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  1. The problem is not the PET sleeve, it is how crappy they are being sen. Well at least Zavvi. Can't speak for any other company, Amazon UK usually ships in bubble miler or Jiffy bag as well though, just not sure on these. But I get if you just don't like beyond them getting damaged. There has been a lot of great releases with them, I saw the Devil and Zero Dark Thirty come to mind, both from Plain Archive. And all the Mondo Steels. Just to name a few. I just wish they shipped better. At least have an option to pay more if so desired to have packed properly.
  2. Yup. Was pretty confused when I read the Facebook post. They even say "It's been a long time since we announced the release of NOVA EXCLUSIVE ...." you mean a few months ago when you released John Wick 3, As NE #25. These will be #26, 27 and 28. Uh, ok?
  3. Thanks John, All good. I think I was confused as using the term group buy but meant just notifications of some releases there, like the John Wick 3 Netherlands release we got, so it has been good to follow. I apologized to Marvel & DC Fanatics. Sorry for the drama. Michael
  4. I guess I will unfollow "Worldwide" risking missing out on some group buy since this is being used like a youtube channel. Super annoying.
  5. can someone tell me how to not receive these notifications/e-mails. i am signed up to get notifications of new group buys and have been getting a bunch of these.
  6. I snagged from wdpung and also ordered "Irreversible" Full Slip. He the Korean sellers have good prices, pretty close to what it would cost direct, and maybe cheaper on shipping. Only issue for anyone might be are things packed as well, and with Plain Archive releases they don't get the outside stickers. If that is important then that could be an issue. Thanks again for the help. Michael
  7. I am glad to se, and will be interesting to see what they do. I actually don't think it will be that hard to do something worth wanting both. T o be honest, I felt the Pulp Fiction release of the 4 they did, Pulp was the weakest. There was 2 of the 3 I thought was really weak. But I got the one-click as I really liked the box and had the others so wanted for a set, but yea, the full slip with Uma Thurman was really the only one I liked. Just my opinion of course. Michael
  8. yes, good idea. I follow him and Korean Muse. I think there i sone other as well that regularly sell Korean releases, but those 2 I are my goto. Thank you Michael
  9. I know typically it will have pre-order info and all that, so doubtful it is not sold out but weird there was no release ever talked about and yet it is sold out?
  10. Beautiful. I looked on NovaMedia and listed as Sold Out as well, but it also states releasee date of July 30th. maybe the sold out status could change as iit gets closer to release date?
  11. Ah, perfect. I could not find anywhere. Will do that now. Thanks for the help. Michael
  12. @deckard99 I wanted to ask, and I know normally we would do this in the info area page but I don't see one, so asking here. Would it be possible to change my request to just the One-Click. Taking off the extra Full Slip and Lenticular. Appreciate it it if possible. I am #5. Michael
  13. And Thank you for all your hard work that makes t possible for us. Appreciate it.

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