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MP Bunny Hunt 2024: Bunny Bingo #1 Game Challenge! (Registration is Closed, Game is finish!) Day 6 Numbers are drawn!


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Bunny Bingo Game Challenge #1

(Numbers can be submitted until the end of sunday the 3rd/Game starts on the 4th)


Psycho Bunnies hold on the community is increasing, to losen his grip on reality we will fight him with numbers. For that we will play 4 Bunny Bingos, they will start on the 4th (Game 1), 11th (Game 2 see here), 18th (Game 3 see here) and 25th (Game 4 see here).


Each Member can participate with 1 Bingo grid per Bingo Game.


The bingo field is 4 x 4 large and can included the numbers 1-50



37 12 38 23
15 50 47 29
5 21 39 16
48 7 18 25



You must submit your bingo grid/numbers in the Bunny Bingo Topic before the first numbers for the game are drawn. Important it is not allowed to edit the post with your numbers, doing so will get you disqualified.


Each day we will draw 3 numbers, like on regular bingo you need to check if you have the numbers.


If you get a Bingo you have to post it.


(Game Masters will confirm)


After 5 Bingos are declared the game will end.


A Bingo can be realized with having all the numbers in a row (left to right, up to down or diagonal)



37 12 38 23
15 50 47 29
5 21 39 16
48 7 18 25


Each number you have that is drawn is worth 1 Point, a Bingo will earn you 5 additional points.


Bunny Bingo Deutsche Angleitung hier. Danke @raylight

And now lets play some



Numbers drawn on 04.03. (14 - 22 - 11)



Numbers drawn on 05.03. (30 - 26 - 47)

Illuminated Circles Intro_game001_round2.gif


Numbers drawn on 06.03. (34 - 31 - 43)

Illuminated Circles Intro_game001_round3.gif


Numbers drawn on 07.03. (06 - 18 - 23)

Illuminated Circles Intro_game001_round4.gif


Numbers drawn on 08.03. (40 - 45 - 20)

Illuminated Circles Intro_game001_round5.gif


Numbers drawn on 09.03. (01 - 25 - 04)

Illuminated Circles Intro_game001_round6.gif

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  • extantsrevenge changed the title to MP Bunny Hunt 2024: Bunny Bingo #1 Game Challenge! (Numbers can be submitted until the end of sunday March the 3rd/Game starts on the 4th)
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1 hour ago, salamincheese said:

My Grid #1 🤑


11   48   27   09

08   33   16   25

42   02   55   49

33   69   76   07

Please choose only numbers between 1-50, I see 3 that are to high 😉


You can submit a complete new grid and we will disregard the first one 👌

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