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A Chinese Ghost Story Calligraphic Collector Art Book (Artist Huang Shui Bin) [Hong Kong]

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Hi guys,


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a very talented illustrator in Hong Kong, Huang Shui Bin.

He did illustrated booklet for  A Better Tomorrow previously and they are gorgeous.


His most recent work is A Chinese Ghost Story and I spent weeks hunting it down 😃

I ordered a few sets for Media Psychos and they are confirmed stock. A GB will be put out soon, but I don't know how many will even be interested.

If the response is overwhelming, please understand that any request beyond the copies I have reserved may not be serviced due to stock limitation.











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Got my copy of the A Chinese Ghost Story Artbook/Portfolio and I can tell you it is absolutely amazing😍.


The artist is very talented, each piece is beautiful 👍. The quality of the product is also terrific. 15 pages that show the beginning of the movie (I guess these are the first pages for the planned Graphic Novel) and 13 stunning single pictures :wow:. Everything is great here 😍. Also copy is signed and numbered (I got 440). As a huge fan of the movies I'm very happy that I was able to get this amazing item.


Thank you so much @ksosk for finding this and organising some copies for us. I hope the artist will finish the Graphic Novel, judging by the first few pages it would turn out awesome.


Before I forget our great @ksosk also add 2 terrific bonus prints 😳😍.


Love everything. Here are some pictures to make the waiting for your copies more bearable 😄 ( @Toapel @Grendel @capricornio34232 @monanza @Mliddell @Lil_henny_lauren )


A Chinese Ghost Story - Art - Media Psychos 1


A Chinese Ghost Story - Art - Media Psychos 2A Chinese Ghost Story - Art - Media Psychos 3A Chinese Ghost Story - Art - Media Psychos 4A Chinese Ghost Story - Art - Media Psychos 5A Chinese Ghost Story - Art - Media Psychos 6A Chinese Ghost Story - Art - Media Psychos 7


I almost forgot to make a picture with the movie 😅 I really wish someone would do a great release, the subs on the Korea Edition are not good 😪.

Would love to have the WCL edition, but I guess that will remain a dream

A Chinese Ghost Story - Art - Media Psychos 8


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