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  1. Would love one the TARS. would gladly pay extra for it. Very nice. Michael
  2. @Luxury Bluray Invoice paid. for Indiana Jones. Invoice - 0026 Thanks Michael
  3. I will sell you my copy if you want it for cost/what I paid via group buy. It has a spine slash though. I am trying to get another copy.
  4. I looked it up. I see the other 2, Gladiator and Les Mis. I had signed up for notifications on both. Just forgot about. Was on the fence on Les Mis but since releases look so nice, and getting from #!, I wanted to keep getting all hopefully. Thanks
  5. @ksosk Curious, if "Interstellar" is #4 and "The Prestige" is #1. I don't think I have seen #2 or 3. ? What are those. I just paid 1st invoice for Prestige. Looks amazing.
  6. Ordered a couple weeks ago. Is SO NICE. Beautiful. And Amazon Japan is the ONLY Amazon to pack things properly. the 2 times I have had something sent from them, they packed so well. And it is not a lot of bubble wrap. Just really smart packing where it would have to get run over by a truck to get damaged. The item is in the middle of the large box and can't move so it has no way to get banged up. In my case, that box would have to be dente din like 6+ inches to even get the item. Like night and day to on how all the other Amazon send. Even paying extra for Gift option. Will always be damaged. They all need to learn from how Japan send the stuff. Charge more if you have to. Would gladly pay extra to have packed properly. Anyway, this is a beautiful release.
  7. Agree. All including 1/4 slip. Lol. But still not a fan of Fullslip B. I wish one version would have used the blood red animal face with the horns. Loved that. Can't believe they did not use it on something.?
  8. Thank you. And Huge props to whoever is doing this. Stellar. Great job.
  9. Wow, this is Beautiful. When will this go live to sign up? Thank you Michael

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