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  1. Remember how I totally failed? Well I am here to rectify that mistake. And I'm going to do it with style. Here is my latest KimchiDVD Edition and it is the by far most beautiful edition by Kimchi that I have yet seen. And there I was thinking to myself that I could skip this edition... who was I fooling? The problem is: I love this movie. And I already own it. A lot: - [DVD Amaray (however I gifted that away, which I am now regretting - but back then I needed space so desperately, and I had a rule {see below})] - DVD Limited Digipack Edition - DVD Limited Leatherbook Edition - BluRay Steelbook [Zavvi] - BluRay Steelbook [Mondo X] - BluRay Steelbook [Canada] - BluRay Limited Boxset-Mediabook [Capelight] And I don't obey to many rules, but one rule (that only has a few exceptions, like when it comes to series that I am collecting, such as MantaLab or Filmarena) that I kept relative stricktly to is: Don't by the same movie over and over again but use that money to find something new. Pan's Labyrinth - one of my favorit movies - was always the great exception, and it started because I bought something wrong. I got the Amaray before knowing that there was this limited Collectors Edition in the DigiPack, and when I got that and was happy to have the best edition of that movie, I found out about the Leatherbook. So in the end, what I used to do, is to pick out the most beautiful edition of one movie and just get that, and don't bother with all the other releases of the same movie. I also wouldn't buy One-Clicks (but I did not obey to this rule thanks to @forenhase - the first ever FAC he got me in a group buy back in the days was "Sicario", and I was so late, long past his deadline, so he could only get me the E3 version with both editions in it. I thought to myself: Okey then I just sell one of them - but who am I kidding? I would never rip apart movies that where meant to belong togehter It's their destiny! ). I would have gotten this from KimchiDVD right from the get-go, but in Germany there was the georgeous Boxset with so many extras and an all new and totally interesting artwork, so I skipped the Kimchi one, and regrettet it, once it was sold out and all the others where posting their pictures. Last month, by accident, I stumbled upon a French online shop that still had one last item of this in stock, and was really close to the original release price, so I could not resist. So here you go: My numbers 9, 10 and 11 by KimchiDVD Aren't they absolutely stunningly gorgeous? And can you believe that initially I wanted to willingly miss out on them? I must have had a fever or something... My updated KimchiDVD collection now consist of: KDE #40: Captain America: The Winter Soldire (Type A1 Fullslip) --> 1 KDE #42: The H8full Eight OneClick (2 Fullslips + one Lenticular Fullslip) --> 3 KDE #48: Machete OneClick (2 Fullslips + one Lenticular Slip) --> 3 KDE #66: Wind River (Type A Fullslip) --> 1 KDE #71: Pan's Labyrinth OneClick Boxset (2 Fullslips + one Lenticular Fullslip) --> 3 Makes a total of 11 releases - so I'll be getting a reward now for my forum-signature-trophy-shelf, ain't I? I hope it's okey that they are on separate pictures? Please don't make me clean up my desk and rip out all those editions from my shelves again, to have them in one single picture
  2. Wow. Thank you @extantsrevenge for this really great guide. I wished I've seen this post sooner, just some weeks ago, when deciding that I am finally ready to buy my first Studio Ghibli movie (giving up on the idea to get the Japanese digipak editions due to their price tag) I tried figuring out which are the best Ghibli movies (did a weighted ranking using different sources) and in what editions they are available - so basically I did everything you already had done. Could have saved some time - especially because yours is much nicer... here's my version of it Also many thanks to @Skid Mark for sharing these beautiful editions - I did come along those when I researched on my own but I didn't know how big they are, what's in the package and how beautiful everything is. Especially the coins look so much more stunning then the ones in the German steelbooks. This is really something to look out for!
  3. Oh, please don't misunderstand - the first two pictures are unfortunately not mine Just searched for them on Google I would love to have all of those on the second picture, just because they look so nice, but they cost around ~70€ a piece, which I simply cannot afford. The German ones cost around 20€, which is okey, but I hate what they did with the title, which is why I would love the Japanese ones, but +50€ just for original title? I'm crazy, but not that crazy (there is one other thing - most original Japanese editions come with 5-6 different dubbings and even more subtitles, while the German releases only feature German dubbing/subtitles - not that I need it but I always like when there are more languages to choose from. If it wasn't for DVD and the possibility to watch movies and switch language to English, I would still totally suck in English. Now I am considering rewatching a few of my movies in other languages for learning purposes - but while on German DVDs you often found German, English, French and Spanish, on German Blu-rays they became greedy and it's just English+German - but that's just a minor bother I have). I only have the steelbook depicted in the last picture.
