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NOVA John Wick 3 : Parabellum (Novamedia Exclusive #28) (WEA 4K UHD Steelbook)


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Greetings everyone:)
This is Nova Media.
It's been a long time since we announced the release of NOVA EXCLUSIVE in addition to the announcement of the release of <1917> and <Dark Waters>.
NOVA EXCLUSIVE #26-28 will be released in 4K UHD versions of <John Wick> 1,2,3 in order.
At first, we were worried about the release due to the high manufacturing cost of steel book package, the difficulty of producing 4K UHD in Korea and the production cost. However, since there is no doubt that it is a work that many collectors(including us) love, we decided to make it as a 4K UHD exclusive steel book.
We will let you know the detailed package specifications later, but basically the 4K UHD 1 disc (including the supplements) will be released as full slip and lenticular full slip for each title.
Pre-orders and release dates are scheduled every other month, and the first pre-order will be made in July.
In the near future, we will inform you of the pre-order with more details.
With launch news today, we are releasing <John Wick> 1,2,3 UHD EXCLUSIVE steel book package shots. Hope everyone is interested.
Thank you.
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^^ This...opens up a BIG door.

I suspect these will include a BD as well as a 4K disc for each film, so now, we'll have two distinct Nova Exclusives on the JW series.

Great for new folk I guess and also for those whom perhaps missed their exclusive BD sets.


However, is there now plan for some additional re-releases of their best selling titles, in new 4K exclusive editions?

That...could be pricey...


I'd have preferred they start going 4K with NEW titles, and leave the unique collectables from the past, in the past.

Hell, lot's of folks buy an amaray in 4K of their fave fliks to watch anyway, leaving their Premium sets pristine.

This, on top of replicating everyone else's releases across the Premium market are making for some interesting times in 2020...

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45 minutes ago, Hollywood E Rock said:

This news is a little frustrating, because they have already successfully produced premium sets for The John Wick franchise. 


Yup. Was pretty confused when I read the Facebook post. They even say "It's been a long time since we announced the release of NOVA EXCLUSIVE ...." you mean a few months ago when you released John Wick 3, As NE #25. These will be #26, 27 and 28.  Uh, ok?

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Lenti looks great! I just bought All 3 of the first Nova release fullslips for a pretty good price, and they should be here this week! Been wanting those for a while. So now i’ll have the blu ray versions in full slip and the 4k versions in lenti👍 Wonder what they’ll do for John Wick 4 and 5??

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1 minute ago, Carl said:

@LeGonze Got caught up in the excitement of this release and forgot that the series isn't done. I take the idea of the box back - just hope they continue and match the style. 

They WILL have to do something to match both styles, BD and 4K series... ;)

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