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  1. I showcase some of my editions on little easel(s). And those aren’t cheap. Never thought I would go to a Hobby Lobby, but’s that is the only place I could find them. I encountered some tuff customers in the ‘arts and craft ‘store.
  2. Hi, Here are a few items received during the weekend. Purchased the Cars 3 steelbook for a great price; however, the company I purchased from taped a coupon right on the front of the steelbook! Ugh. But, I was able to find Total Recall in a round tin. This is similar to the Jurassic World tins that came out several years back.
  3. That looks fantastic. I have fond memories of watching this film. @BobaFett1974, excellent attention to detail.
  4. My mom would be so proud. I would like to thank everyone involved in making this award come true. From the MP in charge of GB. My wallet for having enough cash in it. To my mail carrier, who consistently shoves large boxes into a small mailbox, after complaining for years. Thank you and good night.
  5. There are some outstanding collections submitted for this award. Here are my 25 Manta Lab steels considered for the Manta Lab Treasure Hunter award.
  6. I’ve read that some seasons don’t have disc’s in them yet. I haven’t had that problem. I’ve also heard that season eight is suppose to be epic. I have been binge watching since yesterday. Can’t stop watching!
  7. Hey @Veum, You have a point, these steels are not the best looking. I actually purchased season one earlier this year. I started watching it and didn’t like it. But, I revisited season one and really liked it. So when I read it was going to be released in 4K, well, hell, I had to order it. I also ordered the Rambo set and surprisingly, it looks really good.
  8. Hey @extantsrevenge, Received my GoT steelbook set the other day, plus a second one. Have opened mine to watch, but hate to take the second set back. Are you going to open yours?

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