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  1. Some additional information was shared by Birnenblatt: Artwork for Cover A was done by Hans Woody; they also included another "behind the scenes" or "making of" picture, that I wanted to share with you: Booklet text is written by Antje Wessels. Second part of the information was really interesting for me, as I follow her reviews for a long while now. Besides her blog she is also active on Twitter and after having multiple guest aperences on Kino+ since 2018, she finally joined Kino+ as editor and fixed moderator besides Daniel Schröckert. And if you don't know Kino+: In my humble opinion it is by far the best German show on movies and series, and it is not even on German TV as the stations don't think that a weekly, two hour long talk format on movies is worth showing. So they are doing it on YouTube. Antje Wessels ist seit Februar 2019 offiziell eine Bohne, da sie nun die Sendung Kino+ auch redaktionell unterstützt [1], nachdem sie seit August 2018[2] bereits mehrere Gastauftritte in dem Format hatte.
  2. They are G1 (DVD) size. The G stands for Generation, G1 = Generation one, or first Generation - and that was DVD, while Blu-ray came later, thus second generation ;) Birnenblatt always does G1, i.e. DVD size, they never did anything else, so it would be a real surprise if this one wasn't DVD sized as well....
  3. No problems, my friend. I am not as active as I would like to be, as well. But I'll try to feed you with all the information that might be interesting for you (or to be quite honest, releases that interest me, and that I therefore share with you ). Nice selection! I hope you read my thread for The Human Duplicators, it will be just a simple Amaray (blue) release with o-card slipcover, and the quality will not be the highest possible with blu-ray, due to problematic master situation. Just something to be aware of. And you probably know that Cadillac Man will also just come in a Scanavo casing, but with a booklet. I - of course - own all of them 🙈. For Transylvania I chose the other cover though (it's also a special offer, but 16€). Thanks for the list, there is a lot I still have to watch. Krampus I've seen in a Sneak Preview and liked it so much that I got the Steelbook, and after that, as FAC (with the identical steelbook ). I also own Rare Export in a steelbook, and I think I've seen the movie, but I cannot really remember what it was all about, so I need to re-watch that - maybe this Christmas. I also own Silent Night, Deadly Night, in a Mediabook release by Anolis (part of their Fatastische Klassiker, Die 80er series), but also haven't seen it, yet. I am looking forward to it. Of course I chose the first cover 🤩 Another movie I am looking forward to watch this Christmas, is "Deadly Games", which is probably quite similar to the Christmas Evil and Silent Night, Deadly Night, but from France. Said to be a really good movie, that has similarities to Home Alone, so another one fitting the this release. There is a really beautiful German DigiPak version from the independant Camera Obscura label, and for international buyers: It even has English subtitles (original soundtrack is French). I'll link a German blog article just for the picutres (beacuse Digipacks you'll need to see from all directions 😅 ). And I'll check out all the releases you listed, let's see what I can still get for this years Christmas 🎅 So, as far as I know there is no news on when to expect/order the Halloween releases. They just announced that preorders will be in October, but that could be as late as the 31st. They didn't get any more concrete than that. However, their Mediabooks are manufactured in the Check Republic, which apparently is hit hard again by Corona. Due to this they postponed two other releases (Short Circuit 2 and Bloodline will be postponed). So, this may also affect their other productions as well, and could push preorders into November. But that's just my speculation, there is no official information yet (as far as I am aware).