  4. Haha, if my Japanese where only that good. I feel like my repertoire on words and sentences I can form is on kindergarden-level But I'll hold on to it - hopefully I become more fluent in the long run then I became on French or Spanish. Do you have any recommendations? I hardly know any Japanese movies - the classics of course like Seven Samurai or Rashomon, plus a great number of Takeshi Kitano. But then it ends, unfortunately. ビートーたけしのすきです。:) I really hope I like the Ghibli stuff, too. I grew up with "western" cartoons, such as all the Marvel and DC stuff, Masters of the Universe, Transformers, etc. But mostly series and hardly any cartoon movies. And when the Anime/Manga-stuff hit the market, I was already "too old" for that stuff (I was never interested in Konan, Pokemon, Digimon, Dragonball, etc.). However, I've heard so much positive stuff regarding the Studio Ghibli productions and wanted to see them for years now. Unfortunately if you want to by the originals, they are soooo expensive In Germany we have also a German production, which is nearly identical, and they cost more than half of what you pay in Japan: But I really hate, that they translated the titles. It would have been fine for me on the spine, but on the title page they could have kept the Japanese title - that looks so much better: I was hoping to get a bargain on the Japanese ones for so long, but now I just gave up - because I think I'll never get to see them if I wait So I started getting the German steelbooks, which are nice as well (but only a handfull titles released). Wanted to get 千と千尋の神隠し as first movie though, however that is already sold out, and I was lucky to get もののけ姫。Maybee next week I'll find some time to watch Mononoke, and after that I will decide if I get all the other steelbooks as well I will post some update pictures on my collection thread soon, if you are interested in the German steelbook release
  5. こんばんは、ピゴスパです。ドイツ人です。日本語をはなします。えいがをあつめる。 Sad, that this room is so empty. I've been studying some Japanese over the last years. Not much, and I'm still far from being able to converse, but I can say a few things already I'm looking forward to some day see Japanese movies without dubbing/subtitles. However I'm not a manga/anime fan (but maybe that'll change? This month I bought my very first anime: もののけ姫). But I have a number of movies by ビートたけし that I really love. However it seems sooooo far away, to actually being able to understand 日本語。
  6. Life-sign: sorry for inactivity and my January movie and protective update Hey guys - as the heading reads: First of all sorry for not being so active here the past months. The last half year was really busy for me and even though it was so busy I was still spending a lot of time with movie stuff and movie collections. So, on the one side I had a new job and together with another "side-job" a lot of time was consumed. Still a lot of my leisure time I spend writing posts (which also made my girlfriend angry at me). If you remember, last I was spending a lot of time writing "historical" posts for German mediabook releases by the major mediabook companies that I love to collect (Wicked Vision, Anolis, Capelight, Birnenblatt) - I was doing it here as well as on another platform - and to put it short: "I fell flat on my face", as we Germans use to say (not sure if the translation is right, though - the German saying is 'auf die Nase fallen', to fall on one's nose). I had a large number of articles that I've written for that other platform in German (entire Capelight collection which were 50 posts, Wicked Vision which where around 20 posts and Anolis Hammer mediabooks which where also around 20 posts), and I've started translating them into English to also publish them here - this is what I was doing when I've started writing posts like this one, and all the others in the mediabook section. I've put a lot of research time into these posts and it was really time-consuming collecting the data, writing the entries, taking pictures where I haven't already taken some (I usually try to take them whenever I get something new, but lot of times I also just don't have the time). And then of course after having written them, I copied them to this forum and translated them to English. I was looking forward to copying all the posts, so I could have provided ~90 posts also to this forum. Then however, this platform got closed, thanks to another German platform, which many German collectors learned to hate during the last year (which is also why so many of us have landed here ). And all my posts? Forever gone I was really pissed, as you might imagine. This, plus trouble with my girlfriend and a lot of time that was consumed by my work, is why I've decided to readjust my priorities for the last quarter of the last year. But now I am back - my