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  1. This week I finally received the long awaited KimchiDvd boxset of QTs Jackie Brown. Thanks MP! I also picked up the French version of Conan the Barbarian. Plus I grabbed Amazon Japans copy of OUaTiH.
  2. Hello @deckard99 Fantastic collection of BR2049. I believe it was a great film, and watched again just recently. I had a BR badge and gun made from a 3D printer. Purchased the badge before MP came out with theirs. Went on a buying frenzy for first BR when started collecting. Same thing happened with BR 2049. Really enjoyed seeing pics from your collection. Let me share with you what I have so far. Included in pics are some things I’ve collected but not everything: -JW Black label 2049 Scotch Bottle -Amazon France SB BR 2049 w/ soundtrack -BR suitcase These pics are from BR and BR 2049:
  3. Hello @DodgyDave Yeah when I went to BB, they only had two of these SB left. I did see the Pacific, but it was not a SB. Can you believe I've never seen this series? Heard a lot of good things about BoB. I will definelty have to binge watch this series, after I install additinal 8 shelf bookcase (for more room, of course) and install two helmet holders for my Iron Man and Black Panther helmets in my Avengers section. To be honest, I beleive it was a fluke that I ran across BoB SB. Had never seen it before; I frequent BB a lot. Best, Michael
  4. Latest SB’s. MP Black Friday purchases(so lucky to get these) BluFans Real Steel SB w/coin in box Elite Squad Thanks MP! Best Buy Band of Brothers SB Gemini Man SB Maleficent - Mistress of Evil SB Amazon Escape from New York SB Zavvi Cars 2 SB
  5. OK. Thank you for the quick reply. Signed up for GB Indiana Jones. Can’t wait for the Joker. Michael W.
  6. Hello @Luxury Bluray, Is the GB open yet for the Joker? If so, where can I find the link. Thanks. Michael
  7. SB delivery’s for Wednesday. Joker SB from BB. Alien boxset from FAC. Also received Alien 4K SB which looks amazing. Been anticipating this collection for a while. Welcome home.
  8. Received HMV version of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood SB. Also, thanks to MP and @ksosk for the postcards. Next is Deathproof boxset.
  9. Received Avengers: Infinity War; Reservoir Dogs; Total Recall and Arnold Schwarzenegger Collection SB for Christmas. Also, here is my current WeET collection: Avengers: Infinity War; Spider Man: Far From Home (plenty front); Venom with plenty front; Guardians of the Galaxy. All box sets. HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!
  10. Hello, I do have a tattoo. I had it put on while I was in the Air Force. It's from my favorite hair band from the 80's: Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood album. Here is the artowrk from the album:
  11. Had a few new arrivals over the past few days. Some blu-ray boxsets; some steel; some VHS tapes. New IB Future Shop Brand New and sealed. New Aquaman FAC and the other Aquaman boxset’s I have.
  12. Beautiful pics. I’ve been to the resort town of Banff, in Alberta Canada. Our hotel was buil down the side of mountain. Could reach out and touch the Rockies.
  13. I too live in Missouri, a town named Republic just outside of Springfield. I was a male flight attendant for over twenty years. I’ve traveled across the globe many times and have been to many countries. I reside here now because this is where I grew up and I have family still here. Branson is a resort area that is 45 miles SE from me.
  14. Hello @goose_3387, I was wondering if I could update my banner pic. I found a couple of pic that I actually like better. When you have time could you take a look. I will show you my first, second and third choice. Thanks. Michael

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