  4. What do you think about this release? Is it interesting for you? Are you planning to get one? And if yes, which cover do you prefer? I am yet undecided. In Germany this movie is pretty unknown - I couldn't find anyone in my bubble that knew the movie, and even Birnenblatt was asked about the movie and they linked a Trailer afterwards. Reason for me to get this anyways are the two kids, which where really stunning in The Visit (which I really enjoyed, and which gave me the chills). Both are really talented, and I'd love to see where their career takes them, especially if they keep on focusing on horror movies. Plus I know far too little good Christmas movies that I actually enjoy, so this might be an addition. Coverwise I am undecided as well - I love the Cover C from the colors but it's the common poster artwork. Cover B on the other hand is pretty unusual, and I love how they added the title into the Artwork. But it's a bit monotonous, color wise. So... which would you prefer and why? Give me some inspiration
  5. Release: 17.12.2020 Price: 29,99€ Cover: Cover A, Cover B, Cover C Limitation: 333 numbered copies per cover According to Wikipedia, Better Watch Out is a psychological horror film, according to IMDB it's comedy and crime, and if you watch the trailer it foremost looks like a Christmas movie in the likes of Home Alone. Whatever it is, Birnenblatt pushed this forward - out of nowhere - even before their longer announced title Get Out, so it is available for the Christmas season. And because it is Christmas, instead of adding a DVD copy of the movie or an "Audio Booklet" (which to me is even more useless), they added an Audio CD that will contain the "A Swinging Big Band Christmas" album performed by the "London Music Works". It will come in 3 different cover artworks, each limited to 333 numbered copies. That's all what we know for now - Birnenblatt lists the companies Pretz, Media Markt, Saturn and BMV-Medien, which will carry these - I don't know if that is an exclusive list, though, and if Amazon or Co will list them as well. The movie is a 2016 Australian production that was also filmed in Australia (Fox Studios Moore Park in Sydney), by Chris Peckover and features primary some child actors, from which two (Olivia DeJonge and Ed Oxenbould) have already perfectly worked together in M. Night Shyamalan's The Visit. Even though it did not gain much attention it holds a high critics rating, especially at Rotten Tomatoes, who also list the movie in their Top 55 Christmas movies list on place 23. However, it only got a limited cinema release in selected places and for the majority it was just a video-on-demand release. And with that being said, here is the trailer:
  6. I love that A variant one, due to it's wonderful purple color scheme, it makes me a bit weak. However, I do own a copy by OFDB Filmworks, which is a really great slipcase+digipack edition, with a booklet numbering certificate from 2012, which today is pretty rare and quite worth a penny, as for a long time this was the only and definite edition to have. Its not half as wonderfully designed, though... And besides this release, I am also on the hunt for this - really hard to get - hartbox edition for personal collecting reasons This was the first ever Wicked Vision release, before they even founded the label, and as I own everything else, I really want this one as well. Unfortunately seems to be impossible to get But if I do, I'd own two copies and a third I cannot justify.
  7. Some news, you guys: Relese will be Feb. 4th, 2021, there will be three different cover artworks, all limited to 333 copies, each as a UHD and BD combo. Also, it will be Saturn and Media Markt exclusive. Information is already sent out to the shops and they'll list them in the next days (if I don't forget it, I'll link them here as soon as they are online). And these are the three cover artworks: So guys, what do you think? Which cover is your favorite? And would you get it? Or are you not interested in this at all? If I get it, I'll probably opt for Cover A, although I don't like the back artwork, that could have been done better, in my opinion. Front is superb though. Cover B has the best back artwork, but I don't like the style too much (looks rather amateur like), plus I find it really strange to feature these two supporting characters that don't have any significant role on the front. And Cover C - if you know me, I find it boring to have the artwork that everybody knows already. This has been used so many times, and it's just not for me.
  8. There are some news by Turbine about this release: And my translation:
  9. I know I have to tag @Grendel and @Mad-martigan who are interested in this series, so here you go, please don't miss out, and be fast to order. Anolis reminded buyers that currently Amazon is really hard, because lately they list the titles very late, or they list them but you cannot preorder, and ask you to - if you can - choose one of the many other good online shops like: "Wicked Vision, OFDB, BMV, DTM etc.". In the commentary section a few people complain about Ofdb canceling orders just the day they ship because they let people "overorder", so maybe don't choose them. I don't know about the other shops and international shipping, so I just linked "Wicked Vision" who are - as always - the first to list them in the shop. I am a bit disappointed about this title, as Koch is also doing a "William Castle" Collection, and I would have wished this to be released in that series, but well. Better to get it by one of them, then not getting it at all Here is the William Castle collection, btw. Also really worth getting into, as they are really beautiful Digipacks with stunning artwork, a lot of extras, and a thick booklet. If you are interested in these, I can open up a new thread for them as well - 1 and 2 are already out, so I can provide some photos, three is open for pre orders. https://www.kochmedia-film.de/blu-ray/details/view/film/der_unheimliche_mr_sardonicus_william_castle_collection_1_blu_ray_dvd/ https://www.kochmedia-film.de/blu-ray/details/view/film/das_alte_finstere_haus_william_castle_collection_2_blu_ray_dvd/ https://www.kochmedia-film.de/blu-ray/details/view/film/kennwort_kaetzchen_william_castle_collection_3_blu_ray_dvd/