side job is over now, so I've got some more free time on hand, and while I am still angry at that platform, I also miss the possibility to share my collection with others and to exchange views with people with similar crazy movie collectors disorder And to proof that I am still a psycho worthy of this asylum, here is my January update: First of all, an update that is probably my most expensive, but yet it is not a special collectors edition - not even in any way special, but rather ordinary: It's plastic. To be more precise, approximately 290 hard shell plastic protective slips. Most of them in "small, normal" quantities, e.g. SCF2, SCF11, for coming releases. But also 200 SC2 and 50 SC3, because I finally went through with something I wanted to do for years: Switch the soft plastic bags for plastic hard shell slips. The protectors I chose are open on one side (3/4-slips, i.e. the same as the fullslip), so the spines look much nicer. The SC2s are, given the description, skintight, while SC3s have a few millimeters space. The SC2s are therefore for unwrapped steelbooks without J-card, while the SC3s are made for sealed collectors, and can hold steelbooks with J-card or quarterslip. I tried both of them with different steels and can say: SC2s are not as skintight as you might think, wrapped steelbooks with paper J-cards (as usually found in Germany) also fit in SC2s, and I even managed to get the new Rambo-Steelbooks into the SC2s. Given a bit sturdier J-cards, such as the ones you usually get with UK-releases, the SC2 start to become bulgy. I've made some photos of everything - please enjoy, and hopefully they are also usefull to you if you want to decide what to choose for protection: First some before shots with the protective plastic bags. What I really dislike about them is that they have the weld-joint at the middle of the spine, which not only makes it harder to see the title as is, but also makes the shelf look more unsettled, and when hit by direct light, they also start to reflect the light, making some of the spines simply unreadable at all And now look for these after shots. Doesn't this look absolutely stunning? It looks calm and relaxing, it's much more fun to look at, don't you think? For me, this is really an upgrade to the collection. I'm loving my shelf so much more right now. It is really hard to actually capture what I mean, but I hope you get the gist out of these pictures. Believe me, I don't regret spending what I did to upgrade to these sleeves, even though it was really quite expensive. Btw. probably the biggest reason to get these: Spine-images. I love spine-images, and I do believe far to few lables are using them. Just look at how good this looks now: And last but not least: Here are the promised pictures comparing SC2 to SC3. From left to right: Normal steelbook (The Conjuring, UK-version) in SC2 hardcover quaterslip (The Lion King, UK-version) in SC3 hardcover quaterslip (Thor, UK-version) in SC2 hardcover O-card (Zombieland, US-version) in SC3 So much for the protective slipcover update. Now the real deal - everything that was delivered to me in January, movie-wise - and btw. those where so many, I not only had to get everything else from my desk - I also had to get a stool to actually get everything into frame. But here you go: 27 movie editions including 32 actual movies: 14 fullslip editions 7 with steelbook 7 with different keepcases (Scanavo, Amaray) 8 steelbooks 3 mediabooks 1 lenticular o-card steelbook 1 "special box" Some detail shots, ordered by source of purchase: The by far largest group of movies I ordered in December from Novamedia, due to their winter sale. I ordered in two batches, and the first one actually only included a few of the discounted movies. So the first order included: Nightcrawler (discounted) Allegiant (discounted) Insurgent (discounted) Insidious (regular price) Taken (regular price) Then came the second order, and here I have to thank @deckard99, because in the KimchiDVD Award thread we started talking about NovaMedia (totally offtopic, busted). And I looked up a few of the movies he got, and decided to get them myself: Pandorum (thanks to deckard99) Law Abiding Citizen (thanks to deckard99) The Grey Good Bye Lenin! No Escape A Tale of Two Sisters While the first order was just movies I already knew, the second order only contained one movie (No Escape) that I've already seen - all the others are blind bargains. Looking forward to watching them (I've already seen The Grey, which I did not like too much and Nightcrawler which is a really great movie). On the next picture you've seen my order via pretz-media.at - the mediabook dealer I trust. He's really a great guy - after having much trouble with two other dealers (one of them is broke now and closed down his shop ), from him I've been getting all