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  1. Great pics as ever @megabee I have just received too, but just for safe, for we that have ordered all 3 box, we will receive with the same numeration? Thank you.
  2. Someone that have try the 4k disc,can tell me of present Italian Audio on the disc? Thank you.
  3. Another question, the 5d lenticular cover card It's inside the edition? I ask before out there isn't. Thanks for the GB.
  4. I just received, but not the number that I have ask..... Now for the other 2 title that I suppose will ve release, we can have the same number or not? Thanks for the answer.
  5. Good news for the box, but for preorder this big box for the three one click, how can we do? We order the one click of the three movies in single gb post and automatic we have the big box or how? Thank you Ps in the single gb post I see early some name (incluse mine) *NM...what mean *NM? Thank you again
  6. I would like be a Gold member, I must be before silver member?
  7. Yeeeeeessssssss........I love it Thank you John and all the Mediapsychos's staff
  8. John sorry for my comment but I am falling in love for Gal....and I cant wait for this release ? Anyway, I'll waiting all the necessary time. Thank you (and at all the Mediapsychos's staff) for you help.
  9. Thank you at all staff for the big help....now sorry for the ask, I have received the invoice, can i proced to payment? After this action, how I must proced? I must send a mp at someone or what? Sorry but It's my first GB here. Thank you.

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