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  1. Now that is truly a give me. Howard Hawks. @Benoit46, please give this soul the award.
  2. No hard feelings, except that you will feel my wrath when it’s that one special release you covet. 😂 I am seriously too brain dead to recall trivial details of things.
  3. Oh, not Untouchable! Yes, he was very touchable. Starman, AIR @deckard99?
  4. @R1s1ngs0n I blew it huh? At least you know I’m not Googling which is so very very tempting.
  5. @45Caliber - actually, Oscar Wallace sounds off.
  6. This does not please me. ☹️
  7. @R1s1ngs0n point for bringing up one of my all time favorite movies. Are we keeping scores? I really think you should and I place 7th, always.
  8. @deckard99 says fat chance because he’s the Destroyer of Worlds.
  9. No one told me we had to wear pants for this.
  10. Believe it or not, I have but a sad, skimpy amaray. I am very much looking forward to see what Manta will bring to the table, however.
  11. For some reason, District 7 popped in my head. Damn 7s. I can't shake them.
  12. The whole thing is a strange one, really. They said they would be trying something different and I guess 2 boxes with a mix of WEA and WWA was it. Considering the generally very low quantities for OAB, I wouldn’t be surprised if none were sold outside the 1Cs. Given the very small print run, in general, I wouldn’t even be surprised if no singles end up being sold. I just really hope people don’t put all their eggs in 1 basket because as we can see here, there is going to be a lot more demand than supply, however they slice it.
  13. They stated no exclusion from single sale; HOWEVER, the 1Cs will be sold first in China and the singles may be adjusted accordingly. This is why it's highly advisable that those only wanting 1 edition select a backup option with "First Available".

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