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  1. I got my first invoice a while ago for the OC when is the next part going to happen. I want this now!!
  2. An amazing Jackie Chan fight. The choreography is mind blowing. One of my all time favourites
  3. Just guesses. 1. Traffic 2. David Niven 3. Eyes Wide Shut 4. Citizen Kane 5. The Untouchables
  4. @Scary Hair great advice. My wife likes me putting on subtitles already so we're good there. 👍 Definate fun times ahead!
  5. @Scary Hair wow, so you know what its like. Not easy. Truth is it takes a Man of 'Steel' to look after kids. 😎
  6. @Scary Hair i completely understand, I am the father of 4 year old twin boys!! Lol
  7. The Preorder date has gone up why hasnt the groupbuy details been updated yet?
  8. Great to be a nerd @extantsrevenge 😄
  9. Thanks @Benoit46 Thanks @icewire

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