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Hi everyone! I thought I'd share some items from my collection. I usually buy only one edition per movie, but for some of my biggest favorites like Blade Runner I go a little crazy ???


I will update this list from time to time with my various obsessions, starting with my all time favorite Blade Runner!

p.s. If anyone's curious that small one in the middle is a VCD!



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Ok, now that you've all see my original Blade Runner collection it's time for BR2049! Here's part 1 of my collection for Blade Runner 2049:


- German Blaster Edition

- Japan Blaster Edition with exclusive steelbook, horse, 64p booklet, posters, etc. (in the Wallace box!) ❤️❤️❤️

- Amazon Japan exclusive BR2049 disc case

- DVD screener for the Oscar's

- HDZeta lenti & double lenti (both with steelbooks)

- Kimchi full slip and lenti (one click)

- HMV 4K/3D/2D steelbook

- Japan 4K amaray

- Zavvi 3D steelbook

- Walmart limited edition with spinner


Keep an eye out for part 2 soon! ?




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Ok kids, it's time for more Blade Runner madness! Here's part 2 of my collection for Blade Runner 2049:


- Japan movie program

- Art and Soul of BR2049 Book Deluxe Edition

- Johnnie Walker - the director's cut (2 bottles)

- BR2049 Whisky Glass editions (3) - 1 arrive slightly damaged so I got below it free 

- BR2049 NYCC Exclusive Horse 

- CineMachines Spinners (2)

- Loot Crate Spinner (Chronicle)

- BR2049 press kit with script and B&W promo photos

- Assembled spinner from Walmart blu-ray spinner edition

- BR2049 promo prism (displays 3D moving images using a cell phone - very cool!)

- BR2049 Postcard sets (including mirror cards)

- BR2049 Credit card size photo sets (including mirror, and PVC transparent cards)


That's all for now!



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6 hours ago, ukade2327 said:

Great collection @deckard99 .... are those whisky bottles still full ...?...1f61c.png....I couldn’t find one anywhere  in UK .. they were all sold out very quickly ......2639.png... and yo got 2 ..... 1f629.png.....but I’m not jealous .....?.... btw is your deluxe edition Art book Signed ...mine is ...1f61c.png1f60e.png


Yes, my 2 bottles are sealed and full. My friend opened one of his so we shared some and it was very smooth ?


No, my art book isn't signed.  It has the limited edition lithograph which glows in the dark a bit which is nice. Who is yours signed by? 



Johnnie walker.jpg

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16 hours ago, cypheria078 said:

Awesome collection @deckard99 !!

Maybe I need to watch BR 2049 a second time, I don't know if I like or hate the movie 1f602.png 



It's deep and slow moving, not an action flick at all. I get that it's not for everyone. It really helps if you love the original film and if you've spent any time pondering the questions it raises. What does it mean to be human? Can we trust our memories? Are replicants (slaves) or AI (like Joi) any less human than we are?

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