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  1. As far as I know I have not changed a thing. Either you have seen the signature of another or I do not find out something 😄
  2. Thanks for the update. @ksosk Eager to see any image. Different MP boxes, tell us more! Yes, Angel of Verdun! Yes, more Full Metal Bitch! Yes, more Rita Vrataski!
  3. @CAYENNE-FAHRER Happy birthday to my good friend, enjoy your special day!
  4. I'm still staying with Demolition Man, it would be something fantastic.😃
  5. Noir21

    Movie News

    You beat me by 5 min haha. Marking in red that day on the calendar.😁
  6. Well, if you are convinced that you want at least one edition, you can register by clicking on the green button in the GB section and wait for the beauty photos to then choose. Please read the rules carefully before proceeding, thank you. Welcome!🙂
  7. A shame about those rejections. On the other hand, all that sounds good for the OC, I hope it is amazing.😁 More Rita please!😀
  8. Happy birthday to @DjcdreamS and to the cool @Fortis93 Enjoy your special day as much as possible!
  9. Much better if you see it if you have no idea of anything and if you have not seen trailers or things like that. I recommend viewing the chapters 3 at a time. In love with her i'm🥰
  10. 😍Absolutely wonderful😍
  11. No problem for me, you can continue with the conversation, I think there is enough time until this sees the light of day.🤣🤣
  12. Please, have someone open one of those Skynets so we can see how to avoid the machine uprising and the nuclear apocalypse! 😄

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