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Plain Archive Media Psychos Plain Archive Award

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Welcome Media Psychos Members!


It is time for a new award😊. We're very happy to introduce to you the Plain Archive award.


Plain Archive is part of the Premium marked since late 2014 and what makes them unique is that they focus almost completely on smaller Movies and also don't release all their Premium releases with Steelbooks. It is great to see when a retailer takes a different road than all the other retailers. Making movies available as a Premium release that otherwise would only have regular releases.


Like the other collection awards this one will also have multiple stages. Each stage will be harder to get and we will introduce the other stages at a later point.


1st Stage: Plain Archive Collector (Members need 10 Editions to get this)

2nd Stage: Plain Archive .... (will be introduced when Stage 1 has reached at least 50 submissions)


To get the Plain Archive Collector award and follow up awards or other retailer awards you are required to have a specific amount of releases from that retailer and you have to show us a nice picture of that, really simple. The picture has to include your Media Psychos member card or other Media Psychos stuff, it can be a simple piece of paper on which you write your member name @ mediapsychos.com (for example). It really doesn't take that much time to add something like that and makes the pictures even more exciting for the community.


For the Plain Archive Collector award, you need 10 Plain Archive editions (Boxsets count for as many Editions as they have Editions inside). All Plain Archive releases count towards this award!


The award design is done by @ksosk 🙏




A list of all releases in their numbered Series can be found here. But as I said, every Plain Archive release counts towards this award.


A list of all awards can be found in our Award Central. It will continue to grow with many fun awards for you to get.


We hope many of you participate. And don't forget to show your appreciation for all the great pictures posted here and give them some likes.


If you would like your pictures featured on Media Psychos Social Media Presence, check out this post.

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Thanks a lot for participating in our Plain Archive award and for sharing your amazing treasures with the community.


Morgan Freeman Applause GIF by The Academy Awards


Concratulations @extantsrevenge @bearlol @capricornio34232 @pygospa @huseyin @Toapel @Grendel @cypheria078 @mr_wick @Digitale_Kunst @Benoit46 @khivansan @carphunter @B-bone @RhodW @Steelbook Indy @JF Thian @SteelWild @hal56 @empi77 @atomicblonde @Mutantsmiley @Casiusco @Mithrandir2320 @Gary K @Reagh you all have received the award and are now Plain Archive Collector.


Thank U GIF by Alex Trimpe


Don't forget to like the posts of the other award recipients 🙏


If you would like your pictures featured on Media Psychos Social Media Presence, check out this post. 

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Here is an example on how to get the Plain Archive Collector award 1f60a.png How you present your editions/picture is up to you, but please remember to qualify for the award, your picture has to include your Media Psychos member card or other Media Psychos stuff, it can be a simple piece of paper on which you write your member name @ mediapsychos.com (for example).


The award will be given to you when I or another team member checked your picture, you can tag me if you like.


Here is my Plain Archive Collection. I don't have much from them, but what I have are really nice releases 😊.






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1 hour ago, capricornio34232 said:

Plain Archive 1.jpg

Plain Archive 2.jpg


Plain Archive 3.jpg

Wow! This is SO IMPRESSIVE!!! I really love Plain Archive and whenever I look into my tiny shelf I think to myself: You should try to get more of those. Then I always miss them, or did buy so many other things that the budget for the month is maxed out... but seeing this I am motivated to get my own collection to grow more :D

Thanks for sharing this impressive collection :)

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So here is my little Plain Archive Collection - I am a bit ashamed to be the one to follow up @capricornio34232, but here you are: My little Plain Archive collection. I was one of the few requesting a Plain Archive Award, one reason - of course - being that I would qualify :D . But the other one being that I really like Plain Archive, because I feel like they always try something new, and they always try to be different than all the others. Also Plain Archive was my first Asian fullslip (my first fullslips where from Filmarena though - however after only 5 fullslips from Filmarena I got my first Asian edition), because they where the only ones releasing a premium edition of one of the movies I value very much: "The Imitation Game". Since then, slowly but steadily I've been growing my collection. As I said, they always try something new, something outstanding, and so every Fullslip feels different to the others, be it the paper quality, the finishing touches, using PET as fullslip material, etc - they even released the world wide first steelbook with glow in the dark effect (Train to Busan). I really like that. Also they have a great movie collection, picking out only movies that no one else has done yet. This is great for people who don't want to double dip all the time due to different labels that you collect releasing the same movies over and over again. This is why I really think they deserve much more attention than they are getting, and therefore I really appreciate this award finally coming true! :)

As I said - I would love to have so much more of their releases - but here are my 15 titles:20190215_175710.thumb.jpg.823d80bf8070fb38e96b771238d3e1ab.jpg

  • 002: The Wrestler
  • 009: Searching for Sugar man
  • 010: Only Lovers Left Alive
  • 012: Ida
  • 017: Still Alice
  • 020: The Imitation Game
  • 022: Fox Catcher
  • 025: City Lights
  • 026: Modern Times
  • 030: OldBoy
    033: Carol
  • 036: Prisoners
  • 037: Sicario
  • 038: High-Rise
  • 045: Train to Busan / Seoul Station
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I didn't include "The Handmaiden" in my pic because I knew both Nova and Kimchi sold it. BUT... PA mentions on their site that they were involved in the designs for the released editions so that's good enough for me! 😀

I should have displayed "Train to Busan/Seoul Station" though, it deserves to be shown and the 1-click box is gorgeous!


p.s. yeah, that "Melancholia" (in my pic) is the 1st release spec ed. 🤗

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