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[Help?] Movie shelves - Space problem

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Hey guys,


I have an extreme space problem and I need some help, because I can't hardly make a decision which decorated shelf to dissolve. So that I have more space for all the other blu-rays.


Please take a look - thank you.


@Masterblaster@ukade2327@45Caliber@Scary Hair@Benoit46@Darogal@ksosk@extantsrevenge@nefilim@PRIAPISM@larson1977@psychoscot@Sicksol@3rasus@atomicblonde@forenhase@sepultura007



20170414_142638 Kopie.jpg

20170414_142748 Kopie.jpg

20170414_142821 Kopie.jpg

20170414_142843 Kopie.jpg

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15 minutes ago, Bunaldinho said:

Thanks for your post and compliment :)

So you say the shelfes with less decorations should go... ? Maybe Wanted as well or the half of space...


Maybe you can make the turtle shelf into half so the left half you can put all the turtles but the right side you can start a new display =)

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Amazing display @Bunaldinho !! ?


but obviously make a theme:

Steelbook + object take up a lot of space

at one time I had the same kind of presentation.  ;)

but today for lack of space I have a showcase for film collectors and my shelves for steelbooks ..



the presentation is less cool than you ?

but mandatory to save a lot of space.?

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Hey Alex,


bah did you move ? 


Cause i dont remember your room being that big .. and all that stuff ?! 


Its been a while so im guessing your done alot to it since i was visiting ...


I personally would also get rid of the Turtles , well not get rid of but you understand what i mean.


I would also utilize that shelf where you have the 3 steels facing forward, ID , Minority Report and that other one ....


Also that Drive painting is taking WAY too much room  .  My suggestion , take it down , roll it up and send it to your friend John LOL...


Generally speaking though i LOVE the Wanted display and the Godfather shelf as well.  The Disney shelf looks too cramped for my taste , but i realize space is here the issue.


@Benoit46 is nothing but a show off ? so dont let him stier you in the wrong direction ... ?


Take care



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No John, I didn't move, but as long as I remember ... you already saw the big shelves when you were here...?

The Turtles did a ninja roll and jumped over into the glass cabinet to visit the other mutant Wolverine. xD

And yea you're right, the disney shelves are very cramped, thats the right word! It will be rearranged...


LOL referring to the Drive Poster!  ?

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@Bunaldinho was this just a sneaky way of showing off your collection? We don't need to be sneaky around here. ?


I'm constantly running out of space, which leaves me with no real way to display things. They just sit side by side on shelves (which is why I HATE spines without titles!) Someday when we're in our forever home, I'll designate an area for my most prized editions. 


It's really a very subjective thing you ask, which is why I don't have a suggestion. To say you should nix a shelf would only be indicative of my personal preference, which would be for less Disney and more horror movies! See, there I go. ?



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@Scary Hair

I already found movies I didn't remember that I'm owning them haha.

Beside the space problem inside the shelves, I have an space problem in between my whole room LOL - no space left for any other shelf! xD



I know it's very subjective, but I'm still happy with any suggestion. It makes my decision way easier in form of comparing my 50/50 decision to others...

And no, it wasn't a sneaky way to show my collection hahaha, because I already have all of the pictures uploaded into my gallery here, since John brought me here... BUT if you guys interessted I can open a thread for it xD

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@Bunaldinho Awesome collection, awesome display I'm loving it ?


I'm not such a big Turtle Fan myself, so I would take these down.


Sadly the problem with collecting is you're running out of space all the time. I'm not only collecting steelbooks, I also collect comics and the almost 8 thousand need room as well ? And don't forget all the other stuff. Sometimes it is depressing, when you want to display something and can't. Most of my stuff is in two rows. Comics back, Steelbooks front.


I really need to get a display case, yours and @Benoit46 looks so nice with the figures in them ?

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Thnak you for your comment! :)

I can't remove The Hobbit, in fact of a sentimental reason. The "Key to Erebor" was a gift from a very special version. I have to display it...

And I'm a total TMNT Fan since my childhood, but it has to go, to much space for less pieces.



Thank so much for your compliment.

You're right, I could and would display more than only the few I do, but less space is the breakdown.

Would like to see your Comic Book Collection!



Naja. Mehr Platz als ich hast du aber, schon alleine von der Fläche her xD




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@sepultura007 wie ich sehe hat es sich schon geklärt ? Dein Alien Regal ist so toll ? Ich bin auch ein riesen Alien & Terminator Fan, nur leider kann ich die Sachen kaum zum ansehen hinstellen ?


@Bunaldinho I would like to see my Comic Collection as well ?, but at the moment you can only see the top of the Comic Spines, since my Steelbooks are blocking the view ?

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