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WHO would be you online alter ego be in film actor/actress (person) be????????????


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well was watching bits of the Oscars on the news and it suddenly struck me 

if your online ego here WHO/WHICH actor/actress would you be?????????

Think New Amsterdam GIF by NBC


so for me basil the helpful but silver fox, i could be only one person here (the silver fox)

Richard Gere as Fashion Icon: Photos of the Actor's Most Stylish Looks


so thats me all of those wonderful things xD 


anyway i do some examples that come into my head afterwards

well @deckard99 well ken this whole thread is your fault see why xD 



the @R1s1ngs0n come to mind and his job, came up with this xD 



and my good friend @Hollywood E Rock well edward sorry my friend only 1 photo comes to mind beside your other cool ones👍



and peeps now you get the idea WHO would you be??????

mr burns who the devil are you GIF


basil 😃


tagging a few others to kick start this all of

@extantsrevenge @raylight @Cornbuster @Gentleman @Catgirl @Blu Magic Ray @CAYENNE-FAHRER @swish @Zinco97 @Fortis93 @JiumJium @hal56 @Toapel @Gladiator_MV @bl4ck5t3r @LeadFarmer @nathan_s82 @hansreinhardt @Casiusco @Noir21 @Heywoodmoutaw @BreakBeatDJ @Nadam @RileyLad @bilbon @GANTZ 

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So you’re asking outside of our obvious alias (profile picture) who or which actor actress would I like to be?

Well considering that I’m Hollywood there are several online egos I wouldn’t mind masquerading as…




I'm Black Dynamite


lee sin GIF



I’m Black Superman aka Idris Elba


Idris Elba Smile GIF




I’m the Day Walker






I’m going to be my Father Carl Weathers





Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 


Is going to be my time to get sexy so I’ll be 

Halle Berry





Megan Thee Stallion




Gabrielle Union





I also thought about Scarlett Johansson, & Gal Gadot for getting sexy on the weekends 





But I don’t want to be them, I want to be with them 



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Sticking to the Oscars alone, and being an editor myself, I felt some sort of unexpected parallel/kinship/understanding with Jennifer Lame last night, watching her accept the award. Was so happy to see her win. 








(Not really, I'm just apparently deep into method acting my online persona)




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@Basil Yes, I AM KEN. But there are a lot of other Ken's out there too, which makes me wonder:


Am I?

YARN | A real boy now. | Blade Runner 2049 (2017) | Video clips by quotes |  8b5cf7a8 | 紗


Let me check the records. Oh shit, why are these pages missing?



This is my memory, right?

movie gifs — BLADE RUNNER 2049 (2017) — Directed by Denis...


Damn, I guess that settles it 😭

Barbie (2023) Sourceblog : Blade Runner 2049 2017, dir. Denis Villeneuve


I think I'll just take a moment 

A Serene Moment in the Snow


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