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  1. I think i’m in the minority, but I like the lentis more! The art flows better between the three editions. As it’s Weet, I’m sure everything will look amazing in hand. OC is the way!
  2. Been a bit busy lately, but had these awesome editions arrive last week! Inglourious Basterds completes my Tarantino collection(for now). Really wish someone would do a Django premium!
  3. Ya that actually makes a lot of sense, but revealing the Gold first is strange. Maybe they’ll end up cancelling the silver release?
  4. Not sure why they’d even do a silver label if they are doing gold? Has Hdzeta done that before?
  5. With it’s massiveness, shipping, and fees, this will most assuredly be more than $350. Hope everyone is prepared!🤣
  6. Looks great and I missed the first release, plus 4k. Just trying to decide between A1 or A2🧐
  7. Thanks so much to @R1s1ngs0n!! Just received this today to go along with my UC Blade Runner! Sorry in advance for my less than stellar photography skills😂 Also, very glad they stuck the numbering card to the cellophane for the Blade Runner 82 release, because I almost had a panic attack peeling this one off of the wood case🤣. For those afraid to do it, it came off fine and didn’t pull off any paint!
  8. Obviously your choice, but i’d keep it as is and have the Mondo steel separately! I dont have UHD Club’s 2049 in hand yet, but judging by their Blade Runner release, the digibook is awesome with beautiful detailing! I also think the mondo clashes a bit with the rest of the set💁‍♂️
  9. Two new expensive arrivals this week! I’ve been wanting HDzeta’s 4k release of Interstellar for quite some time! I missed the group buy on Blufans Homecoming because I thought my Filmarena release would suffice🙄. Now I have my second One-Click😲. Of course I will be joining the MP GB for Far From Home if it opens back up!
  10. Finally opened Blade Runner all the way! Another top notch job by @ksosk UHD Club!! Hope you guys enjoy my so-so pics that don’t do this set justice! Thank you to @R1s1ngs0n for helping me out in getting 2049 to go with this amazing release!!

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