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  1. I'm listening to a mix of 70's music. I was up late night, and there was this info commerrcial selling 70's on air. Well I turned on Shazam and was able to pick up every track they were playing. Here is a few: "I go Crazy (Paul Davis); Kung fu Fighting (Carl Dougles): Jackie Blue (The Ozark Mountain Dare devils) to name a few. However, I will play whatever I'm feeling that day.
  2. OMG, I didn't realise it's Monday! I'm sitting here drinking some nector of the Gods, and this post made me check out the date. Where did the weekend go?
  3. Ah yes, the haircut. My bother has to wait quite a long time to get his haircut. But I quess I'm fortuante; I shave head. In a few minutes I'm done. I quess that is a plus for all for all men going bald.
  4. Yeah that’s right about pensions. I use to for a major airline, and after 911, our pensions were pretty much gone. Part of the terms when filing for bankruptcy. Those pensions we're pretty much the gravy after retirement.
  5. You know, a couple of years ago I would have never thought a pandemic would rage across the world. Also, within that same breath, a tragedy would rage on over Toilet Paper? What!? None of the scientific films I ever watched ever show a crisis on toilet paper! - Nevertheless, we are glad to be hear. Thank you.
  6. Hi @Scary Hair, I beleive the oldest film I have seens is, "Mr. Goes to Washington" starrng Gary Cooper .
  7. @CAYENNE-FAHRER Sweet, mother Mary and Joseph! That is one finelooking Amaray of JW.I would purchase but right now closets are starting to split at the seems. Good luck on selleng. your Amaray. '
  8. @Hollywood E Rock Where is that thearte you posted? Is in Ozark or Saint Louis?
  9. Ah, Cream. Wasn't Eric Clapton part of the group until he won't .
  10. Congratulations on hooking Casino. I slept through the restocking process. I guess it’s true: ‘Early bird gets the one.’
  11. GOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING PSYCHO'S in psycho land. Today is throw back Thursday. Let's hear some oldies but goodies. I will start. Here is one : Journey's song '"Mother ,Father.). I don't think this song received a lot of air time. At least I didn't I hear this song growing up. This song showcases Perry"s vocal range.
  12. To @Hollywood E Rock, @Veum, @extantsrevenge, @Basil, @Grendel, @Scary Hair, @R1s1ngs0n. Was anyone able to pick up a Casino set from EB?

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