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  2. Wow @raylight! That is a very impressive collection of editions.
  3. Here some impressions of my Star Wars Movie collection. Star Wars Episodes I-VI
  4. What do you think, what's next? How will they be able to strike the bows that Carrie Fisher has died in the meantime?! Luke will appear as a ghost? Will Snoke appear again?
  5. Whom do you mean? Jabba? He is an bounty hunter. He is being raced by darth vader to find the millenium falcon. He is the clone and adopted son of Jango Fett!
  6. is that not that big glob of something that mumbles jitter ?? Cant understand him .
  7. Discuss with me about whether you need this movie. Am I pleased, since you've been a fan of Boba Fett or not? I think, Fett is a interesting character and I always enjoyed reading the comics and books about him! ?
  8. Is Admiral Thrawn a pseudonym, no, I love him! from the Left: [Admiral Thrawn from Star Wars Rebels - Star Wars Black Series - Hasbro] [Admiral Thrawn from The Thrawn Trilogy (Comic + Book) - Gentle Giant] [Grand Moff Tarkin from Episode IV - Gentle Giant] [Darth Vader from Episode V - Hasbro] [and right in the Shadow ... Imperator Palpatine from Episode VI - Kotobukija] ?
  9. and from Episode VIII? not more Steelbooks?
  10. These are my first Star Wars steelbooks—a humble beginning and I guess my own version of a Force Awakens 1-Click. I'm still looking for the the BB8 Fullslip from the Blufans TFA editions, then my next buy will hopefully be the Rogue One 1-Click.

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