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  1. We all have our obsessions. Some can never have enough shoes or wombats, for we it is movies. Personally, I’ve begun scaling back dramatically in how many multiples I need unless the transfers of the films or extras on the discs offer something new. It’s not that I don’t “want” more editions, it’s just a matter of priority. For me, there are so many films that I love, that I’d prefer to spend the money on diversity of titles over slips. When I get 10 premium editions of 1 film, I end up not being able to afford 20 other new releases that I would like to have in my collection.
  2. They always have a lot of coals in the fire and some are more logistically challenging to get out. It always seems the things you are awaiting the most take the longest, but the reality is that all legitimate releases do. Working with studios in itself is an extremely long process and production hurdles after that only add to the wait.
  3. T2 E3 dispatch and Ragnarok Hardboxes. Both are major releases for them.
  4. I will look for it. Perhaps it's on the Criterion Channel.
  5. It truly is. Also, I literally just got this in the mail, but knowing it was coming is likely why it was fresh in my mind. As you say, it's a matter of mood and certainly timing. In this case, the anticipation of watching a newly restored release.
  6. I was forced to watch this in like 5th grade and it bored me to tears at the time, so I will likely never revisit it.
  7. There is no shame in not having seen all of a century's worth of films. My mind is literally bursting with candidates. Maybe I should just do a top 50 dump. 😃
  8. If you liked that, may I present 10 reluctantly omitted? Paul Newman - Cool Hand Luke Jack Nicholson - Chinatown Jean Seberg - Lilith John Wayne - The Searchers Steve McQueen - The Sand Pebbles Al Pacino - The Godfather, Part II Faye Dunaway - Bonnie & Clyde Sidney Poitier - Lillies of the Field Alain Delon - Le Samouraï Robert Deniro - Taxi Driver
  9. This came to mind too, as well as Denzel Washington in Glory. 2 of my favorite supporting performances.
  10. Yes, this is certainly no easy task and I'm still hard-pressed to name but 10 as THE best, but here are 10 I am consistently awed by. Marlon Brando - On the Waterfront Montgomery Clift - A Place in the Sun Paul Newman - The Verdict Gene Hackman - The French Connection Takashi Shimura - Ikiru Jean-Paul Belmondo - Breathless Barbara Stanwyck - Stella Dallas James Dean - East of Eden Charles Chaplin - Limelight Jimmy Stewart - Vertigo
  11. Dang. I would’ve gotten M, Dirty Harry & Peeping Tom.
  12. I can fill a couple not already answered.
  13. Love Hereditary. Most anticipated / disappointing to me was Matrix Reloaded.
  14. That’s the spirit. Who really cares what anyone else says? I find all the social media posturing these days of people trying to tear someone down for having said or done something years ago to be extremely tiresome. We’re all human and not a one of us is perfect.

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