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  1. pygospa

    Media Psychos Kimchidvd Award

    Oh, great picks. Haven't seen any of those movies yet, but I looked up the trailers and probably would enjoy most of them Maybe if I send out a second order after christmas, one or the other of yours will be included With a few exceptions that's my take as well - I usually* don't buy movies double (the exception being they are released on series I collect - which actually are only FAC and MantaLab, as well as Black Barons, but on Black Barons I skip the doubles to FAC). So from my list above I only have Taken in a standard edition which will take the same path most of my standard editions take when a better edition arrives: It will become family heritage (I've got 3 brothers, all of them love movies and two of them are still scholars so they always appreciate my hand downs ). However, except for Nightcrawler I've seen all the movies I ordered *) There are a very few exceptions if I really love the movie so much that I am just happy having that movie in multiple different artworks Those being Pan's Labyrinth, Ex Machina or movies by Quentin Tarantino
  2. pygospa

    Media Psychos Kimchidvd Award

    Haha cool! I also ordered from Nova yesterday. Not because I wanted the award (already have it) but because I remembered Nova Media due to the award and hadn't looked them up in a while. Then I saw the sale, then I got poor Which ones did you get? I bought: Insurgent Allegiant Nightcrawler (Fullslip) Taken (Fullslip) Insidious (Lenticular Fullslip) Yeah, I didn't take too much davantage on the sale though Only three of them on sale. Still, I think they added more because today I saw two more movies I would have gotten if they where on sale and now they are . Probably gonna place another order soon 😂 I really hope they continue the Taken and Insidious series. And I am really disappointed that Divergent is sold out. I really love that movie series and wanted to get these long time ago, but for an Amaray release I always found it a bit pricey. They had them on sale last year as well but I was short on money then and missed the sale
  3. pygospa

    Media Psychos Kimchidvd Award

    Wanna see me fail? I was so sure to have 10 Kichis that I already started putting them up - and then I saw that one of the Editions I thought was Kichi was actually Nova Media -.- Then I thought: f' it! I had already pulled out all my editions and nicely ordered them on my desk for the photo, so I just took it. And I thought: Well I will still share it with you - even though I don't qualify. Let's see when this collection will start grownig again and be worthy of it's first reward KDE #40: Captain America: The Winter Soldire (Type A1 Fullslip) KDE #42: The H8full Eight OneClick (2 Fullslips + one Lenticular Fullslip) KDE #48: Machete OneClick (2 Fullslips + one Lenticular Slip) KDE #66: Wind River (Type A Fullslip) So in total: 5 Single Editions + 3 Machete = 8 Editions. Two short. And there are so many Kichis that I'd actually love to have but all are sold out and also I always miss them, because I never watch them (I'm too concentrated on FAC and MantaLab, unfortunately ).
  4. pygospa

    novamedia.png.3cbf477625411dd6031e9c70372dbf7b Media Psychos Novamedia Award

    The ward section is growing. Neat! Still waiting for the "Hammer" Collection (for us oldtimer - similar to the Marvel collection - and to be fair: What about DC? Still missing a lot of Marvels [+ I have a few 'collection' steelbooks, e.g. all 3 movies in one] but I have all DC ones ), but finally there's one were I can participate again, so here you go: It's small but handpicked master pieces in beautiful editions: NE #03: Begin Again (Lenticular Slip) NE #09: The Incredible Hulk (Lenticular Slip) NE #11: Kill Bill Vol. 1 OneClick (2 Fullslips + 1 Lenticular Slip) NE #12: Kill Bill Vol. 2 OneClick (2 Fullslips + 1 Lenticular Slip) NE #17: Reservoir Dogs Fullslip (I did not like the other editions; would have been a perfect next candidate for a one click) NE #18: Pulp Fiction OneClick (2 Fullslips + 1 Lenticular Slip) NA #15: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Amaray Fullslip) So in total: 4 single Ed + 3x3 OneClics = 13 Editions. Btw. "The Incredible Hulk" is one of my most favorite Marvel movies - back in those days, it was a really neat movie - and I wanted to have a nice edition. I was always searching for the Fullslip, because I was always disappointed with German/European (that especially includes Filmarena in those days) with lenticulars and never saw any value in them. I couldn't find the Fullslip but I got this one for a normal price - and once I had it in my hands I fell in love with high quality Asian lenticular editions! Also this was my very first Asian + Korean import! And thanks to this post I just went over to Nova Media and saw that they have some offers, and at the end, the next 5 Nova Medias will find their way to my home
  5. pygospa

