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  1. Usually worldwide artwork with a lenticular slip of some sort. They will post beauty shots before release. The titles might be different.Check with @Scary Hair and the mods to confirm
  2. I can second that. Credit to the human race. Most generous person I've met online or otherwise. Very caring and considerate. Helped me loads over the past year or so. Thanks @Scary Hair
  3. Just checked it and you are right. Didn't notice it but I would of thought they would advertise it in the title? It's a plus point for the set since it's a complete set for people looking for a 3d copy.
  4. Cool artwork. Best steelbook set but surprised it is not coupled with the statue. I thought a similar set to spiderman homecoming would be released. No 3d either only a bonus disc.
  5. @Ardi41 HMV was the place to go for steelbooks unfortunately they look like the are going into admistration. If you have a chance to drop in then have a look. I think they are clearing their stock as the stores near me are closing. Comic book stores forbidden planet is a good one. Comics and memorabilia. I think Fopp is a division of Hmv so maybe it will also dissappear. The Fopp was replaced by Hmv where I live. HMV was the last high street shop that has steelbooks, Cex is second hand stuff as mentioned above but mine doesn't tend to carry many steelbooks. You can use the onl
  6. Sounds good. Hopefully great artwork for the steel. I do like the fa version though.
  7. Nice artwork. This and batman vs superman for me. Potential zavvi release?
  8. Very cool. We get paper popcorn buckets and the occasional poster but nothing really collectable like yours.

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