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  1. The phrase ‘new normal’ makes me wonder what the ‘old normal’ was? It also makes me wonder who decides what the term ‘normal’ means? Crazy vs NSC. (not so crazy).
  2. Thanks @RileyLad, @extantsrevenge, @Veum, Turning 53 today. Looked in the mirror this morning and saw an old man staring back at me! WTF!Where did the time go? My teenage years were during the 80s and full of self-indulgence. Maybe that’s why I’m the type of psycho who see’s a new GB and thinks “gimme.” To all my fellow psychos, I salute you.
  3. @goose_3387, Just saw my new banner. It looks absolutely fantastic. Outstanding job. Thank you, Michael
  4. @ksosk/ @extantsrevenge, I received an email back in the first part of July from @extantsrevenge. It read (I’m paraphrasing) that I was eligible for the BvS HDZeta special edition. If I didn’t want it reply. But if I did want it don’t reply. So my question is was I on the list that purchased?
  5. Thanks to @Masterblaster and MP staff, finally bagged Platinum.
  6. I’m Gold and want to upgrade to Platinum, but noticed Platinum Sold Out. If Platinum is indeed SO, stay Gold. So noticed Gold is available but when I went to purchase I received this message ‘We could not locate the item you are trying to View’ This seems strange.
  7. Hi @Basil, I’m so envious. Cheers to you and your friends.
  8. Hello @Masterblaster, Sign me up for the membership card. I've been axiously waiting. Thank you.
  9. Hello @thomue1987, I just looked on the GB participate list, and I’m number 22. However, I looked at the One-click list and I’m not on it. I also looked on the other two list. and I’m not on these. I want to order 1 x box set of OUATIIH.. Thank you. Michael
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,@Hollywood E Rock! I've noticed you're particpation in MP, and that made me want to join. Happy, Happy! Just remember, you can't have enough!
  11. I've stopped smoking going on 11 years +. I may have a drink a some social gathering. I'm know longer a "functioning alcholic." I drank heavlvvvvyyyyy back in the oldin' days. I haven't had a cigarette either for 11 years. I met a girl in collage that helped, some what; her and Chantix. Now life seems boring. My addictive hobbies now are , steelbooks (of course!), and I just purchased a 2019 ford mustang convertibe, velocity blue. But now, the weather where I live has turned rainy and cold. C'mon man, can't I catch a BREAK!

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