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  2. Come on guys, show us what you got I'll do a big update this week.... but am very curious about your collections!
  3. GreenLight Hollywood Collectibles John Wick Scale Model Cars (part 1&2):
  4. My modest collection thus far: I'll get the 4K of JW2 as well to put in the BB steel (as I did with 1), then I'm out until JW3!
  5. Your collection is AMAZING! I could only wish/dream! Great job!!!!
  6. Looks like you can't post if you're not member of the Club. @larson1977 what an amazing collection ? Makes me want to buy more stuff myself. I actually have not seen the 2nd Movie yet, but I bought the new US Steelbooks to open.
  7. My John Wick Part 2 Collection: Fysical Media: NovaMedia Triplet (1/4 slip pending) Various Steelbooks (same design, different countries/finishes: Best Buy US, German & Italian = Embossed!) Various Steelbooks (Dutch, French & FNAC Exclusive = 2 discs!) UHD / 4K discs (UK, US & German) Soundtrack John Wick Part 2
  8. I invite everybody to the Continental to show off their JW shizzle
  9. My John Wick Part 1 Collection: Fysical Media: Nova Media Quartet Filmarena Triplet Dutch Metalpack, German & French Steelbook Amazon.Jp Exclusive (Japan) & Best Buy (US) steelbook German Mediabook (+ John Wick Notebook on right) Various Amaray editions (Finland,Danish, Dutch, UK, US, Italian & Canadian) UHD / 4K Editions (US & Australian) Soundtrack John Wick Part 1


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We are a great site committed to bringing together Collectors from all around the globe . We offer Groupbuys at Cost.  We offer many more things then your average Community. Come in and try us , we are sure you will Like us for sure.

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