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Coco (3D & 2D 2-Disc Blu-ray Steelbook) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]


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8 minutes ago, PRIAPISM said:

I think the WWA looks fantastic as it is. While the US release probably won't have a title on the front, I think the EU will, at least I hope so.

Or a PET Slip with the title on it from Korea could be nice as well

I don't mind the lack of front title so much as spine. Kimchi is good with that, but they're editions are always sold out by the time I hear about them. I wish I'd caught the American Made with PET. Had to go Black Barons instead.

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2 minutes ago, DParadigm said:

@PRIAPISM, @45Caliber, and @ksosk, geez. Now you guys are tempted me to pre-order it LoL.


I got it for the 3D and when I have received steels from both Best Buy and Zavvi that I presume to be the same, the Zavvi is often better with some kind of embossing/debossing (Cars 3 coming to mind).

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9 hours ago, extantsrevenge said:

Thanks for the info1f44d.png Added to OP. Not sure if I will get this. The Trailer did nothing for me, but the vote on imdb is mega high 1f914.png


I know @ksosk


Has seen it and he praised it highly  indeed .


Too fussy with the flowers for my personal taste , that being said pixar never disappoint on story and character values ??

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Preordered this one for now, but I really hope it'll be glossy or at least have decent vibrant colours. I hope Kimchi announces something before Zavvi's ships out - the film just released there though so I don't know how likely that is. (I know Blufans is doing one but I really need to cut back on spending haha)

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