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DParadigm Steelbook Latest Arrival

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Big thanks to @Masterblaster (aka) JOHN, THE MAN :D   for hooking me up with these babies which I have been looking for weeks.


John even did combine shipping for the protectors, so these protectors came down to like $1 per piece. For those of us in USA, buying  from MP is so much better than buying direct from Steelbook Central since the shipping from UK to US is quite brutal.


To all members who aren’t using the protectors, I strongly recommend these. We spend $60+ for these steelbooks, and $1 more to protect these babies from scratch and shelf-wear is absolutely no-brainer.


I personally like taking my steelbooks out of the shelves occasionally just to appreciate the artwork or Lenticular. So, these protectors pick up the fine scratches over time just from me sliding in and out. If my steelbooks or slips pick up these scratches instead, I will be heart broken. Lol



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@DParadigm such nice pickups ? These look so great, I still beat myself for not getting any Blufans Doctor Strange, might hunt that down later. I also use these steelbook protectors, they are absolutely brilliant and your shelf also looks really neat that way ?

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@extantsrevenge. Thanks buddy. Yeah, I was late in the steelbook collection and totally missed out on a lot of good editions. If it wasn’t for John, I wouldn’t have Dr. Strange. 


I agree with you on the protectors. They do make your shelf looks nicer. 


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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1 hour ago, DParadigm said:

Got Triple beauty today. 1f60d.png That Gold card is so shiny, the reflection could blind you lmao 1f602.png 


Special Thanks to @ksosk for organizing the Group Buy and @Masterblaster for the secure packaging to me with the Gold Card. 






Going for my Sunglasses now 



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