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  1. Sorry for the duplicate add. I just remembered Im already on the list.
  2. Even though it does not give me an "UPDATE" option? It will submit as a NEW REQUEST.
  3. @Benoit46 @ukade2327 Please update my request to One Click. #6 on the list. Thanks Gents!
  4. Great! @Benoit46 @ukade2327 Then YES, i would like to update to OneClick for all 3. I was under the impression I had already. Guess i was wrong. Ill send the request for the other two. ?
  5. If we want to UPDATE to a Box Set, should we wait for the option to be added on the request or do we post here? Same for the other two(2) releases? Thanks. @Benoit46 @ukade2327
  6. On a much brighter side.. this is what i received last month... @Masterblaster Thanks for throwing a SC protective case for my JL Box Set with my delivery! Couldn't fit any better! It's snug not loose but with plenty of air to flow in between walls to slide in our out without any problem... just PERFECT. I will definitely be ordering a pack for my current and future HDZ Gold Box Sets! And thanks to all who put all the time and effort to put these GB's together for us, and @DodgyDave for my flow of collectors # for my HDZ orders!
  7. I'll periodically post my current and upcoming goods. Last moth was a great for deliveries.. TODAY HOWEVER, WAS A DIFFERENT FEELING... Don't know what the postal service is doing with these boxes.. but seems to me that his box in particular was use as a stool-step. Surprised Miguel made it out in what appears to be good shape. Slip cover is slightly at an angle and with a dent towards the back of the spine. PRAYING that when I unwrap (since now ill have to) the steelbook survived such abuse and that it doesn't have any type of damage. Moved it around and felt with a light press around sealed slip and there seems to be no damage or noise of loose or broken pieces. I DOUBT it would have survived without that protective foam..
  8. @FN-2187 Looks like they were going for a Mission Impossible title. It does however go with that silly looking steelbook. I probably would have ignored the slip title if it would have been WEA for the steel. I guess our only hope is in the hands of MantaLab for this one. Though the Lenti on this would probably look great, minus the title.
  9. @45Caliber Is there any information as to what the price for this "no steelbook" edition will be? Or any guess?
  10. Agreed! I'm with you on that! HDZ seems to be doing all the DC releases. So I'm just getting the FS for the ML edition just to complete the Manta Exclusives and for the WEA on the individual releases.. besides, for a movie that I personally did not enjoy that much.. i think I've already more than triple dipped on too many editions. And like @45Caliber mentioned, the same artwork just keeps getting tossed around just placed in a slant or on the back of the slips, front or steelbook. So not really exciting to see Mantas release come in after HDZ's announcement. Either way.. kudos to everyone seeking that preferred edition or ALL of them. Best of luck to you and your wallets!
  11. So its safe to assume that this box set will be like all the other previously released and its latest predecessor, WW. We will have the DL, SL 4k and the SL Slip with goodies inside which will be the exact same Slip as the SL not included in the box set. Hopefully the Box that holds them has a Lenti cover! ?
  12. @extantsrevenge ? I must admit.. I was a bit surprised and baffled to see these posts but did not have too much hope/excitement since i know they are OOP releases (at least the ones previously released) But it is an appealing new look at MLIFE and WCL to have on MP! Thanks for the updates!
  13. @45Caliber @ksosk Yeah.. i figured.. I just thought that maybe i had imagined seeing this be released last year.. I have been searching for this one for a while. I was only able to find 1 copy on ebay 3 moths ago and now its gone. ? But it is good to see what prior editions have been released by MLIFE and WCL, should keep us all on our toes for future releases.. especially since they are really low print runs.
  14. @ksosk that's what i thought.. it would have been a confusing but wonderful surprise if we did. So we are just getting a list with pictures of what has already been released by MLIFE? That is such a TEASE! ?

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