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Lost in Translation (Birnenblatt) (2xBD Mediabook) [Germany]


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Release: 12.12.2020
Price: 29,99€
Shops: Pretz-Media, MediaMarkt, BMV-Medien, OFDb
Limitation: 444 (A), 222 (B) and 333 (C)


Normally, Birnenblatt is one of these labels that has a couple of releases, streched over the year. This year, the output is pretty high. Besides Better Watch Out and Get Out, there is another movie that Birnenblatt has just opened for pre-orders a day ago: "Lost in Translation". As listed above, there are three covers and all of them have known artworks, so no new comissioned or drawn artworks as we have seen with the other two mediabooks. Yet they look good, and unfortunately they are rather limited in numbers, and the first shop already sold out on all three (Saturn). So if you want one of these, please be fast - I listed all shops that carry them because I don't know how long all shops will have all the covers. Just today Birnenblatt posted, that Cover A got really low and B and C are already sold out on some shops.

Here are these Covers:


As for the content, not much is known, except for this little fact: Instead of a DVD or UHD copy, this release is coming with a Bonus disc, that will contain a exclusively produced movie analysis by Wolfgang M. Schmitt, Jr. - again something that might only interest German buyers, and probably not even most of them. Schmitt studied Literature and is currently working on his PhD. Beside his studies he started working as freelancer for different news papers and used to focus on Literature as well, but somehow stumbled upon movies, and as a side-project started the German YouTube Channel "Die Filmanalyse", which, with up to 200.000 views on some videos is probably one of the largest German movie YouTubers - yet he is actually hated by many, for his highly intellectual and scientific way of presenting and analysing movies, and his often harsh and not that popular positions. Still his reviews are worth watching.

Other than that we know nothing about this release - it's a bit of a shame not having the technical and bonus information available up front :( But Birnenblatt already sells them just with their insane beautiful artworks. Also a little heads up! - this will also come in an exclusive Steelbook which will have 4000 copies and a new and exclusive watercolor artwork, that'll probably look totally insane. However, that will be a one-disc set, so probably the extra Blu-ray is missing - but for most of you international buyers that will not carry any additional value anyways.

As for the movie, I guess you can already call it a classic, even though it was released in 2003 (but well, let's face it: I always think the 2000's where yesterday, until someone reminds me, that it's already been 20 years...). It's the second film by Sofia Coppola, daughter of the famous Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather trilogy, Apocalypse Now), and already won an Oscar for that movie (the best original screenplay). The romcom-drama starrs Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, who are supported by Giovanni Rbisi and Anna Faris, and has earned widespread critical acclaim.


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Love Lost in Translation and was gutted that I wasn’t able to get a copy of Cover B as that at least has unique front cover art vs the other two covers that have been seen before. I did message Pretz as soon as it went on sale but they never replied.


Oh well, I’m interested in the new box art release they are doing to replace the steelbook edition that now can’t be made

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