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Found 25 results

  1. Show us all your latest Group Buy or other receptions (Steelbook..Digibook..Digipack or Collectors ...) LET'S GO PSYCHOOOOS !!!!!
  2. I like watching pictures of new Steelbooks ? It is a good way to see if you have to get an edition you not already bought and also a good way to keep track of all the new releases. So in this topic I will post my new arrivals, I hope you like them. These are from the last two weeks or so.
  3. From time to time I like to show you some custom steelbooks I got. To not open a separate thread for each steelbook, I use this one for all of them. I hope you like it!
  4. A custom-made steelbook for "Demolition Man" with embossing that I was able to get commissioned via the talented Alberto Varrona. He was kind enough to include this metallic card as a surprise bonus gift inside.
  5. A custom-made steelbook for "Eyes Wide Shut" Made by Alberto Varrona IMG_2007.MOV IMG_2006.MOV
  6. MP GROUP BUY HERE GB Info & Questions Topic here. Cruella (SM LIFE Design) (WWA Blu-ray Steelbook) [Korea] Release: 27th August USD 38.99
  7. I’m not sure if this is the right place for this discussion, but has anyone heard of the incredibly and surprisingly enjoyable “Shadow in the Cloud” flick getting a steelbook release? Right now, I see it has a media book only, but man does it also deserve a steelbook. This film really surprised and impressed me. I feel it’s almost one of the best popcorn flicks in recent years. What are your thoughts? I really hope we see a steelbook or even a full slip for this enjoyable piece of cinema.
  8. So then let's start anew, and this time in English. In this post I will show off all the movie editions I have in my collection, and present them in great detail (as I used to here, before they broke everything). First, let me start with giving you an overview of my collection, i.e. what am I collecting and why, and how I organize my collection. Just a month ago I rearranged my living room, to now include 3 Ikea Billy shelves, instead of just 2. This will give me space for some 250 additional movies - and after that, I'll have a problem, because there is no place left to fit another shelf. I already told my girlfried, that when this time comes, we will have to move. Yet she still believes I am joking (I successfully hid the fact that I am a media psycho from her <INSERT INSANE JOKER-LIKE LAUGH IN HERE>). I don't know when I started collecting movies, exactly. It started as a child, when my parents gifted me movies on VHS. However, I only started collecting actively around 2000 starting with the DVD. In the beginning I only collected cheap amaray editions. But soon I stumbled upon limited special editions in DigiPacks, DigiBooks, SnapCases, Steelbooks, etc. From all those I loved DigiPacks and DigiBooks the most. I never really liked DVD steelbooks, because when a DigiPack/DigiBook get's damaged, it does not look half as bad as if a Steelbook gets damaged the same way - and Steelbooks are much more sensitive and easier to damage. So I guess 60% of my collection was Amaray, rest DigiPacks or DigiBooks (they where pretty rare on DVD) as well as special Packaging and Boxsets, and only 2 Steelbooks. My focus however totally changed when switching to BluRay. I actually hate the blue amaray package package. It is much smaller, so artwork does not work so good on it anymore, and it is even artificially more smaller, because not the whole surface is used. Worse, that part that isn't used, is a radiant blue, and even transparent, which to me not only looks ugly but also competes with most artworks, taking away the atmosphere that the artwork would otherwise create. So, when I got started, I focussed on Mediabooks - a pretty nice packaging type you only find in Austria and Germany. For all of you who don't know (all others can skip this paragraph): A Mediabook is a at least a 2-Tray Digibook, that used the trick of adding a DVD release, so the packaging can be bigger (G1 = size of a DVD) instead of normal blu-ray packaging (that in Germany had to be G2 = blu-ray size due to licensing), and that was sold in Germany to get people that were not yet ready to switch from DVD to blu-ray to keep on buying limited collectors editions (people that stayed with DVD did not want to spent much money on DVDs anymore, but also did not want to buy blu-ray Discs as they could not watch them, this should allow for future proof movie purchases). It has at least 12 pages of text between those two trays, and as it is a limited release it soon became a collectors item, and therefore nowadays it is often released with different cover artworks and stricktly limited with individual numbering. However, this is not a must and the biggest German Mediabook creators (Capelight Pictures) still does not number editions, nor do they tell the quantity or do different covers. What changed is, that nowadays instead of a DVD copy one might also stumble upon other second discs: A bonus film on a second BD (e.g. short film by the same director, or his first movie, etc. - stuff you wouldn't sell separately but which accompany a movie in some way or other), the soundtrack on CDA, a audiobook (on CDA or even DVD), or even a radio play based on the same story. Also, Capelight did one that included the 4K UHD instead of a DVD, which I thought was pretty