, updated with price now, noice. Not too far off from what I guessed either

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