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  1. Didn't expect anything else from you, my friend. All the good movies you already own! My collection on the other hand..... 😅 I'm really looking forward for this one, to be quite honest. Haven't seen it yet, but heard so many good things that I cannot wait to finally being able to watch it :)
  2. Release: April 30th, 2021, original release Date: Link (Wicked Shop): Cover C Price: 29,99€ Limited: 333 Remember, how I always use to say, that I own everything from Wicked Vision EXCEPT their Jean Rollin Collection? Also remember, how I praised Wicked Vision for teaming up with Timo Würz. I feel like Daniel knew the second fact and heard the first one and said: "Hold my beer". The result, well: Wicked Vision is re-releaseing "Sexual-Terror der entfesselten Vampire" - which is one of the most horrifying title translations that you can think of, as the l
  3. PS: Which of the covers did you get? I opted for Cover B, as I liked that it was a drawn cover (I am a sucker for drawn covers, they always win my heart over). I like the A one for its much better use of color, but I actually hate those collages where you have different scenes of the movie all smashed together. Even though they are the original covers (which I highly appreciate!) I'd rather see them in the booklet and a cool really rare exclusively and newly commissioned artistic artwork on the outside. But yeah, that's just me I know a lot of people love the retro-style packaging, and I do
  4. Hi Ingojira! Yes, this is know, and in the past I used to also research all the cover artworks I did not know, just to add that information in the texts as well. The reason I am not doing that anymore is simply that I don't find the time, and that I feel that if I do, the time is rather "wasted" because not many are interested in these releases here anyway. From the few that I know that are interested, some wont buy it, because of the all German booklet, others already invested in Box sets like the releases of PowerHouse Indicator from UK, or many of the US releases, and so they ar
  5. Hello, friends of the Hammer Horror there is an update for this one! Release: April 30th, 2021 Link: Cover A, Cover B, Cover C, Cover D Price: 29,99€ Link as always is for the Wicked Vision Shop, as I feel they cater best to international needs, but of course it is available on may other German Mediabook sellers as well (e.g. Pretz Media, BMV Medien, etc.). Anolis made four covers, because according to them this is the second high requested movie after "Dracula: Prince of Darkness". This might be an indicator for this one selling out fast, so if this
  6. Oh my god. Thank you so much, you guys! @extantsrevenge, @CAYENNE-FAHRER, @raylight, @Veum, @Casiusco, @R1s1ngs0n, and @RileyLad. So nice of you to think of me, and leave me some kind words Thanks so much! Also to my fellow Birthday buddies: All the best to you as well, @CHITA34 and @yoshihiko. Oh and before I forget: She's the absolute best character in the show, isn't she? I loved her soooo much in friends 😍 And funny to see him here. Just yesterday I've watched the Mr. Bean on Holiday movie that I hadn't seen yet. Not as g
  7. Hey guys! Maybe a moderator/administrator can update these info in the first post: Release: March 19th, 2021 Link: Cover A, Cover B Price: 29,99€ Wicked Shop is just one example where you'll be able to get it, but since now even international buyers have made good experiences with Wicked, so as usually I'll link them. Interestingly, this time Anolis chose to go with both titles. Next to the German "Ufos zerstören die Erde", we get the English Title Gorath as well (which is near to the Japanese original: Yōsei Gorasu; translated to "Omn
  8. Ignoring all the Groupbuy procedure questions (as I cannot answer them, because I live at (or rather in) the source, so to speak, I can however share this info: "Better Watch Out" is still available in all cover variants in diverse shops (just e.g. Pretz Media). "Get Out" however is MediaMarkt/Saturn exclusive, so you can only order it via those pages, and unfortunately Cover A (most favoured one) was already sold out before the release date. Cover B and Cover C are however still available. Just regarding the A one there is no chance, other than crazy private high reseller prices.
  9. In general, I agree with you. To be quite honest, I've watched it a while ago, and have forgotten most of it already :D I liked the general Idea of the Virus being invented in a Family home by some random scientist in his cellar and escapes by some home invaders. However, that's about all good that can be said about this movie. The family was so badly palyed, so random, not at all did I believe that these actors had any bond at all. Yet, everything was so cliche. The brutallity of the invaders was also over the top and not at all believable, and the characters did not behave at all in their ch
  10. Wow, that's definitely a great box and a great price as well. But given that this might probably be Region A locked and I still didn't manage to get a Region A player (yeah, yeah, shame on me - but to be honest, I am not willing to pay crazy prices on voided warranty Germany Blu-ray players that might not work the minute they get an update, and currently it's impossible to get something from the US due to Corona. I was hoping for some cool and cheap black Friday sales offer, but well... you all know what's going on in the world, currently ), I might not be trying to get one even though the bun
  11. This was really disappointing. I wanted to get it through MP, because I thought this might go fast, but I was too late for MP, so I said: Well, I manged all the last times. So I was logged in everywhere, I was ready, reloaded the second it was online, went through the entire checkout, even processing PayPal, and only on the last page, after returing from PayPal did it say "sold out". I am really really pissed at this being even possible; think of it figuratively: If I was at a real counter, someone else had figuratively speaking stolen it right out of the hands of the cashier, just the second
  12. Grad versucht, Drive OC direkt zu bekommen. Bis PayPal alles flüssig, dann brauchte PayPal 30 sekunden um die Bestellung durchzuschicken, dann war das Produkt ausvrkauft 😭
  13. Also 3/4 mal für das Group Buy, dann probier ich das doch gleich nochmal. Interessant aber auf jeden Fall zu lesen, das Amazon UK da so kullant ist. Ich denke nur, solange der Lockdown anhält, wird Amazon da wahrscheinlich auch nichts machen können. Und ob sie das eine unbegrenzt lange Zeit aufbewahren können und werden? Oder am Ende dann sagen, dass sie es doch jemand anderen verkaufen? Würde mich sehr ärgern, denn die sind hinterher immer so unbezahlbar, und ich hab schon ein paar Boxen denen ich noch nachjagen muss, leider Danke also für Eure Antworten @Veum, @hal56, @Cornbuster und @Ca
  14. Guten Abend, die Damen :) Dillemma eines Sammlers: Ich möchte die nächste Doctor Who Season kaufen. Bisher immer bei amazon.co.uk bestellt, nie Probleme gehabt. Bei einer Season war ich zu langsam und es war schon ausverkauft, hab es also über Zavvi bestellt, kam völlig ramponiert im Pappierumschlag an. Austausch war nicht mehr möglich, nach langem hin und her hab ich einen kleinen Rabatt bekommen, ärgere mich aber immer wieder, wenn ich das Ding im Regal sehe. Auch ärgere ich mich irgendwo, dass ich mich bei den lächerlichen 15% hab abspeisen lassen, bei einem Produkt das sowieso knapp 70€
  15. Well that was to be expected: Wicked is sold out. There is another shop, that is already carrying them: verleihshop.de. However they are a bit more complicated (you need to first send them money for your account via PayPal, and only when they register the money, can you then spend it on the shop, and apparently they advertise it to be with no shipping costs, but at the checkout it always calculates shipping costs, which they now reacted to, and promised that they will refund it to you... seems to be a real fuzz). And I have no idea about international shopping with them.

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