cool. Problem with mediabooks: They are pretty sparse, and mostly only special interest movies are released in Mediabooks (especially horror movies). So, after a while I also started buying Steelbooks. Even though I was no big fan of them in DVD times, when it comes to blu-ray there are hardly any Digibook/Digipack editions and if you don't want to buy Amarays, then Steelbooks are the best thing to go for. And while they weren't that nice in the beginning, nowadays you get so many refinments: J/C-Card with information so that the back is used for artwork, metallic effects, high gloss varnish, matt vs glossy finish, debossing and embossing. So actually, nowadays most of my collection consists of Steelbooks! This became especially true, when I finally also stumbled upon Fullslips. They - in my oppinion - combine everything I would love to have in the ideal movie edition: Nice Artwork, behind the screen information, a booklet, nice packaging, collectability (due to numbering and limitation number), and additional extras, as well as sometimes even multi-disc releases with CDA. Up to now I have 509 Blu-rays, devided into these subcategories: 296 Steelbooks this includes also Fullslip Steelbooks as well as Starmetal Packs, or Futurepacks, as I do not differentiate between those 91 Mediabooks I only count those as Mediabooks that meet the above definition. Nowadays a number of people start calling everything a Mediabook, even low quality Digibooks Digipacks that just include 2 pages of text in G2 height with no tray but a bag, etc. Not with me, to me Mediabook is a quality assessment, and anything that don't meet the quality standards is a DigiBook/Pack, not a Mediabook. 22 Capelight Mediabooks. I already spoke about Capelight, one of the founders of the Mediabook (probably the founder). They provide great content and have an interesting selection of popular movies as well as horror movies, Asian movies, etc. Worth looking into. 18 Wicked Vision Mediabooks. They have the coolest logo out there, they produce high quality mediabooks with a lot of extras, they spend a lot of money restoring video AND audio, and they produce a lot of extra material (e.g. audio commentary, interviews, etc.). That being said, their movie selection is somewhat unusual, and does not suit everyone. I love classic movies, and they have released some of those, and some of their movies are hilarious though. 58 Digibooks/Digipacks 16 Anolis Digibooks. They produce the Hammer collection in Digibooks, and as with Wicked Vision they hold up a high standard and include an insane amount of extras. Great releases. 62 Keepcases In this number there are also all KeepCases that are not Amarays and Amarays that are "hidden", e.g. due to being in a Box set or full slip, etc. 25 "plain and naked" Amarays 19 Scanavo Fullsleeves - I love those. I got myself some empty ones and plan on replacing all Amarays with those. For those of you that don't know - these are the ones Criterion uses, as well as Plain Archive and some other Asian fullslip labels. In Germany and Europe you cannot find any Scanavo Fullsleeve releses, which I think is a shame. They look like the old DVD amaray but in the size of a blu-ray. Simply beautiful. 132 Fullslips This is somewhat special, as I did not separate between different subpackages - so here are both included: Keepcase packaging as well as Steelbook packaging; as long as there is a Fullslip around it: 72 Filmarena. Out of these 52 thanks to my dear friend @forenhase, to whom I am eternally grateful. For my very first FAC I paied 4 times release price and I only did it, because that film was dear to me. There are three other movies that I really had to have, but those prices I am neither able nor willing to pay (my top search item being "Ex Machina"). So being able to geht 52 of those highly sought after editions at release price - that is just astonishing for me. I think Filmarena makes the best quality overall, regarding Fullslips. I love how all of them differ, both in design as well as in content. They have ingenious designs and beautiful artworks, excellent finish and great built quality for every component included. 16 MantaLab. I started collecting them right from the beginning. Up to now I did not miss any release, and I love their quality products and especially their beautiful lenticular releases. The only series I have "complete". MantaLab is nearly as great as Filmarena, and even beats Filmarena regarding lenticular quality. However, when it comes to cards and booklets, Filmarena is still at the top. 12 Plain Archive. I love Plain Archive, mostly for their selection of movies. Different than the big players they actually concentrate on movies no one else has done yet. Unfortunately their quality is not as high as other players and the prices expensive compared to what you get from other lables. 9 BlackBarons. The little brother of Filmarena. Need I say more? I'd collect them all, except I hate it, when Filmarena uses Black Barons to sell off editions that did not sell that well (e.g. In the Heart of the Sea, 13 Hours), those I skip with a heavy heart. 10 Steel Archive. I love Steel Archive. They had some brilliant artworks, and they have some great movie choices. That being said, I am also a bit disappointed, as they sometimes do things that are not reasonable (at least to me) and also sometimes they are really unreliable. Also, build quality is far from something like Filmarena. I'd love to see them continue, however (they haven't been active this entire year, so it is rumored that maybe they "discontinued"). 