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  1. Ya I would definitely contact them. Of the two issues I had from direct purchases, they replied right away and issued replacements. Still waiting on Joker though, not sure how much better it will be than my current scratched copy. Sounds like it might be an issue for a lot of us though!
  2. Awesome, lenti and fullslip both look great! Unfortunately I can’t get them both, So I went for the lenti, as I did for JW1😎
  3. Same here! We don’t get debossed/embossed steels very often at retail!
  4. Yes so I’ve heard! Though if they don’t maybe scf7 protectors might be a better fit?
  5. Ya they are quite big! I currently have an scf9 protector on my copy of The Prestige that John was nice enough to hook me up with. There is some extra room in it, but it fits pretty well! Not sure if there is anything that might fit even better? Also @LeGonze I am almost positive that is the folder to house the cards and goodies. That’s like what The Prestige has
  6. Well Nova’s will be WEA, though that fanatics release looks awesome! I actually really like the WWA steelbook, but I had to go through 3 copies until I found one that wasn’t all scratched up! I really loved this movie, had me glued to the screen the whole time👌
  7. Well i’m in the GB for Manta’s Dunkirk. Buuuutttttt I am also in the GB’s for Interstellar and Inception, and I just finally got my copy of UHD Club’s The Prestige. So I guess i’m left with no choice, am I? Better join this one too, Nolan is my favorite director after all!
  8. Thank you very much @Hollywood E Rock. I did not know about that thread! Nice, so a catch-all of every group buy going on???
  9. Actually just watched an unboxing of the Titans of Cult version. I like the spot glossing on the shield better than the full gloss on best buy’s. I will say that the inner artwork is better on best buy’s though!
  10. I wasn’t planning to get this one, but I couldn’t resist with the pet slip and added gloss to the shield! I haven’t seen the Titans of Cult version in person, but from what I gather the best buy steel edges it out slightly? Though you do get the cool pin and poster with ToC!

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