my needs fulfilled with no hassle at all. From right to left you see two great mediabooks released by the label Birnenblatt (in different color variants): Orphan and "The Fog". I've already seen "The Fog" and really enjoyed it a lot. And the last one is an absolute mispurchase. This edition - "Prefect Collection" with the movie in the best version ever available - is actually a recycled release of the DVD edition. On the side there's even a "DVD" logo which is hidden by a new label that reads blu-ray. On the inside the original DVD release had specially made tin boxes that fitted in perfectly into the gaps in the felt - the blu-rays however come in the absolute cheap CD-Audio slim cases, and they don't even fit - it's really hard to get them in and out. This is the most carelessly produced edition imaginable, and the discs are actually repacks. It's limited to 125 copies but really expensive and totally not worth its money. Fun fact: You can even still get it. And worst of all: I hear that Dune was going to get a perfect remastering a while ago and so my brain just jumped to the conclusion that the "perfect collection" is just that. It isn't - that edition will come from another label and they are still working on limited special editions and the remastering Shouldn't have been so fast to order... But well. I actually like the leather exterior of the edition, so screw it. You all know where this one came from, don't you? Once more I have to thank @forenhase, who is a really great guy! I absolutely enjoy every of these editions: Deadpool is absolutely insane, really great edition, perfectly fitting to the E3 that I already own of Deadpool 1, I love all the artwork and all the extras, especially the special booklet in one of them - these are really fun editions and I could not choose which I like better. A Quiet Place was on my "to watch" list for its cinematic release but I didn't manage to find a time slot due to all the stress I was in, and so I missed it at cinema. And Ready Player One was one of this editions that I didn't would have needed (movie was okey, but not good, and I already own the MantaLab edition), but then when it finally arrived I've got to say: It's really great, and I love it so much more than the edition that MantaLab released. The front Lenticular is of greates quality, it features both, a 3D effect as well as a flip-flop effect, with the main protagonist switching between his real self (wearing the goggles to immerse into to the cyberworld), and his avatar in the Oasis. Really great idea. And the back side is also absolutely stunning. And last but not least: Single purchases I made all around the place: Amazon, Saturn, Media Markt, Müller - whenever I pass on of these shops I try to get into them and flip through the offers and glance through the shelfs to find something I always wanted to have that I did not know of yet. This time I got: Sherlock Homes (Jeremy Brett) 5-Movie Collection in a mediabook Anabelle 2 Steelbook Inferno Popart Steelbook (I got the first two in December and had to order this one via Saturn) The Purge Election Year (I have the first 2 from Zavvi, but those are identical to the German versions in every way. Except for the third one - the German version has an magnet included that says "I purged" ) Watchmen Steelbook (this is an old release I got via eBay for really cheap) Firstblood/Rambo I-III Steelbook The Conjuring 2 Steelbook It Follows Novamedia Lenticular O-Card Steelbook (again, got it really cheap in a movie auction - this was a steal!). So much for January. Stay tuned for the February update - already got some really neat editions on my desk
  7. So here is my little Plain Archive Collection - I am a bit ashamed to be the one to follow up @capricornio34232, but here you are: My little Plain Archive collection. I was one of the few requesting a Plain Archive Award, one reason - of course - being that I would qualify . But the other one being that I really like Plain Archive, because I feel like they always try something new, and they always try to be different than all the others. Also Plain Archive was my first Asian fullslip (my first fullslips where from Filmarena though - however after only 5 fullslips from Filmarena I got my first Asian edition), because they where the only ones releasing a premium edition of one of the movies I value very much: "The Imitation Game". Since then, slowly but steadily I've been growing my collection. As I said, they always try something new, something outstanding, and so every Fullslip feels different to the others, be it the paper quality, the finishing touches, using PET as fullslip material, etc - they even released the world wide first steelbook with glow in the dark effect (Train to Busan). I really like that. Also they have a great movie collection, picking out only movies that no one else has done yet. This is great for people who don't want to double dip all the time due to different labels that you collect releasing the same movies over and over again. This is why I really think they deserve much more attention than they are getting, and therefore I really appreciate this award finally coming true! As I said - I would love to have so much more of their releases - but here are my 15 titles: 002: The Wrestler 009: Searching for Sugar man 010: Only Lovers Left Alive 012: Ida 017: Still Alice 020: The Imitation Game 022: Fox Catcher 025: City Lights 026: Modern Times 030: OldBoy 033: Carol 036: Prisoners 037: Sicario 038: High-Rise 045: Train to Busan / Seoul Station
