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  1. Worth keeping in mind that Ragnarok took a LONG time from announcement to release. I had practically forgotten about it, then BAM!
  2. Haha. As yet, I've only gotten the Target steelbook, same as UK (No 4K). I love Wick 3 though; it's so action-packed, the others seem slow on a rewatch.
  3. This is the same 2013 remaster, just with extras. Boutique labels just haven't gotten into 4K pressings yet. Kino is one of the first with their Hannibal 4K release.
  4. Zavvi actually promoted it as 4K, but it's right in the specs that it's not. Yes, even though Arrow has utilized 4K sources, they've yet to actually release a title in 4K.
  5. @icewire This is not a 4K release. It is Blu-Ray from a 4K scan.
  6. Now that is truly a give me. Howard Hawks. @Benoit46, please give this soul the award.
  7. No hard feelings, except that you will feel my wrath when it’s that one special release you covet. 😂 I am seriously too brain dead to recall trivial details of things.
  8. Oh, not Untouchable! Yes, he was very touchable. Starman, AIR @deckard99?
  9. @R1s1ngs0n I blew it huh? At least you know I’m not Googling which is so very very tempting.
  10. @45Caliber - actually, Oscar Wallace sounds off.
  11. @R1s1ngs0n point for bringing up one of my all time favorite movies. Are we keeping scores? I really think you should and I place 7th, always.
  12. @deckard99 says fat chance because he’s the Destroyer of Worlds.
  13. No one told me we had to wear pants for this.
  14. Believe it or not, I have but a sad, skimpy amaray. I am very much looking forward to see what Manta will bring to the table, however.

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