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  1. Halloween's awesome. I'd buy every single one of them. Best slasher series out there.
  2. Anybody found this in a place other than Germany?
  3. My Arnold Collection. Every single movie he has starred in and made a cameo except for tv. If it's available in BR I have it otherwise it's DVD.
  4. Kinda sucks you don't get the Hardbox gift when you buy the Maniac box. I hate it when companies start changing things around like this. Previously the Maniac boxes were for unnumbered versions and there was no Hardbox. Now if you buy the Maniac box you are missing the #26 hardbox.
  5. @ksosk This is the closest I could find online. If you scroll down past the first image all 14 pages of the list are there but they are not HQ. You would have to do some editing. Maybe copy each of the 14 pages to a new background or something. http://screenertv.com/news-features/actual-schindlers-list-document-is-for-sale/
  6. I have 3 or 4 different Special editions of this movie? What exactly are you looking for buddy? Are you looking for the names in his book?
  7. Sure but the novelty and the excitement wears off, at least for me it does. I have GB's on my list that are going to be over a year old and some maybe 2 years old by the time they are released. I'd say half a dozen of them I have no interest in anymore because the excitement has worn off. I just find it funny how the release dates work with this stuff. Of course I understand all the back and forth that companies like Manta Lab go through, and all the permissions needed that take time but it doesn't change my feelings.

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