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  1. It was so good. I was a little bummed at first that it was not in their language and subtitled, but I get why they did it in English. Too many people hate subtitles, and would not have watched.
  2. Nice. I also found that size fit the "Titans of Cult" releases that have been coming out. Even though they have a PET sleeve, if we want to put a protector over that as well, they fit. Item is a tad smaller but works well. Michael
  3. I used a Steelbook Central "SCF11 Blu-ray Steelbook Protectors for Filmarena XL Fullslip" It fit perfect. Michael
  4. Agree 100%. I didn't want to get attacked for saying something negative about it, so did not. Glad I am not the only one who feels this way. Also glad I waited this time for beauty shots to sign up as too many I don't like after and don't like getting just to sell. Especially when during our current climate where the wait is REALLY long. Still waiting for Wild at Heart (paid invoice in April) - just to sell when I get it. Same with Heat, but just paid invoice not too long ago, so might be waiting till next year on that one. Again, just to sell when I get. I don't think they can ship at the moment to me? So I am really waiting for beauty shots from now on on these.
  5. I have not, but just a heads up there is a nice Japan edition that is 4K. Amaray, not a steelbook. Nice slipbox edition with thhe same art that was on the KimchiDVD/Ivy lenticular edition, but not a lenticular. I bought it after also getting 2 of the KinchiDVD Editions. The Lenti and the Blue Full slip. It is really nice. Here is the link. Worth looking into. Amazon Japan If the WCL edition is REALLY nice, I will get it too. Michael
  6. Nice. Beautiful Artwork. Would have preferred they left the title off the front though.
  7. Thee biggest issue I have is Zavvi will ship it in a Jiffy bag. And will for sure be damaged.
  8. Nice. Mine is on the way. I loved the art on this one. I am sure it will be a bit still, being in the US. But all good.
  9. Same. There are things I like and things I am not crazy about. I lie the cover to Chapter 2, but the other, with the house. Meh. And the box, meh. But I have gotten every other release, so do I stop here? I am at least going. to pre-order and can always cancel later. Michael
  10. Thank you. Appreciate it. I am no longer on Facebook and that was the only good thing I am missing is the alerts. Not sure how I will keep up with those? There is newsletter that goes out but usually the stuff is already live before they send out at the end of the week. (weekend Michael
  11. Anyone know when this goes live for pre-order on Zavvi? tI don't think they have not said yet, but could be wrong. Thanks Michael
  12. Has anyone gotten an invoice for this? Found out no one has. All good.
  13. It is a classic, but I agree, it is hard to say how another will respond. It is considered a classic not by my opinion, so that counts fo something, but there are a lot of people who ONLY watch new current movies an have a hard time with anything else, black and white, subtitles, foreign films, silent films, and feel some of the older movies are too slow because it is not non stop stop using inappropriate language blowing up like a Michal Bay movie. I personally highly recommend it. I love Audrey Hepburn. Her and Barbara Stanwyck are a couple of my favorites from back then.

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