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  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one, thought I got a misprint or something lol, I also asked John if he knew it was supposed to be in Spanish and he told me to check with @ksosk.
  2. That shipping costing more than 50% of the actual item does hurt to look at though lol, Czech shipping companies making bank.
  3. Hey @LeGonze, You convinced me lol, is this the link to buy? https://www.filmarena-eng.com/blu-ray-fac-terminator-2-judgment-day-edition-3-maniacs-collectors-box-4k-ultra-hd-3d-2d-steelbook-extended-directors-cut-digitally-restored-version-limited-collectors-edition-numbered Cheers, Yasha
  4. Oh that's a nice bit of trivia, thanks for sharing @ksoskI have actually been meaning to ask you some questions about your role in a lot of these special editions as I see your name pop up a lot, such as when I bought the Batman HDZeta One Clicks and the mother box with the Lithographs inside and they all said designed/made by you. Did you really design all of these yourselves or do you have a team of people helping you, it's pretty amazing if done alone as there must be so much planning involved when it comes to the contents of all these collector's editions of hundreds and thousa
  5. DC is killin it this weekend, omg so much hype.
  6. Ytrerio

    Movie News

    That Zack Snyder JL trailer that dropped today hooo man. So freckin hyped, can't wait to watch this and own it physically.
  7. I'm from Macau and my wife is from Shanghai, I remember when this came out in theaters last year and she was so hyped to see a China animation film receive such good praise visibility in the US, can't wait to see the look on her face when this arrives hehe
  8. I did direct, lucky that John is in the US a few states away so mine stuff don't get stuck in customs or get quarantined during this pandemic.
  9. Damn I really love this movie and have been hoping to get a nice SE of it but it's too bad this is not 4K and therefore not region free, Amazon shows it is region B, wouldn't be able to play it in my player since I'm in the US
  10. Hey @Masterblaster, I would like to receive one as well, as well as op in for a chance to purchase the 2019/2020 coin if this is the correct place to do so, thanks! Cheers, Yasha

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