  10. Release date: 13.11.2020 Buy link: Wicked-Vision Price: €29.99 Discs: Dual Format (BD+DVD) Booklet: 24 pages Remember how I always tell you guys that Anolis is a slow label? Well... nobody knows, why exactly, probably it's the lockdown, that has the Anolis guys locked up instead of partying every night, but here we go: Today, Anolis announced the fourth title in their "Fluch der Galerie des Grauens" series - "The Night Walker", or how we know it: "Er kam nur nachts" (He just came at night). It's a 1964 black and white movie by special effects icon of the time William Castle, staring Barbara Stanwyck, Hayden Rorke and Robert Taylor and classified as a thriller with horror elements. Also it is the second to last movie that William Castle directed. With part four of the series we've now got: It! Terror from Beyond Space Donovan's Brain The Angry Red Planet The Night Walker Regarding the package, there won't be any surprises (as typical for these series releases), i.e. a standard black DVD keepcase (G1 size) with a flap for holding two discs, as the set comes with a BD and a DVD disc which will be identical in content. The artwork will be fitting to the previous releases as well, with the spine creating a spine-image if combined with all other releases in the proper order, and it will feature the German cinema release poster that is totally different to the international poster as wellas some of the other countries posters (that all are pretty similar to the international onces), and this set will also come once again with a booklet, that features an essay in German by Robert Zion on 24 pages. We only get a few extras on the disc: Audio commentary by Steve Haberman [English] Audio commentary by Robert Zion [German?] US and German trailers German title sequence US and German advertisement advice Movie programs Picture gallery And for all you US/CA readers out there: There is a Shout Factory Region A release for both countries, they'll probably share the blu-ray master. The Shout Factory has just one extra listed, and that's the audio commentary by Steve Haberman. As always, I'd like to close with a trailer of the movie - enjoy:
  11. Thank you for tagging me, @Grendel. The Cover artwork looks awesome, and I have to confess I haven't seen this one yet, but it's been on my list for quite a while now. I have never heard of this label, is it a US release? Where can you be able to get those? Amazon? If it is US, will it also be relased in UK? And what kind of packages do they use? Is this Amaray in a Slipcase? Or is it something more special?
  12. There's a small piece of news that Turbine shared a few days ago: And my translation (without any warranty ):
  13. I just watched this movie yesterday, and while reviewing it, I wondered if I had made any photos - and lately what do I do, when I want to check if I did any photos? I look it up here on the forum. Seems like I didn't so here you go Some short words about the movie: It's great. Really hillarious, great fun to watch. I can recommend it. Also the edition (as you will see on the photos) is worth every penny - so much love went into this release! 😍 Enjoy:
  14. #1074, #1073, #1059, #1049 | KOR | Molly's Game, John Wick 3 - John Wick 1 | Scanavo + 3x Steelbook (NE #26-28)  EAN: 8809427724634, 8809427726157, 8809427726133, 8809427726119 Release date: May 16th, 2018 Region Code: free Paid: 34,23€, 47,24€, 38,53€, 39,04€ Another package just arrived, and this time I remembered, that I used to have this cool headline over my posts, which actually I still like, and even though I am now only showing new arrivals as a group shot, I could still use it. So here we go, today my 1073rd and 1074th blu-ray releases arrived in my collection: John Wick 3, and Molly's Game. Molly's Game I wanted to get a while ago, but getting those as single purchases would just add up crazy on that postage costs, so I waited until I had more that I wanted to order from Nova Media. I've seen the movie and liked it (though it wasn't as good as I expected it to be - my heart is still fully consumed by Chastains performance in Miss Sloan - what a great movie!). Also I started getting the John Wick releases from Nova Media. I loved John Wick from the very first movie, and really wanted to have it on Blu-ray. However, back in the days I couldn't get my hands on FAC releases, and later these where sold out and sold for crazy money. I always had them on my search list, and that was the reason why I didn't get into the first edition on Blu-ray by Novamedia. Regretted it, though. And since Nova is actually continuing the series, which for Filmarena is not a given anymore (they used to complete every movie series, in the past, but lately? Shazam, Joker and Aquaman, but no other DC movies, just Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther and the Spider-Man movies from Marvel, Star Trek Beyond (and none of the others), Pets 2, just "War of the Planet of the Apes", just "M:I Fallout" and "M:I Rogue Nation" - I feel that the passion that Filmarena used to put into these releases has all gone away and they are just a business, that doesn't care what collectors want, and if a release makes sense or not. So I am not trusting them to get us a John Wick 3, I don't believe that I'll ever get John Wick 1+2 for a good price, and so, heavy hearted, I opted for these new 4K WEA steelbooks, which look quiet decently and also fit together well. I do believe, that Nova will continue these and if they do, chances are, that it'll be in 4K (while Blu-ray could become unclair in future). So here we go, the whole set. I waited, till I had them all and now I am excited to open them up
  15. And last but not least: Madhouse. Here I was once more lucky enough to get one of those collectors cards, and again one that is signed by the artworker (and one of my favorit artists, Timo Wuerz). Also, you might know that this label is primary done by Daniel Perée, and if you look into the booklets you'll often find that a lot of pictures are actually from his private collection, which is yet another indicator that this label is done out of passion.

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