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  1. Wow! Simply amazing @ksosk! Thanks to you all for the hard work getting these movies and the extra touches like these.
  2. @HeightOfFolly Yeah I thought the same thing but I understand now they're just looking after trademarks. Unfortunately I never did get the movies and was told the whole package was scheduled to be destroyed. I'm in the process of trying to get my money back from novamedia but they say they won't give a refund until they get the movies back so not sure how this is going to work out. I fear I'll have to go through my credit card company to get the refund. It was a bit over $1,800 so it wasn't chump change.
  3. @deckard99 Yeah I thought that might have had something to do with it too. Fingers crossed I can get some resolution to it.
  4. @capricornio34232 Sorry to hear you had this hassle too. Mine was a very large order as well and the one thing I'm counting on is that I can contact my credit card company and have the charges reversed if Nova isn't willing to do it on their own or reship the order. I hope your luck has changed at least with ordering these premiums. I've had great luck with KimchiDVD so am hoping this is an isolated incident.
  5. @deckard99 Thanks for the advice. I figured they have never had this problem either which is why I thought it so odd. I just replied to John going over the who conversation that I went through with Nova and customs. They tried everything they could but it just didn't work out. From now on I'm only having stuff shipped to me when I'm out of the country so I don't have to deal with this hassle. Thanks for the reply though. Greg
  6. @Masterblaster Hi John. Thanks for taking the time to assist on this matter. The list is quite extensive and not cheap which is why I'm freaking out about this. The order was (2) The Last Witch Hunter, (2) Mechanic: Resurrection, (2) Valerian Double Pack, (1) Nightcrawler 1/4 Slip, (1) Nightcrawler Full Slip, (1) Nightcrawler Lenticular Slip, (2) The Grey Boxset, (2) Reservoir Dogs Box Set, (2) Pulp Fiction Box Set and lastly (4) Taken Boxset. I do understand that I'm the importer but I just figured a company as large and well known as Nova Media would have all their bases covered on this matter. Nova said they didn't have the specific document but gave me their business license which they said in Korea gives them the rights to sell these movies as well as use the copyrighted names listed. They also gave me a copy of the studio permission to use and sell the Valerian movie across all formats. Lastly they gave me a notarized letter stating their products are not counterfeit and that their product is licensed for distribution by INFO BOOK (licensee for South Korea region) and packaged/distributed by Novamedia. They tried everything they could but unfortunately none of it was successful. The woman who I was dealing with tried submitting everything I was sent but customs was very intent on only accepting the letters of authorization from both Blu-Ray and DTS in order to uphold their copyright. She said those letters are commonly known things in the industry if you are selling products with those copyrighted names. As of 9/13 this is the last message I received about this shipment. " Greg, Per U.S. Customs, NOVA MEDIA is not Licensed, shipment will be abandon for destruction by U.S. Customs. " Looks like at this point I just have to try and get a refund or another shipment from Novamedia unless I can get customs the documentation they require within the next week. The woman I was dealing with said they only give you about 10 days to provide the documentation but they are so backlogged that it may take weeks for them to actually get around to destroying the package. One thing I was told that kind of makes sense is that they only inspect about 100 of every 1,000 packages and unfortunately mine was chosen as one of the 100 and with President Trump getting so strict on Chinese imports they are checking more and more packages from Asia. Sorry for this long message but I wanted to include everything I know to this point. Thanks again for responding and any help you may be able to provide to make sure this doesn't happen in the future Greg
  7. Thanks for helping me get this in the right place. I'm hoping some US members have some answers...
  8. Hey all, I've recently bought a bunch of movies from Nova Media but they are being held in US customs and I've been told I need to get a letter of authorization from blu-ray and DTS in order for customs to release the movies. I've contacted Nova Media but they don't seem to have the appropriate paperwork. Has anyone else experienced anything like this and if so how did you deal with it? If I can't provide US customs with the paperwork they need they say everything will be destroyed as if it's counterfeit merchandise. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks pyschos, Greg
  9. Hey everybody! I've only been collecting about a year so not a lot of Blufans yet, but luckily I do have more than 10. I'll kill it when we get to the other distributors. Sorry no Media Psychos items but I'm in several groupbuys so hopefully they'll be coming soon.

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