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  1. Since December 2017, There is my Blufans Exclu and OAB Collection :
  2. Update of my Blufans collections now extended to all Blufans Exclusive titles and Some OAB. And in extra my marvel and Disney KimchiDVD Collection.
  3. @ksosk For this collection, I took about 2 month to gather all these steelbook and boxes (Started Asian Edtion Steelbook in Décembre 2017) and now I won't take French Steelbook, Only asian or UK or US or Filmarena.
  4. And now To complete my DC collection, I'm Looking for a Wonder Woman One Click Hdzeta Sealed so if Someone in Europe have it and want to sell it with correct price, send me a private message. Thank You Looking for too : Logan Filmarena Sealed (Lenticular 3D Full Slip Edition #2) Ant Man Zaavi Lenticular Sealed or Like New First Avenger Zaavi Lenticular Sealed or Like New Frozen Zaavi Lenticular Sealed or Like New Moana Best Buy Sealed or Like New
  5. @extantsrevenge I Think my prefered one is Thor 1 and after Civil War Captain America and Iron Man Together
  6. Hi, So my Blufans Lenticular Marvel and Disney Collection is now complete, I made some photos of this collection. Enjoy it And a Wink to FRANCE ^-^
  7. Hi, So my Blufans Lenticular Marvel and Disney Collection is now complete, I made some photos of this collection. Enjoy it
  8. Hi, I just received today my order for Suicide Squad Hdzeta Lenticular and especially Edge Of Tomorrow Hdzeta Double Lenticular. I find Edge of Tomorrow very Beautiful.
  9. Now I need to get the last Marvel Blufans I don't have and After I just need to pre-order the new steelbooks for the Disney, Marvel and DC Licences. I limit my self with those 3 licences and some good movies but It's alrealdy a lot of steelbooks. I'm Still waiting for the last Hayao Miyazaki Steelbooks from Zaavi Collection but I don't know if Zaavi will release them. And sorry if my english is not accurate, more I will write here and more I will progress ?.
  10. @Benoit46 Very Nice Collection of asian steelbooks and you almost have all the blufans gift boxes. I'm tryng to get all of them too, for the moment I only have 6 Gift Boxes on 9. No trace of french steelbook ?, You're right ^^

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