  8. Wow! This is SO IMPRESSIVE!!! I really love Plain Archive and whenever I look into my tiny shelf I think to myself: You should try to get more of those. Then I always miss them, or did buy so many other things that the budget for the month is maxed out... but seeing this I am motivated to get my own collection to grow more Thanks for sharing this impressive collection
  9. pygospa


    Ich fühle mich auch nicht persönlich angesprochen, denn ich habe auch noch nie eine Nachfrage gestellt - eher hab ich 1-2 male Extrawürste gehabt (doch noch mal was geändert, oder bitte um späteren Versand), aber das war auch noch nie hier auf MP Ich kann mich den anderen nur anschließen. Ich empfinde große Dankbarkeit und auch Ehrfurcht(? vielleicht nicht das richtige Wort, aber das fehlt mir grad irgendwie) vor dem, was die Sammelbesteller hier immer leisten. Ich hab auch schon schlechte Erfahrungen mit SBs gemacht (auf Facebook bspw. zu BluFans) - davon war hier (wobei ich bisher ausschließlich nur bei @forenhase bestellt habe) noch nie was nur annähernd vergleichbares - im Gegenteil. Immer schneller Versand, immer super Informationen, etc. Ich bin da echt mega dankbar für, das kann man garnicht in Worte fassen. Da ich mir genau vorstellen kann, wie nervig das wäre, immerzu nachfragen zu beantworten, tu ich das auch garnicht erst - erst wenn ich mir sorgen mache, und bis das passiert muss ordentlich zeit vergehen - immer mal wieder sitz ich auch da und warte 3 Monate ab Zeitpunkt wo es da sein sollte, ehe ich mal nachfrage - war bisher auch nur bei EverythingBlu so, die das mit den Versenden zu Releaseterminen noch nicht so drauf hat. PS: Da ich mit einigermaßen passablen Englischfertigkeiten gesegnet bin (war auch nicht immer so - zu Schulzeiten war ich ein 4er Kandidat - wenn meine alten Lehrer mich jetzt sehen könnten...), helfe ich auch gerne aus, wenn es irgendwo zu Kommunikationsproblemen kommt. Könnt mich da gerne ansprechen.
  10. Hey EverythingBlu interested/collectors, most of you probably got the newsletter, but if you don't (for any reason) here is the last newsletter they send (just scroll down ), releasing first information on their new package concept that will relieve the up to now released EverytingBlu Exclusive package ("Shaun of the Dead", "Hot Fuzz", "The Mummy Trilogy", "At Worlds End"). So, what do you think? On the one hand, having better overall quality is great, and that would be something I'd be looking forward to. On the other hand, if they now really stop their Exclusive series for this new "premium collection" series, I am a bit disappointed. First, this now looks more and more like a FAC release, and even though I love FAC I don't want every label to be like that; second, I really love the EE series with the leather slip boxing. The fullslip is not of the best quality, which I did not like too much, either. Yet, they have a great own style, which I love. What do you think? Their next three titles will come in that package, i.e. The New BluPack First off, we hope you all had a happy New Year and wanted to thank you all for the amazing support we received in 2018. For 2019, we are very proud to announce our new premium edition, BluPack's. Through your feedback we have put together a stunning new package that we are sure you’ll appreciate. Premium Slip Introducing a new larger premium slipcase with detailed finishes and made with quality material, with our best finish to date. Art Cards New larger art and characters cards printed on quality stock for a premium look and feel. The Best Titles We choose some of the finest classic, cult and popular titles to transform into our new exclusive BluPack collector’s edition. Display Art Display original poster art with our new strut card, produced with extra thick premium material. Art Folder Custom art folder containing all your collectables, including art & character cards. Our BluPack editions will feature a mix of 4K and Blu-ray titles and if you missed the announcement, Schindler's List, King Kong and Pitch Black will be our first three in the BluPack line-up. More news coming very soon!
