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  1. Hello, I'm number 16 on the GB list (mwatkins02). I noticed there are question marks for my country. I must not have filled that portion out. My item should be shipped to the USA. Thanks, Michael
  2. Thank you @ravounetteso much for that direct link. Big help and much appreciated. Michael
  3. I can’t sign up for Mantalabs Scarface GB. There is no ‘green’ icon to sign up for GB. Thanks. Michael
  4. Hello @Masterblaster Is Mantalab Scarface on hold? I went to the thread, and there is no ‘green’ icon to click to sigh up for the GB? Am I missing something? Thanks for your help. Michael
  5. @CAYENNE-FAHRER I was jealous to see you received Avengers lenti I didn’t think I got one, until I received one yesterday. Yeah for both of us.
  6. Hello @RAK I was in Best Buy on Tuesday 11/05/2019 and saw a few in the Holiday section. I thought the sweater s/c was so cool. But there were not many left. Suggest going there as soon as possible. It's a blu-ray with s/c not a steelbook. Best of luck. Michael
  7. @CAYENNE-FAHRER Thank you. I have been waiting so long for the Dexter 'Head' Collection series it's been riduclous. But well wortth it! Michael
  8. Apocalypse Now Redux (Germany) Leon (Germany) Red Heat (Germany) 4 Best Buy SB. One Blu-Ray ‘Die Hard’ 30th anniversary with Holiday sweater s/c. Had to ‘ White Men Can’t Jump.’ (UK) Dexter Complete Series (Head Blu-ray carrier) Finally got it!
  9. Just in: THE WOLF -Best Buy steelbook SHAZAM - Germany steelbook JOHN WICK - Best Buy Trilogy steelbook DEAD POOL 2 - Germany AVENGERS - Hong Kong THE GREAT ESCAPE - BIG LEBOWSKI - (DVD/ no steel) just a big fan
  10. Received these steelbooks, and Blu-rays, last week. Also received my Bumblebee Coin. Thanks to everyone at MP. GLADIATOR HdZETA w/ lenticular is fantastic. The WAL-MART JOHN WICK 3 - PARABELLUM steelbook and Blu-ray w/Blood Oath marker took 12 different times searching over 4 stores, but finally GOT IT! Amazon FR. JOHN WICK-The trilogy (4K HD.) It also comes with a Continental Hotel membership card in the name of John Wick as a gift. SE7EN box set finally arrived looking good in my collection. CREED II box set looks awesome. SCARFACE (THE WORLD IS YOURS) - 4K UHD w/statue is a nice set.
  11. THIS JUST IN! WeeT Lenticular 4 set of Alita. Over the weekend GANGS OF NEW YORK arrived. Also, I received 10,000 B.C. with the cracked outside covering of the steelbook.
  12. Hello @Veum @extantsrevenge @Benoit46 @bearlol @airwins @icewire @Scary Hair, Thank you so, so much for the warm Birthday wishes. Michael

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