    Dies und Das

    Waaah. Da ist man mal ne Woche nicht da und hat 200 Nachrichten! Überweisungen sind raus, die andere PN beantworte ich Dir gleich noch!
  6. One should probably get both, switch the Steels and resell the E2. Then again, who would buy that? ?
  7. But I am sure that MantaLab will be doing a fantastic job - so looking forward to this one (just in case this wasn't too clear in my last - rather critical toned - post ). Will most probably get the One-Click as I did with all the other asian Tarantinos. You can never have too many Tarantino-Movies in your collection!
  8. Thanks for the Mention @Scary Hair Not sure how to feel about this announcement, though. On the one hand I am of course really happy and as a Mantalab collector (and a huge Tarantino fan) I am getting this anyways. On the other hand I would have loved seeing this from Nova Media, though. They have started out so perfect with Reservoir Dogs, Plup Fiction and Kill Bill Vol. 1+2. I had hoped, that they continue this Tarantino-series. That's my little compulsion - I always want people to finish what they have started
  9. Waaa - i cannot take out all the names from the quote - it just won't delete them So sorry for that. What I actually wanted to say: Thank me?! NO! Thank him for organizing it, as it is a lot of work doing this every time a new (or lately as Filmarena is doing them in batches now) many new editions are released at once. For the Fullslip: It looks absolutely stunning and like what I've hoped for regarding they have released already from Jurassic Park. I am still a bit dashed by the really ugly steelbook and the forced 4K, though. However these pictures make up for it a little, as I am really excited to hold this in my hands and put it next to the others The other one looks good too, though, and if it wasn't for the already released Jurassic Parks I would have probably chosen the Lenticular, as the artwork is really beautiful as well, and as it also has the far superior Steelbook as well as 3D over 4K.
  10. Release : 26.01.2018 Link (Wicked Shop) : Cover A, Cover B, Cover C Price : €29,99 Limited : 444 (Cover A) + 666 (Cover B) + 333 (Cover C) On January 26th, 2018 Wicked Vision Media released Richard Fleischer's "Mr Majestiyk" from 1974 with Charles Bronson and Linda Cristal as number 11 of their "Wicked Vision Collector's Series" in three mediabooks with different artworks; Cover A features the German movie poster artwork limited to 444 copies, Cover B was used in the USA as movie poster artwork and is limited to 666 copies, Cover C was newly commissioned by Wicked Vision exclusively for this release and is drawn by German artist Adrian Keindorf and limited to 333 copies. All covers read the German title "Das Gesetz bin ich" (loosely translated 'I am the Law'). This release comes with one audio commentary in German by Rolf Giesen, Ph.D and Gerd Naumann, Ph.D., as well as a number of English interview, including a newly conducted interview with Richard Fleischer that is exclusive to this release. Here's the information from the official webshop: Trailers:
  11. Release : 09.02.2018 Link (Wicked Shop) : Cover A, Cover B, Cover C Price : €29,99 (Cover A), €24,99 (Cover B+C) Limited : 333 (Cover A) + 555 (Cover B) + 444 (Cover C) On Febuary 9th, 2018 Wicked Vision Media released Richard McCarthy's and Mac Ahlberg's "Ghost Town" from 1988 with Franc Luz and Lisa Eilbacher as number 12 of their "Wicked Vision Collector's Series" in three mediabooks with different artworks; Cover A features the official movie poster artwork from the USA, Cover B was used in the USA as poster artwork for the VHS release, Cover C was newly commissioned by Wicked Vision exclusively for this release and is drawn by German artist Ralf Krause. To the German audience this release is pretty special, as it is the first time this movie is actually released in it's full length. Before the release by Wicked Vision, this movie was only released once in 1988, as FSK 18 with 6 cut scenes (25s). Since then we haven't seen a release of this movie. Now, 30 years later, the movie was re-evaluated, and the uncut version considered to be suitable for ages 16+, so uncut premiere, digital premiere, HD premiere and of course extras premiere that all other countries might already have seen; those are interviews with producers and writers, behind the scenes featurettes and an audio commentary with the director. And this time, also the booklet is again bilingual! The text stems from director Richard McCarthy and is - of course - in it's original written in English. Wicked Vision translated it to German and printed both versions into the booklet. So once more a truly English-friendly edition! Only subtitles are only available in German language. Here's the information from the official webshop: Trailer:
  12. pygospa

