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  1. @Scary Hair goood question! Hm. Typically I would say ‘happy-puppy-saturday’ would be utopia (if I had doggies to play with and no work weekends) however...no pups currently and retail doesn’t have weekends off so with that...it’s Tuesday because that is new release 🎞 day in da 🇺🇸 🥳 and where my bank account takes a ⛈.
  2. @Grendel omgerrd - by far too many for modern day thinking and the current way we feel the need to upgrade. I have VHS (about 20 or so that haven’t been released in any format) and LDs too which have never been reproduced with, save for knock off copies you’d find at conventions etc. I pretty much started with the concept that here was the directors vision as theatrically represented and then if that wasn’t available, the most creative way they reproduced it in format - ie I have the Nacho Libre dvd target exclusive stretchy pants still🤔🤓🤩
  3. @deckard99 are they only imports that are actually filmed as something theatrically like Pace Fusion 3-D or is moreso it the overall experience that resonates with you foremost? (Just curious for awareness, not wanting to move the thread to a tech/mechanics scenario)🤗🤓
  4. @mwatkins02I considered purchasing for quite sometime but then read reviews from people that owned the set and SO SAD that it had a lot of issues with the gold coming off etc However it is one of the most fabulous issues I’ve seen by photo https://www.discogs.com/Various-Music-From-Baz-Luhrmanns-Film-The-Great-Gatsby/release/4651925
  5. I recall there was the China Bluefins embossed steelbooks of Romeo Juliet + Moulin Rouge. Also as a sidebar one of the most expensive albums I’ve seen come out was the Great Gatsby gold platinum metalisized LP (what’s the deal with Baz Luhrman productions?? Lol)
  6. Ah, criteria...Christmas music soundtrack score-wise OR do the actual songs need to play in the interactive scenes? Because...we all know here in the US when marketing for that holiday begins #TooSoon lol
  7. Ok still waiting...whaaa?? No argument erm ‘heated debate’ ensuing on why/not Diehard is/not a Christmas movie🍿
  8. Received mine late last week to the US. This is my 1st owned Manta Lab I have to say they package perfectly and nothing even moved in the shipped boxes. all 💯 with no damage what so ever and the tracking was spot on.
  9. @airwins was that shot ever filmed? Just curious, ive never seen it in any of the deleted scenes...i can see why they would have cut it originally (effect) but...prosthetic gwyneth face would be phenom😎 like the joker in death of the family mask edition. Or Mantalab Tracy head paperweight perhaps...
  10. @goose_3387 perfecto - I am SO very happy with mine and you have made me feel extremely welcomed here at my new home! I see your efforts daily on everyones sig. You-do-you and we will be here upon your return, sir⚡

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