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  1. My personal feeling is that it may have been a slight misinterpretation. In the same communication they said they were continuing work on FB2, they also newly announced 2 OAB titles. I think those channels may have crossed.
  2. I think if there’s enough art to justify 3 slips, there’s little reason to not have a box. I still don’t get the point of the shoeboxes as an addition once 1C boxes were produced. They’re nice looking, but not especially practical.
  3. Blufans has only stated there will be no storage box (shoebox), despite the 1/4 slip option. Elsewhere, a 1C has just simply not been listed as an “edition”. There is about zero probability the print run will increase. 4K is costly to license in China and this is essentially a catalog release at this point.
  4. Haha. I don't think either should quit, but should be more selective. Denzel is great in Roman J. Isreal ,Esq. Willis is doing anything for a paycheck these days.
  5. @Michael hillaby further yet, WWA = Worldwide Art, WEA = World Exclusive Art. BE (Blufans Exclusive) = WEA and has 3 editions in a boxset. OAB may be a single edition only, or if there are more than one WWA steelbook used, there may be multiple in a box (like the recent Jurassic World 2 release). WEA aren't necessarily always better, but they are more limited, which makes them more desirable to collectors.
  6. I'm just the opposite. I'm generally not a fan of their WEA steelbooks, but they make great slips; especially the Fullslips are almost always the best.
  7. Wow @raylight! That is a very impressive collection of editions.
  8. I advise against reading things on FB. There is often misinformation or just simply poorly worded translation. When changes are formalized, we will update accordingly.
  9. @forenhase has a very good point. It would be extremely hard to move 4000 WEA as single editions. Partially because the numbers would be so diluted. Great, #1589 of #2000! Ragnarok is WWA and they only have to take and sell an amount far less that WEA requires. Also, it would be very hard to find new art to fill a Maniacs considering how extremely restrictive Disney is in what can be used. For the record, I got an EQ2 mostly because the WWAs are terrible and FAC's is fantastic!
  10. Newly received 4K steelbook releases. The UK edition of First Man and the US edition of Captain America: The First Avenger.
  11. A fantastic release of Braveheart from Black Barons. Thanks to Media Psychos for the Group Buy!

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