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About Me

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  1. @โ˜… Platinum Psycho โ˜… @โ˜… GOLD Psycho โ˜… this looks like a good opportunity to use the new and awesome group tag feature ๐Ÿ™‚ Theory11 is a US based company founded in 2007 that designs and produces Premium playing cards, often in collaboration with renowned artists and movie studios. In many ways, they are to playing cards what HDzeta, WeET, Manta, UHD Club, etc. are to movie editions. Their tuck boxes are stunning little works of art and they often come up with awesome, custom playing cards that are a welcome and refreshing change from the usual cards found in regular Bicycle decks and other mass-produced playing cards. And the best part? they don't cost an arm and a leg and rarely go for more than 10USD... quite a bargain considering their immaculate quality, both with regards to aesthetics and handling. They have quickly established themselves as very popular with magicians due to their superior handling and durability and also with casual collectors (like myself) who enjoy the occasional card game and appreciate the beautiful designs and fine craftmanship that go into these little treasure boxes. The recent launch of what looks to be the biggest GB MP has yet to host (I'm referring of course to HDzeta's LotR Gold) and assuming many members who are fans of this trilogy probably collect other LotR related memorabilia (and maybe also like card games), leads me to think there might be interest in T11's recent tweet regarding their upcoming release: One Deck to Rule Them All. Soon. #theory11 Their impressive catalogue also includes the following properties, with HP being their latest offering. Check it out! HARRY POTTER AVENGERS STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN JAMES BOND Even music fans are catered for with these absolutely stunning decks! THE BEATLES YELLOW SUBMARINE GRATEFUL DEAD

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