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  1. From what I was able to figure out is there is multiple listings. For different prices. So both pics you show, there is versions with both. And to make matters worse it seems they keep changing. I see a listing for the Collectors edition Trilogy by itself for ¥11,011. (roughly $104.64 and that is before shipping) Then I see a listing for the Netherlands art type steelbook with the bonus Steelbook New Japan exclusive art for ¥8,470. Then I see a listing for the Collectors Edition Trilogy with the bonus Steelbook pictured that is new art (the 1st photos) for ¥15,400. (roughly $146.35 and that is before shipping) Then I see a listing for the Japanese Blu-ray edition with the bonus Steelbook New Japan exclusive art for ¥6,380. Having the Netherlands type art, my interest is in the Collectors trilogy and Japan unique Steel but at $145 even before shipping.?? Even the trilogy by itself is $104. I will leave links for the 4 I am discussing that I have saved another time if you want, the site is being buggy right now.
  2. Not 100% sure but I think it is the same link. In the past times they did this, we could only access the link during our window time, so when platinum was over I could not longer get into it. So it seems to recognize if you are the level required to access and register? So for now, until someone says otherwise, I would plan on it being the same link a will just not allow you till that time, then after you will and be on it as close to the open time as possible. Just to not miss out. Good luck on snagging one.
  3. Thank you. Appreciate that. I was thinking in that ballpark as I saw the "That is 9 hrs and 20 minutes from now", but the 4pm threw me. Gotta be on the ball.
  4. Just want to make sure I am on it, that is 4PM US time? What time zone. I am Central time and work at 3:30, so hopefully can sign up before I go in to work?
  5. Yea, not too happy with and honestly wish I could bail out and just get a refund. Paid invoice on 01.08.20 Paid 2nd Invoice on 02.04.20 No communication. Why was second invoice charged if they were not ready to ship? I only did the Indiana Jone, not GOT as I am not a fan of it, but it looked a beautiful release. Unfortunately am locked in to this as well as Atomic Blonde and Joker. While nothing is invoiced on those, I am obligated having signed up on the list. Policy. Or will negatively effect my standing on here. Would prefer to be out on all at this point.
  6. Now I just wish they would lose the text on the top. Not a fan of that. Lose or replace with something else.
  7. I may be the only one who feels this way but after receiving the Prestige, I would almost prefer this was in that Digibook format, double lenticular. Prestige was gorgeous.
  8. Thank you. Was able to get page to open at least so "followed" so I should get notification when it opens back up.
  9. Was curious, Blade Runner 2049 was mentioned in earlier comments and I went to look for. It says it is paused and when I try to click on I get an error. 502 bad gateway. I really want to sign up for it. Any info is appreciated. Thank you Michael
  10. Agree, at this point I have to get all of them. Lol. I snagged WeEt. Manta will be nice, but probably be awhile. Cinemuseum, the box is really nice, (if they get approved?)and wish there was more unique art, instead of all looking the same. I know they have to get approval but we don't need 6 editions with all the same art. As it is all the same Steel. I don't think anyone will do a unique steel? We also have Fanatics (Blu Fans) announced. Glad to see them doing something other than Marvel. I would not be surprised if Film Arena does also later.
  11. Definitely. I stopped buying from them but have the other 2 so will have to pick this one up. And maybe Once Upon A Time in Hollywood........Grrrrrrr
  12. I think with Gold, if you are one of the first to sign up when it switches, would think would be able to snag one. Good luck.
  13. Nope. Gotta pick this one up. Will pas on 1917 though, if that helps. Was the whole reason to get a platinum membership.
  14. Well Sheeeeeet. I had no idea this was going on. Will have to get in on it and put together something this weekend. Thanks for the heads up.

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