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  1. This Manta Lab set will go nicely with my "Drive" Hammer box.
  2. Lots of action on this tonight. Hi Def Ninja just threw it up too. Funny they have limited to 1 per person but the guy who does the group buy will have 10 up on his ebay store.
  3. Love that Full Slip but not crazy about the effect they have on the image.
  4. I did, but was super weak. Steelbook itself was lame and did not like 1 edition, which is the opposite of how it normally goes. Typically I like all and have a hard time deciding. So was an easy pass. My biggest complaint of this situation we are in with super limited numbers available, is directed to Film Arena itself because they allow people to have MULTIPLE numbers. They allow and do not have ANY limit. Some people have 5 or 6 numbers. ALL being sold on ebay. It does not look good.
  5. Agree. I would love to see one of the editions slips be the Jacket like the old Future Shop blu ray slip. I love that but it is way too expensive. They also used that same design on a more recent German Mediabook, but it sold out too quick to grab a copy. Would love to that get used and could even see it get used for the One-click box design, although would rather it be on a full slip. It seems like ages since Manta has put anything out. Was looking forward to seeing what they do with the Matrix. Might get one if there is pone I really like, but only the first one. The others are
  6. My bad, I was confused with "Godzilla: King of Monsters" which is not listed yet. Sorry.
  7. Yup. Agree, Will just get the Criterion release. Also do not care it is not 4K.
  8. For anyone interested that did like this artwork and plans to get..... DiabolikDVD has listed as a US Exclusive. I have bought from them for years and is a great company. My #1 goto. https://www.diabolikdvd.com/product/diabolik-exclusive-an-american-werewolf-in-london-le-steelbook-with-slipcase-arrow-us-blu-ray/
  9. Glad I waited to see art. That is super lame. And Arrow released a Limited Edition not too long ago, and Turbine (Germany) just did a gorgeous box set. 2 versions. This is not anywhere near as nice as any of those. Hard pass.
  10. That's right, did not even think about that. Was more thinking, are these 2 different releases? There was 2 posts, Italy and UK saying #7, and this one saying #8. I figured was a mistake as it can't be 2 different ones. Thanks for pointing out. SO I am guessing the other 2 posts should be #8. All good.
  11. 88 Films in UK put out a really nice box set with all 4 films. Anaconda Quadrilogy. These guys are putting out nice stuff but will be waiting for some better titles.
  12. Thank you for sharing. I ordered thru here. I agree and also glad I passed in Film Arena. Nice idea on swapping out for your steel, but I was not a huge fan of it either. I always liked the old UK Steel with Stripe on it. If III ever pick that one up for a decent price, I may do the same. Otherwise, this edition will work just fine. It's really nice.
  13. Mine just shipped a few days ago. Oops, my bad. Wrong movie. Was getting confused with Interstellar. Typically if they pause it, they will re open at some point, otherwise they would close it, so I think there is a really good chance you will be able to. Make sure you are getting notifications for it.
  14. Ah, perfect. I forgot about red carper since we can't get it. Nice. Perfect. This way I can use it and stop dealing with direct as it is just not worth the headache. Once last question. Sorry to bug so much, but if you want to put in the request before pre order, how would you know the link? They are not available before are they? I am thinking of the HMV one, we have to supply the link. It is the same right? If you don't have the link you have to wait, right? Thank you Michael
  15. Thank you. Will start using it. Can I ask, in cases where a Steelbook goes up for pre-order and you know will sell out in a few hours, any advice on those. Or do you just try to get a request in as soon as it goes live and hope that an order is put in before it sells out.? Thanks for the help. Michael
  16. I have a hard time believing the ones that say they NEVER have received damaged, simply by how crappy they pack things, or how they don't pack things. I will have to look into the Group buy. Have not used it. Are referring to the UK one that can be anything, like HMV, etc. or is there a specific Zavvi one? I am thinking of this one "HMV [UK] GENERAL GROUPBUY THREAD". And I have used for HMV stuff and like you said, never received anything damaged. I have not thought of using it for Zavvi as the steelbooks go up for pre-order and then sells out same day, so much of the time, so I a
  17. True, but it will ship in a jiffy bag, so good chance it will still get destroyed. The 2 movie "IT" they just did was a pretty good hard box, and was dented to stop using inappropriate language. Had to spend 3 weeks to get a refund, and the item was still available but but he time their horrendous customer service began to o take seriously 4 messages later, it was no longer available by then. They suck so bad.

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