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  1. Yeah that is why I’ve been going from a One-click or two editions to just the one edition I like the most (so this is helping me quite a lot in my future buys... sometimes unfortunate though, but it has to be this way for quite a long time from now on)! 😉
  2. I guess even though I’m glad I’ll have many Premium editions from our GB’s, I just wish the invoices were further apart from each other (it is not the payments that bother me, it is having multiple invoices so close toward each other) it would be so much less stressful for me! 😏
  3. Veum

    Dies und Das

    🌑 good night to my fellow Psychos who need their rest now❣️😴 💤
  4. 🌑 good night to my fellow Psychos who need their rest now❣️😴 💤
  5. 🌑 good night to my fellow Psychos who need their rest now❣️😴 💤
  6. Just remember @LeGonze has those precious little ones 💕
  7. My main concern is why do almost ”all” these retailers have to have our funds right away in a GB and then take neons to deliver 😠 (& lately universally have QC issues, that is even with just blus... what’s the prob 🤔)
  8. This is exactly what I was thinking earlier & want! 👋
  9. I never mentioned anything about WeET not being enjoyable also... I love their editions (the more Lenti’s for me the better ) 😇
  10. Hopefully HDZeta/Blufans/UHD is not on your 💩 doo list... I absolutely adore my Lenti’s from them & Wood box sets too! 😘
  11. Awesome vid my friend @ryanbsmith, I love your calm & thorough presentation... I can not wait to see more of your “unboxing’s”... you are a real natural I think, well done😊

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