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  1. Hi @Scary Hair I would like 1 x  First Man (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (HMV Exclusive)  sent o the USA, please. Thanks.




  2. Hello Ann,

    I understand there has been a majority of HdZeta BR 2049 steelbooks that have been damaged.  The idea now is to sell the shell of the BR 2049 steelbook, meaning just the collector's folder with the goodies minus the BR 2049 steelbook and discs, and to have a new GB.


    My question is since I have already paid for the previous version of the HDZeta BR 2049 4K ultra lenti, do I have to participate in the new GB as well to secure a copy?




    Michael (mwatkins02)  

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    2. Scary Hair

      Scary Hair



      YEP sit back and relax ❤?

    3. Masterblaster


      If i might jump in here to maybe make something clear ... 


      there are now 2 GBs for the BR2049 release of HDZeta .....


      1. BR2049 Steelbook with everything... this one you have joined and paid ... just now have to wait for them to be shipped, recieved and sent further on to you  !


      2. BR2049 JUST the Slipcover and its goodies (NO STEELBOOK or DISCS) ... this one you have not joined , but can do so if you are also wanting one of the Slipcovers without STEELBOOK and DISC.


      Hope that clears it up for everyone who still had questions....


      Take care



    4. mwatkins02


      Got it. Thanks, Master Blaster.  I can't help but state this, and I mean no disrespect,  "Master Blaster control Border town." I'm sure you get that a lot, and if not I'm the putz. Thanks again John for the info.





  3. OK. Danke für die Information. Sehr geschätzt.
  4. Has anyone seen or found any new pics of the new re-release of Deadpool at Filmarena or Fnac?
  5. OK, just watched the trailer and May 18th cannot come quick enough.
  6. Maximum effort! I can't wait for DP2. I have forgotten how many times I've watched the first one. I'm gonna have to check out the trailer .
  7. No, I just noticed this thread and read the posts and thought it sounded really cool. But thanks anyway.
  8. Me too. And I was so excited I finally got through to pre-order the purple one.
  9. Come to find out it looks as though Poturgal will be using a Mondo steelbook instead of the purple one they orginally posted.
  10. Come to find out it looks as though Poturgal will be using a Mondo steelbook instead of the purple one they orginally posted.
  11. Thanks. I never posted before. I wasn't quite sure what I was doing. Just knew I had to type. Thanks for your help. I won't it let it happen it a again ( or will hopefully) not let it happen again.

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