    mantalab.png.182200e8a62a03daa163420f8707f333 Media Psychos Manta Lab Award

    It actually (unfortunately) finally spans over the entire board, so next release I need to make it 2 rows I stopped earlier because the last edition on that shelf is not MantaLab anymore (but BluFans Doctor Strange ). It actually wasn't my idea: on facebook the MantaLab account had a photo showing their door. They've actually sticked all of their releases lenticular stickers (yes, they are actually stickers and not cards - you can take of the back paper to free the adhesive film) on their door. I liked that but I did not want to "spoil" my stickers by sticking them somewhere, so I decided to lay them out See here:
  13. Release : 28.02.2018 Link (Wicked Shop) : Cover A, Cover B Price : €29,99 Limited : 666 (Cover A) + 666 (Cover B) On Febuary 28th, 2018 Wicked Vision Media released J. Lee Thompson's "10 to Midnight" from 1983 with Charles Bronson and Lisa Eilbacher as number 13 of their "Wicked Vision Collector's Series" in two Mediabooks with different artworks; Cover A features an artwork that was used on most posters internationally, Cover B was drawn by famous movie-artwork artist Enzo Sciotti and was used only once at the italian premiere as poster artwork and then never again. Both Mediabooks are limited to 666 copies each, both covers show the English(!) title, which is strange for a movie who's title was actually translated for the German cinema release (and was also used for the VHS and DVD releases). No how it was possible for Wicked Vision to use the original title instead (most of the times the labels can't due to licensing agreements), and why they decided to do so for this release, while all their other releases always feature the German title; however, as you might know if you follow my posts, I am a fan of keeping titles in their original languages (even if I cannot speak that language), so I am happy that this release does not show the German "Ein Mann wie Dynamit" (loosely translated 'A man like dynamite') on it's cover This release comes with two audio commentaries from which one is actually in English - it is by film historian David Del Valle together with Pancho Kohner (Producer) and John Crowther (Casting Director), that is however not Wicked Vision exclusive and can also be found on English releases - the German commentary by Ralf Giesen, Ph.D., and Gerd Naumann, Ph.D. however is; all extras only feature German subtitles, movie is of course in English and German audio, but also only features German subtitles. Here's the information from the official webshop:
  14. pygospa

    Media Psychos Award Suggestion Topic

    Let me start this post by stating that I hate you guys! I just found myself looking through what awards there are, and then starting looking at editions for HD Zeta and MLIFE/WCL just because I found myself tempted to getting these awards. I will never be able to just safe some money for my future As soon as I am able to gather up some discipline there you come and tempt me with these awards (gamification is hell-sent). That being said I like the DigiBook award. As someone who loved Digibooks and Digipacks when I was still collecting DVDs in the 00s, and who gratefully accepted Mediabooks into his heart, once they entered the market I strongly support this award. I don't have Criterions at all, but if I had a region free player I would get those, I guess. Another label that is often named in a breath with Criterion is Arrow Video, which should probably introduced as well. However I don't have those as well With Disney's Zavvi collection on the other hand I could participate, so yeah, I'd like some new awards, make that happen please! And while you mention Disney's Zavvi steels: What about Mondo x Steelbook releases? So regardless of the label or release, any MCU collectable editions? Even if they are FAC, Kimchi, etc.? I like that! However I would then also like to see a DCEU award. I know you are not supposed to, however I do love both worlds - no flame wars intended. Let's just get both of them!
  15. pygospa

    mantalab.png.182200e8a62a03daa163420f8707f333 Media Psychos Manta Lab Award

    Ah, finally a new Award I can apply for. Here is my little MantaLab collection: 22 Editions, 2 of those count as 3, because they are One-Clicks, so for this Award my count is actually 26; plus I actually also have one more - I got Logan as Double Lenticular + as special box - however the DL is up for trading, as I am totally fine with the box (and I also have Logan as 2xFAC + 1 simple Steelbook - so 4 times in total - that's enough ). But here we go:

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