  11. Oh, great picks. Haven't seen any of those movies yet, but I looked up the trailers and probably would enjoy most of them Maybe if I send out a second order after christmas, one or the other of yours will be included With a few exceptions that's my take as well - I usually* don't buy movies double (the exception being they are released on series I collect - which actually are only FAC and MantaLab, as well as Black Barons, but on Black Barons I skip the doubles to FAC). So from my list above I only have Taken in a standard edition which will take the same path most of my standard editions take when a better edition arrives: It will become family heritage (I've got 3 brothers, all of them love movies and two of them are still scholars so they always appreciate my hand downs ). However, except for Nightcrawler I've seen all the movies I ordered *) There are a very few exceptions if I really love the movie so much that I am just happy having that movie in multiple different artworks Those being Pan's Labyrinth, Ex Machina or movies by Quentin Tarantino
  12. Haha cool! I also ordered from Nova yesterday. Not because I wanted the award (already have it) but because I remembered Nova Media due to the award and hadn't looked them up in a while. Then I saw the sale, then I got poor Which ones did you get? I bought: Insurgent Allegiant Nightcrawler (Fullslip) Taken (Fullslip) Insidious (Lenticular Fullslip) Yeah, I didn't take too much davantage on the sale though Only three of them on sale. Still, I think they added more because today I saw two more movies I would have gotten if they where on sale and now they are . Probably gonna place another order soon 😂 I really hope they continue the Taken and Insidious series. And I am really disappointed that Divergent is sold out. I really love that movie series and wanted to get these long time ago, but for an Amaray release I always found it a bit pricey. They had them on sale last year as well but I was short on money then and missed the sale
  13. Wanna see me fail? I was so sure to have 10 Kichis that I already started putting them up - and then I saw that one of the Editions I thought was Kichi was actually Nova Media -.- Then I thought: f' it! I had already pulled out all my editions and nicely ordered them on my desk for the photo, so I just took it. And I thought: Well I will still share it with you - even though I don't qualify. Let's see when this collection will start grownig again and be worthy of it's first reward KDE #40: Captain America: The Winter Soldire (Type A1 Fullslip) KDE #42: The H8full Eight OneClick (2 Fullslips + one Lenticular Fullslip) KDE #48: Machete OneClick (2 Fullslips + one Lenticular Slip) KDE #66: Wind River (Type A Fullslip) So in total: 5 Single Editions + 3 Machete = 8 Editions. Two short. And there are so many Kichis that I'd actually love to have but all are sold out and also I always miss them, because I never watch them (I'm too concentrated on FAC and MantaLab, unfortunately ).
  14. The ward section is growing. Neat! Still waiting for the "Hammer" Collection (for us oldtimer - similar to the Marvel collection - and to be fair: What about DC? Still missing a lot of Marvels [+ I have a few 'collection' steelbooks, e.g. all 3 movies in one] but I have all DC ones ), but finally there's one were I can participate again, so here you go: It's small but handpicked master pieces in beautiful editions: NE #03: Begin Again (Lenticular Slip) NE #09: The Incredible Hulk (Lenticular Slip) NE #11: Kill Bill Vol. 1 OneClick (2 Fullslips + 1 Lenticular Slip) NE #12: Kill Bill Vol. 2 OneClick (2 Fullslips + 1 Lenticular Slip) NE #17: Reservoir Dogs Fullslip (I did not like the other editions; would have been a perfect next candidate for a one click) NE #18: Pulp Fiction OneClick (2 Fullslips + 1 Lenticular Slip) NA #15: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Amaray Fullslip) So in total: 4 single Ed + 3x3 OneClics = 13 Editions. Btw. "The Incredible Hulk" is one of my most favorite Marvel movies - back in those days, it was a really neat movie - and I wanted to have a nice edition. I was always searching for the Fullslip, because I was always disappointed with German/European (that especially includes Filmarena in those days) with lenticulars and never saw any value in them. I couldn't find the Fullslip but I got this one for a normal price - and once I had it in my hands I fell in love with high quality Asian lenticular editions! Also this was my very first Asian + Korean import! And thanks to this post I just went over to Nova Media and saw that they have some offers, and at the end, the next 5 Nova Medias will find their way to my home
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    Waaah. Da ist man mal ne Woche nicht da und hat 200 Nachrichten! Überweisungen sind raus, die andere PN beantworte ich Dir gleich noch!

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