5 Blufans. I just discovered them recently. And actually I totally fell in love, even though their prices are absurdly high. But wow, do you get quality for it. Blufans is the Porsche of the fullslip retailers, absolutley gorgeous editions, that keep a sense of creativity (e.g. pop-out Fullslip (Fantastic Beasts), large transparent plastic card (Doctor Strange), paper cutouts (Star Wars)), very good build quaility and extremly high lenticular quality. If it wasn't for the high price, I'd get them all A number of movies (mostly Full Slips again) have not yet arrived, but are pre-ordered. I don't collect originally sealed (or OVP as we call it in germany), I open up everything, but of course put them into protective sleeves and keep them as mint as possible. I am especially puzzled about people who get a certain edition and then throw away the discs, because they want to replace them with other ones, or take out extras from different edition to combine them into a "Frankenstein BluRay Edition" - in my collection everything stays as original as possible, including the discs, or stickers that where on the shrink wrap. To not loose track, I keep an Excel list, where I hold a lot of data (including but not limited to: Title, Original Title, date bought, bought from, price, audio tracks, subtitle tracks, limitation quantity, my limitation number, Region Code, etc.). I also used to have my entire collection over at bluray-disc.de, but the quality of their DB also got worse, plus now it is not even possible to link to it, anymore. So I migrated over to blu-ray.com, and was excited to see they also have DVD and even UV movies to organize. However, I could not add the majority of my DVDs as they are missing (I have 95 DVDs left). Also I could only import using EAN, so everything without EAN (e.g. Filmarena) is still missing, so I need to add them by hand. Up to today, only 360 blu-rays are imported. But if you are curious about what movies you can expect to find in my collection, feel free to browse. So, let me finally come to my very first picture upload up here: The first picture shows my shelves. As you can see, I organize my movies by type of package - this way it looks nice and clean. To force a even cleaner look, I organize most of my collection by label - this way, title orientation, logo placement, etc. will look the same. And lastly, I sort by movie title, or - if they have it - spine number. 1st + 2nd Row: Steelbooks 2nd Row, right: Digibooks and Digipacks 3rd Row: Mediabooks 4th Row: Space to present beautiful lenticular covers as well as the few statues I have (I don't collect those due to limited space at my home) 5th Row: Filmarena 6th Row: Kimcih, Mantalab, Novamedia, Plain Archive + Steelarchive 7th Row: Boxset Onclicks (BluFans) 8th Row: Amarays + DVDs Second picture shows a side board that is located next to my TV and that holds some additional special box sets that did not find any space at the shelf.
  9. So yeah I definitely went overboard. I have about 60 other steelbooks not displayed. I'm building a new display shelf now. But yeah, don't drink and ebay. Lol
  10. Here's my newest family jewels, Titans of Cult steelbooks: Goodfellas Mad Max Fury Road Wonder Woman
  11. thought I start to post some of my collection. Hope you like what you guys see.
  12. It’s crazy I didn’t even know about steelbooks until I randomly seen this Spider-Man cover, I thought I MUST have it. Now i have about 15 pre orders 😅😅 7C211DE1-2012-4F2F-BF8E-ED3F333E956D.MOV
  13. Hi MP´s, i want to ask what is your most expensive steelbook/ steelbook set? show your "treasure" thx Darogal
  14. MP Group Buy here Captain Marvel (4K UHD + Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital + 40 Page Filmmaker Book) [Target Exclusive] [USA] Release: TBA Price: $34.99 Purchase Link: Target Note: 4K UHD + Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Code (Includes 40 page filmmaker book)
  15. Overwhelming experience but I am a freak for some steel-books so if y'all have any advice... feel free. Everyone can call me Wooks! ?
  16. Just started 3 weeks ago and have a love already! Waiting on a few purchases and several pre orders still, can’t wait!
  17. Hello all, I stumbled across the MP Twitter feed and thought, I like these people. A film collector in multiple formats. I also have a habit of buying one sheets, quads and lobby card sets. I sold my debut feature last year to ITV. It was a documentary called PARAGON. I live in hope we one day get an official release of Michael Mann’s The Keep. Please forgive any silly noob questions. Up the Reds!
  18. Atomic_Mist


    From the album: Lenticular Steelbook Magnets

    Lenticular magnet for steelbook - BLACK PANTHER
  19. From the album: Lenticular Steelbook Magnets

    Lenticular magnet for steelbook - LIFE
  20. Got these little goodies in this weekend! Got a few more goods on the way that hopefully are here the next few days!
  21. A few gems arrived today! Rush steelbook from Canada and novamedia kill bill lenticulars! volume 2 #57 of 900 so I was quite pleased! Straight outta Compton arrived Saturday! Love the simplicity!

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