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HDZETA Media Psychos HDZeta Award

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Welcome Media Psychos Members!


We're happy to announce our second new award already ☺️ it also focus on what we all love OUR COLLECTIONS 👍


It will be the HDZeta Collector award. Any easy choise considering that Media Psychos is the best way to get HDZeta releases.


Like the Blufans Award it will also have 3 stages. Each stage will be harder to get and we will introduce the other two stages at a later point.


1st Stage: HDZeta Collector (Members need 10 Editions to get this)

2nd Stage: HDZeta Treasure Hunter (Members need 25 Editions to get this) (read the reveal here)

3rd Stage: HDZeta Psycho (Members can choose 1 of  5 ways (as described in the reveal here) to receive this award)


To get the HDZEta Collector award and follow up awards or other retailer awards you are required to have a specific amount of releases from that retailer and you have to show us a nice picture of that, really simple. The picture has to include your Media Psychos member card or other Media Psychos stuff, it can be a simple piece of paper on which you write your member name @ mediapsychos.com (for example). It really doesn't take that much time to add something like that and makes the pictures even more exciting for the community.


For the HDZeta Collector award, you need 10 HDZetaeditions (and yes a 1-Click Boxsets count for all the editions they have inside, Special Packs are also an edition). 

For the HDZeta Treasure Hunter award, you need 25 HDZEta editions (and yes a 1-Click Boxsets count for all the editions they have inside, Special Packs are also an edition). 

For the HDZeta Psycho Award members can choose 1 of  5 ways (as described here). Each way requires to reach a different goal.


@ksosk did the designs for both awards 🙏

            HDZeta Collector                                HDZeta Treasure Hunter                       HDZeta Psycho

409698356_HDZetaCollectorAward.png.33f285722859aa00e9f1930cd1415c66.png            704497508_HDZetaTreasureHunter.jpeg.a9d10675f10610eae88e3bd830586f9c.jpeg    HDzetaPsycho.png.11fed84de7cdfc711029e0637479eb43.png


A list of all HDZeta Gold Label releases can be found here, the list for the Silver Label titles is here.


And don't expect us to only have awards for specific retailers in the future, we will have many other fun stuff for you to get. The next award will be coming in a few days but we wanted to give members who might not yet get the Blufans award the chance to get this one.


A list of all awards can be found in our Award Central.


We hope many of you participate. And don't forget to show your appreciation for all the great pictures posted here and give them some likes 😊


If you would like your pictures featured on Media Psychos Social Media Presence, check out this post.

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Here is an example on how to get the HDZeta Collector award 1f60a.png How you present your editions/picture is up to you, but it would be nice, if you show some love to Media Psychos the best place to get all those nice Editions. Please excuse the angle of my picture, but I really wanted to show you how great our program for matching numbers on HDZeta releases is for long time GB participants ?


The award will be given to you when I or another team member checked your picture, you can tag me if you like.




and now enjoy getting this Award ?


(also I made this picture before we deceided that the Boxsets with Special Pack count only as 2 editions, so technically the picture shows only 9 editions, please be assured I have plenty more, for example here ?

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thanks so much for participating @icewire @bond1976 @capricornio34232 @cypheria078 @zones1445 @sepultura007 @Digitale_Kunst @Toapel @Sanson great pictures, you have all received the HDZeta Collector award.


Not your fault @Toapel it was all in one topic just a few minutes ago, but we decided to split them, to make it more clear for everyone ?

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@Hatori @B-bone @ukade2327 @Kingpin @45Caliber @deckard99 awesome pictures, terrific edition. You're all HDZeta Collector ?


Thanks for participating, please don't hesitate to show off your award around the forum for other members to see (you only need to post for that ?)

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