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  1. Glad it was your cup of tea my friend. I recommend the book as well!
  2. On another note... I had the pleasure of watching The Legend of Hell House the other night. I had read the book a few times prior to watching the movie and enjoyed it very much. I was concerned that with the movie being almost 50 years old it would skirt some of the issues that gave the book the dark undertones it had in my opinion. I am very happy to report that this was not the case! This was a fantastic movie from beginning to end with excellent performances from the 4 leads with Roddy McDowall as a stand out for me. If your in the mood for a spooky haunted house movie with a slightly darker subject matter give this one a shot!
  3. Unfortunately I live in Northern CA and we haven't gotten our movie theaters back yet . I haven't seen all of Nolens films yet but I have seen The Prestige (once), The dark Knight Trilogy ( loved The Dark Knight as a Joker fan) and I absolutely loved Inception after watching it more and more. With that being said I am really looking forward to this film and hoping I get a chance to see it in Imax. I think I will be joining all the GB's for this flick.
  4. Has anyone here had a chance to watch The Wretched? Is it worth the sit?
  5. I find it works both ways for me. Sometimes im in a mood for a particular horror movie, other times if a movie is on and I just start watching it, it will dictate my mood.
  6. The conjuring universe Curse of La Llarona is in english but there is a new one that just came out that is in spanish. Looks like it has a more atmospheric creepy vibe as opposed to a jump scare vibe.
  7. I have never seen so many cops in one trailer lol
  8. I found this movie to be a rather fun and very atmospheric little horror flick. Very solid performances from Cox and Hirsch. I havnt rewatched it recently, but after seeing this post i want to add it to my halloween rotation. I would say give it a go one of these nights.
  9. If you like sci fi and bloody violence its amazing imo!
  10. @Hexxproof i was just like you just over a month ago. But everyone that i have interacted with here has been just as kind and respectful as the greeting messages. There are threads here for every taste but if your a horror fan check out The Horror Journals where our hosts @Hollywood E Rock And @Veum are doing 2 glorious months of horror movie reviews! However @CAYENNE-FAHRER Is right. Your wallet will hate you around here. welcome friend!
  11. Im not sure where to post this but do we have group buys for studio canal?
  12. Bones


    @Grendel Thats a very nice turntable you have there. Ive always wanted a nice one but havnt gotten around to it yet. I set up one of these for a client a year or so back with a couple of McIntosh monoblocks and some really nice sonos faber stradivari towers and it sounded amazing! Btw one of the other vinyls that got dropped into the cart was that Exorcist you have pictured from the previous page. I would love to hear that on a nice set up!
  13. Bones


    Thanks @Grendel 😜 i dont even have a phono but now I have $160 of vinyl in a cart lol
  14. Has anyone here gotten a special edition from second sight? Are they nice? I preordered the DOTD set but i just saw this morning that they are also doing a special edition of neil marshall’s dog soldiers which i found to be a very enjoyable werewolf movie.

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