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  1. Some pics of Part I!! Absolutely love this set, HdZeta did a beautiful job! Also, the new label stickers are very awesome!! Still debating putting my zavvi steels inside🤔
  2. I don’t understand this complaining about Weet?? They are by far my favorite premium retailer(no one makes a better fullslip!!) and each of their exclusive releases tops the last one. Their customer service is great too! I’m thankful that they take care of these issues before they get sent out to us! Keep in mind how fast their turnaround time is as well, even with the delays. Endgame is not even in my hands yet and I’m already anxious to find out what they are releasing next!
  3. Haha ya it is an awesome edition! I’ve got Kimchi’s 4k release too! No steelbook in that one, but the slip is so nice, love them both😃
  4. Oh definitely!! Can’t wait to open it later today, that was me just being nitpicky😬 This is an amazing set and i’m very grateful to MP and HdZeta for having the opportunity to purchase it, and not for ebay prices😂
  5. Great unboxing!! Just received mine today too, but haven’t had a chance to open it yet. That sucks about the spine slash, but at least in this case it is world wide art, so if you wanted to, you could probably track down a replacement relatively easily!
  6. Got it today!! Planning to open it up tomorrow, but I love what I see so far! I personally would have maybe liked to see a bit more treatment to the box? Holofoil for Marty’s sunglasses and the fire by the tires of the Delorean would have looked great, or perhaps a lenti flux capacitor?I know though that these studios are really picky with what artwork can be used😒. So I’m not someone who cares about what number I get for my premiums, but not gonna lie, I was hoping to get 88/300🤣. I wonder if anyone here did!
  7. Oh ya it’s gonna be awesome for sure, I’m just already running out of space as is🤣
  8. Ya I still haven’t pulled the trigger on a One-Click. 🤣One day...

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