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  1. I can help you guys if you want i have a great Fnac here near my house and can send you the release if you want
  2. Good news ! It is Plain Archive Edition ..? Gb will be create ? Direct or Hub ?
  3. Oh nice 😲 It is Plain Archive Edition ..? Gb will be create ? Direct or Hub ?
  4. Holy crap this edition is beautiful !! and this Arc Reactor 🤩😱 but where is 3D disc 🤕😭 3D is really hard to find now ...
  5. @extantsrevenge when BS will be revealed ? what is the range for the price about this edition ? Thanks
  6. That’s sounds good for me @ksosk ! you are in the right place for repeat it again as I was away and didn’t know yet that 😁 Thanks for the info ! can’t wait to check the BS 😁
  7. Idem pour moi je viens de remarqué que mon exemplaire n’est pas présent. @Benoit46 penses-tu le recevoir avec les Endgame Target ? Tu devrais recevoir aussi un sticker Gold Label de rechange par MasterBlaster pour mon Oc RPO HDZ qui ne l’avait pas sur le recto du lenti.
  8. That’s true all people told me that ! I have tried many time to grab the 4K Zavvi exclusive steelbook but really not easy 😟
  9. Yes I know sorry sorry 😂 shame on me hahaa i should go to the cinema for watching the actual movie version 😅
  10. @extantsrevenge man you have preorder Alita Hot Toys !!? I’m jealous 😁 I have too much preorder stuff for my favorite Avengers : Iron-Man and really hesitate to preorder Alita too 😅

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